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Working on Set

Natalie Portman

Lesson time 10:50 min

Natalie shares her techniques for working on set. You’ll learn how to emotionally connect with collaborators, handle vulnerability and self-consciousness, and maintain energy during a long day of shooting.

Natalie Portman
Teaches Acting
Oscar-winning actor Natalie Portman shares the techniques at the heart of her acting process—and teaches you how to tackle your next role.
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Natalie Portman began acting professionally at 12 and won an Oscar before she turned 30. As a self-taught actor, she uses personal techniques to create compelling, complex characters. In her first-ever acting class, Natalie shows how empathy is at the core of every great performance, how to bring real-life details into every role, and how to build your own creative process. Get ready for your breakout performance.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

This has been truly a life changing experience for me, I deeply want to thank you for this incredible initiative, you are providing university level classes by the most prestigious professionals for an accesible price that is way far away from the current american system. Thank you for sharing knowledge and wisdom to all... thank you.

Natalie Portman is brilliant in this class. Its gratifying to see how she integrates real humanity into her art.

To not be so self conscious and worry what people are thinking of me all the time. As an actor you can't be that self absorbed about all these other distractions. I don't plan on becoming an actor though. Still an author and journalist but i just wanted to see how the other side lives. I think Natalie is a wonderful WUNDERBAR (German) actress.

Natalie Portman was excellent in this. She really helped me. I wish to meet her one day. And boy, is she GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lydia P.

Great lesson and really useful information. I'm glad that she talked about asking for more privacy when doing emotional scenes. I've done that once, and while the director was totally on board with it, I still felt silly for asking.

Allison K.

Staying in play is such a great idea. I know that I sometimes get stuck in the feeling of the scene even when the camera is not on and it can be exhausting. I will have to keep that in mind for the next time I am on set.

Kristine K.

I like the way she says do not ignore the camera or the people in the room. This was a great lesson.


As a contributing actor on a set one has to be able to relate to the other performers and there language.

A fellow student

Very informative on how to manage yourself with coworkers and have a good working environment mostly, like in any profession


I believe that the acting coach that Natalie Portman is talking about is spelt Gerry Grennell. He has worked with Meryl Streep and the late Heath Ledger.

Sydney Louise & G.

I love this lesson so much. Really gives me permission to trust my instincts, and do some things that I typically feel inclined to do.

A fellow student

Love this! Best part was staying alert. Staying alert to those around you, do something on your downtime, and staying playful. It def keeps the energy alive during takes.


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