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When you finish this MasterClass and continue your career in acting, Sam urges you to remember your responsibility to your audience—and to the world at large.

Topics include: Student Q&A: Final Thoughts • Parting Wisdom


When you finish this MasterClass and continue your career in acting, Sam urges you to remember your responsibility to your audience—and to the world at large.

Topics include: Student Q&A: Final Thoughts • Parting Wisdom

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So, wow. Thanks, guys, for being here today and for suffering through whatever it was I was throwing at you, and trying to see if I could pull out of you or whatever. Hopefully, you got something out of this, something that will be beneficial that you can use going forward in this business called show. See how that works for you. At least things to think about. Things to try and do, things to enhance your thought process when you're looking at a script or looking at a character and trying to figure out how you want to go in a room and present your best self to them, you know, whatever. Or if you look at these films again and say, what was he talking about? That's not what they're doing. But, you know, it's a tough business. You know, there are a lot of things that go your way, a lot of things don't-- mostly don't. You know, we here know a lot. We learn how to deal with it, you know. You guys are still going to auditions, so you know that, you know. That that's just the nature of the beast. It's designed to defeat you in a way. - Is there anything, like, in particular, that you can think of, like one thing that you wish that you could go back and, like, tell yourself? - The one thing I wish I could go back and tell my young self is be patient, you know. Everything happens in its own time. I lost sight of this because I was doing Pulitzer Prize-winning plays. I was working with actors and directors who were helping me find my way inside of a character to develop and create a method of working that serves me well now. The kinds of things that we talked about in here today, were things that I learned how to explore character, and explore the meaning of what I was doing, and what was going on inside the story. And not wish for what this was, but that's it. I will teach myself patience, you know. But it's all about, it's all about getting up and going to work, you know. Don't be afraid to get up and go to work. Well, you guys are great. Look forward to seeing you, hopefully somewhere on a movie set. - Agreed. - There is no formula for success. If there was and we could put it in a can, a lot of people would buy it. And that person would be rich. But the one thing for sure is success is, you know, the byproduct of hard work, you know. Or what is that? Luck is the perfect meeting of preparation and opportunity, you know. If you're not prepared and opportunity knocks, I don't care how wide the door open is, you're not gonna get through it, you know. Gotta be prepared. So it's all about that and understanding the mechanics and fundamentals of what we do and how we do it. Those people tend to be more successful than the others, you know. You can't be a great basketball player if you can't dribble and you can't shoot, you know. You can't be a great actor if you can't understand and dissect the emotions of the people you're trying to interpret and interpret them in a way that people understand and recognize. So what...

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As a kid, Samuel L. Jackson stuttered so badly that he stopped talking for almost a year. Today he’s one of the world’s most successful actors, with roles in over 100 films, including Pulp Fiction and The Avengers. In his online acting class, the Oscar-nominated star shares how he creates memorable characters, powerful performances, and a long-lasting career. Learn to master auditions, analyze scripts, and find the truth in every role you play.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

It’s given me a bit more direction in what 2018 is going to be for me and I can’t wait to jump in motherfucker!

I'm a writer. I took this class to better understand the actor's process. This is a very important brick in my house of understand on what the fuck I'm trying to do. Thanks Mr. Jackson!

It's helped me get in the door and focus more while reading

Samuel is a great actor and we can all learn many tricks from him.


Antonio Roberto P.

This class was incredibly interesting and extremely useful! Sam is a great and nice person!

Victor H.

The lesson is great. Nice button for the class. I initially was worried in the beginning that there were going to be too many stories (and don't get me wrong, the stories are awesome) but not enough training and instruction. However, I was very mistaken. It is an excellent acting course. I would highly recommend it. There is a wealth of valuable, practical information here. In addition to some amazing stories which are valuable too & not just fun!

Robert C.

I never see a instructor so good in teaching I love the way he acts and teaches your awesome role model that copy you.

Timea A.

His method of teaching has definitly had a great impact on me. I particularty loved the dynamics and the charisma in addition to the professionality. I really feel grateful.

Sieruan C.

Sam, I had such a lot of fun watching´your lessons. You always come to the point. I did really enjoyed it and guess I've learned a lot. Maybe you'll read it ;-) Thank you so much !

Jason G.

It doesn’t get any better than learning acting from Samuel L. Jackson. One of my favorite actors of all time.


There are more than five senses. Your own Superposition may alter your luck and surround.


This Acting Masterclass by Samuel Jackson was very infomative, insighful and masterful. I watched everything over the course of a weekend but in order to really digest the material, I will take my time to go over it again, this time taking notes. I so appreciate Mr Jackson sharing his experience with us. This was absolutely phenomenal!!! Dallas-Ft Worth area

A fellow student

The reason I took that course, aside from, obviously, to learn some new interesting stories from Samuel himself, is also because I want to know from the one of the best actors out there how he expects director/writer should treat him, what actor think is good and appropriate to director/writer to do, how to write and create new characters, how the script will be broken down by actor and what actor hopes to find in the written role. And all this was in that course, and even more. So for me personally, as a person who is interested in creating interesting stories and memorable characters, not only the main ones, but also episodic, this course was great. So whether you are an actor or someone who will work and create for actors, do this course, it is entertaining and useful.

Leah M P.

Thank you so much Mr. Jackson for sharing your experiences and providing guidance! I would love to learn how you breakdown a script line by line...maybe there might be a sequel? BTW I m surprised that I also enjoy watching myself on screen because its the character I developed on the screen. So fun!!!