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Bonus Chapter: Seven-Card Stud

Phil Ivey

Lesson time 26:07 min

Playing other variants of poker can help ambitious players capitalize on soft opportunities. Learn how to play seven-card stud from one of the best players to ever sit at the table.

Phil Ivey
Teaches Poker Strategy
Phil Ivey opens up for the first time about his poker strategy and teaches you how to make smarter moves at the table.
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Inside the mind of a champion

At age 38, Phil Ivey became the youngest player to win 10 World Series of Poker bracelets. Now the man known for his enigmatic table presence—and widely regarded as the world’s best all-around poker player—gives you unprecedented access to his mental game. Learn poker strategy, pick up new poker tips, and review hands with the player who’s won more than $26 million in live tournament earnings.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I'd like to know more about the study that Phil puts in to improve as a player.

The class has definitely improved my game. Learning how the best in the game thinks is priceless. I would pay for more MasterClasses from Phil Ivey.

Ivy's Advised helps me to be a better poker player and his advise is valuable which i will take it seriously. Thanks Master Class and Ivy for your advise.

Not a comprehensive overview of poker basics and advanced technique, but a great look into how a great player like Phil Ivey thinks and the strategies he uses


Shawn S.

Great information that I can use to improve my poker game. There are a lot of nuances I never thought about or even knew when it came to the game of poker and I am very appreciative for this class and the knowledge that was shared by Phil Ivey. Thank You!!!

Joachim N.

Too bad limit poker is not as popular as before. I stopped playing poker because of that, can't find a place here in France to play this kind of structure. People want to play no limit cause they think it will make them rich fast... But they don't realize the time they lose just making decisions :D I miss the fast pace & nervousness of old time poker :(

Luis J.

I’m stuck in the bonus chapter and can’t get back to the other chapters. Any tips?

Catherine B.

Sure wish each Master Class would have one download that contains all pages. Besides easier to download the class workbook and printing would waste less paper.


Phil plays lots of poker variations. It would be cool if he made more HORSE videos along with a slew of 10 minute videos on the many draw games he plays in the Vegas casinos!