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Phil Ivey

Lesson time 03:08 min

Phil shares the pitfalls of early success and talks about how he’s grown in his 25 years of playing the game.

Phil Ivey
Teaches Poker Strategy
Phil Ivey opens up for the first time about his poker strategy and teaches you how to make smarter moves at the table.
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[MUSIC PLAYING] - When I won big money in my 20s, to be honest, I really wasn't ready for it. I wasn't prepared for success that young, and I made a lot of bad decisions. You know, I became-- you know, once I started-- I got on TV, and people started to know I was, I started, you know, I started making tons of bad decisions, some of which I don't really want to, you know, go into too much. But I made a lot of bad decisions. And, you know, it's just because I've really-- I didn't really have no one to talk to. I didn't really have anyone in my family who was really too successful, you know, to tell me what to do with money, what not to do with money, how to take care of things. You know, so I was spending money, like, on ridiculous things that now I realize don't matter. You know, I was buying $500,000 cars, you know, spending money on watches, you know, things that I thought made me happy at the time that do absolutely nothing for me now. I wasn't the best person, you know, with my family. I really wasn't engaged. I was really sort of, not to speak harshly of myself, but I was you know very selfish. And a part of becoming a great poker player is you need to be selfish in some ways, and in your game, and practicing. And you have to put that first. But I was so embodied with poker that I-- that's all I thought about, and that's all I really cared about. And, you know, I put my relationships second. But the people who are there for you from day one and the people that really care for you and love you-- you need to really appreciate that and appreciate every moment you have with them because, you know, that's what really matters at the end of the day. If I have kids years from now, and they're watching this class, I would like them to see my growth as a person, and as a poker player, and the things I've learned, the lessons I learned in life, and how I've taken what I've learned at the poker table and applied it to my life and vise versa and become a better person and a better poker player at the same time, and that life is always about improving, just like it is in poker. You constantly need to be working on yourself at the table and working on yourself as a person. I'm 41. I'm playing poker seriously since I was 17 years old. So you're talking about 24 years of my life's work. This is something that I put my heart and my soul into. And, you know, I'm very proud and blessed to be in the situation that I'm in. And, you know, I'm thankful. I want to thank you for spending time with me in the MasterClass. I'm really grateful for having this opportunity to discuss poker and my-- my thoughts and my different strategies on poker. And I really hope that it serves you well, and you're able to take some of these strategies to the table. Now go get them. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Inside the mind of a champion

At age 38, Phil Ivey became the youngest player to win 10 World Series of Poker bracelets. Now the man known for his enigmatic table presence—and widely regarded as the world’s best all-around poker player—gives you unprecedented access to his mental game. Learn poker strategy, pick up new poker tips, and review hands with the player who’s won more than $26 million in live tournament earnings.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Best if you have at least some basic understanding of poker. You'll get more out of it.

the sharing from Phil is exactly what an advanced poker player need. I wish that we can learn each lessons with more examples, techniques and details.

Great to take a look into what makes Ivey tick

Phil's insights and honestly help really grasp the game.


Patrick C.

That was some great insight. Excited to watch it all again to really soak it all in, but I'm instantly inspired and confident to keep working on my game. Thanks Phil!

A fellow student

More, more, more Phil. Much more information than in Daniel Negraneau's masterclass. Great to finally meet you after watching you for the last 24yrs buddy...!!! R-

Ryan M.

Phil Ivey is a good man and my favorite player! I really liked how he taught these lessons with a top-down approach. Phil taught me a lot and I will use his advice in poker and in life. Highly recommend.

A fellow student

Great video from a poker legend. I first got into poker from watching Phil on TV in the WSOP. A truly inspirational figure and given that he rarely makes long talks it a privilege to hear his mindset on poker and life.

Dave C.

I kind of feel that this one only really works as a compliment to Daniel Negreanu's there's not enough in here to actual teach someone to play well, it really feels like a 2nd opinion or addendum to Daniel's course but would not work as a stand alone and is so short.

Dayfran O.

Simply inspiring.. thank you for the magnificent content and knowledge you just provided us with Phil & MasterClass It’s been great, the felt awaits. Cheers!

Chad O.

Not a big fan of this lesson. Thought it was very thin and nothing we couldn't get online. Some of his hand readings were interesting, but that's about it. I love Phil Ivey and was really looking forward to this, but it has nothing on Negreanu's class.

Mike M.

i found the overall program to be fantastic. Daniel's was also very informative. I'd like to see a master class dedicated to poker tournaments

A fellow student

PI laced exploitable advice into this course. This course has nothing on Negreanu's; the best advice he gave was to "feel" a situation, which is a little bit easier with 10,000 hours PLUS of card-playing. You just can't teach feel, because it's a wisdom-based advantage, not intellect-based.


Really enjoyed this course and plan to watch it over and over till I absorb it fully. Phil is so different to how I imagined him to be; he is so humble about his success, and open about his mistakes. It was a real privilege to take this course, thank you Phil !