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Bonus Chapter: Seven-Card Stud

Phil Ivey

Lesson time 26:07 min

Playing other variants of poker can help ambitious players capitalize on soft opportunities. Learn how to play seven-card stud from one of the best players to ever sit at the table.

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Topics include: How Stud Works · Third Street: Track the Up Cards · Third Street: Evaluate Steal Frequencies · Third Street: Straight Draws · Split Pairs Vs. Pocket Pairs · Flush Draws · Playing Three-Flushes on Third Street · Kickers · Stealing the Antes · Using Position · Defending the Bring In · Live Boards · Executing Your Bluffs · Spotting Tells and Experience Level · Playing Fifth Street · Multiway Pots · Play Two Pairs at The End · Isolating and Betting Tactics · Pace of Game · The Characters of the Game

About the Instructor

At age 38, Phil Ivey became the youngest player to win 10 World Series of Poker bracelets. Now the man known for his enigmatic table presence—and widely regarded as the world’s best all-around poker player—gives you unprecedented access to his mental game. Learn poker strategy, pick up new poker tips, and review hands with the player who’s won more than $26 million in live tournament earnings.

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Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey opens up for the first time about his poker strategy and teaches you how to make smarter moves at the table.

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