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New Faces: Runway Walk

Naomi Campbell

Lesson time 10:25 min

Naomi watches aspiring models walk the runway and provides constructive feedback on how they can improve their technique.

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Topics include: New Faces: Runway Walk * Naomi Christina: Stride and Pace * Santi: Projecting Confidence and Presence * Omolola: Building Onto a Basic Walk * Sam: Posing at the End of the Runway * Walking With Music


- I've never actually done a runway. I'm just interested to see how that would be. - The industry is still gearing up towards having such short people on the runway. - It's so different from commercial modeling, from what I can gauge. And I just feel like, yeah, I can see myself doing that. - Would you like to come in? So you all changed. For me, catwalk being on a presentation of any designer or brand, you always have to present yourself and be very long, graceful. I always say to myself inside, keep still, keep regal. Keep still, keep regal. Because even if there's chaos that goes on around you, you still maintain that. Because that will come out. So that's why I'm not into the fast walk. That's not-- I mean, I've done it. But if there's a particular style and that's what they want, and it's like a production, then you have to fall in line. You have to do the same thing. But it still doesn't stop you from having your walk. You just have to have your walk and incorporate what they're telling you into it. So who's going first? As a reminder, the elements of a good runway walk are to vibe with your outfit, and let it inspire your energy and confidence, find a focal point to hone in on, maintain a strong posture, take long strides, and control your pace, and show your personality. Longer strides. Try again. So longer strides, and don't forget to spot something. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) And when I get the money back, then, baby girl, you can spend it. - And don't move your shoulders. - Okay. - I definitely believe you were looking at something. (SINGING) Always on top, all right. Oh, yeah, I want to know you tonight. I want to be the one to surprise you. Wake you up in the morning. I want to be the one that you call. - Much better. When you go too quickly and take short steps, it's just like it ain't giving anything-- to me. Start again. And remember what you said to me about who you were, feeling comfortable as who you are and what you stand for today. - Okay. - And have some kind of attitude. You want to catch someone's eyes, so they book you for the campaign, because that's how it goes. You know, you sell that outfit many times. You get to be on that list for the campaign, normally. - Yeah. Okay. - Much better. So longer strides. Longer strides. And don't forget to see that thing wherever you're looking at, whatever you're making it-- your thing. - Okay. - Okay. So I feel like you're leading with your shoulders. Lead with your right leg or left leg. Doesn't matter. - Okay. - But don't lead with your shoulders. Relax these, and you're leading-- yeah. Much better. Do you feel the difference? - I feel so-- yeah, it's way different. - It looks different. - Yeah, it feels really-- it feels much better. Thank you. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) One time out of 10, two times, want to b...

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Naomi Campbell stumbled into a modeling career, earning icon status both on and off the runway. On MasterClass, she shares the lessons she learned as a model to help you find your confidence and stride in everyday life.

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