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Film & TV

Assignments in Developing Performance

Natalie Portman

Lesson time 03:45 min

Using well-known films and performances, Natalie guides you through exercises to help you analyze a character arc, conduct character research, and dissect a director’s approach.

Natalie Portman
Teaches Acting
Oscar-winning actor Natalie Portman shares the techniques at the heart of her acting process—and teaches you how to tackle your next role.
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Make every role extraordinary

Natalie Portman began acting professionally at 12 and won an Oscar before she turned 30. As a self-taught actor, she uses personal techniques to create compelling, complex characters. In her first-ever acting class, Natalie shows how empathy is at the core of every great performance, how to bring real-life details into every role, and how to build your own creative process. Get ready for your breakout performance.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

The Class helped me see how the pros see their respective art. In the beginning, there are some insights which we wish were feeded to us on a plate rather than going through the long experiencial journey. All masterclasses are making our learning curve quite steep

It was very insightful, interesting and useful! Natalie is wonderful and creative! I would love to work with her in the future!

Great class, some really good advice and just general encouragement to be true to you and take risks.

So enjoyable; One of my favorite classes - No arrogance, solid advice. If a person could chose their family, she would totally be my sister.


A fellow student

This is a fun assignment. Picking and actor one likes, watching 3 films, looking at pauses, costume, gesture, researching the historical character, and looking at how the directors' style effected the performance. I'm watching.

Tiffany P.

I'm looking forward to trying this assignment as I think it will be really interesting and another step added to learning different techniques of how to go about playing different characters. It is also a good way to incorporate all the information I have learned from the beginning to now in this assignment as a test to myself.

Shane H.

These assignments were helpful; this entire course has been helpful. Thank you for the opportunity to participate.


What an incredible class! Thank you Natalie <3 This is so helpful and structured.

William D.

I am beyond pleased with Natalie Portman both as a teacher and as a human being - I just can't say enough good about her. This has been an incredible opportunity to learn, and be encouraged. So glad I chose to sign up for Master Class in general, but simply delighted to have enjoyed this specific course. Thank you Master Class; Thank you Natalie Portman.

Lydia P.

These are some powerful assignments! I can't wait to tackle these and share back. I've done scene studies and such by watching films and taking notes on character choices, but this sounds so extensive. I can't wait to do this!

A fellow student

Its a real pleasure to get this information. A lot goes into creating a performace, all this makes the process strenuous and engaging, but its worth it.

Terence G.

Understanding this craft is such a journey. As a director / writer I really enjoy the process of working with actors who consistently work on all areas of this medium. Because I work so collaboratively with my actors and others on the creative end, I am for ever looking into the nuances that Natalie speaks of. Seeing it though Natalie’s eyes is such an amazing point of view. So much knowledge and insight.


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