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Student Session: Make It Your Own

Samuel L. Jackson

Lesson time 8:07 min

One of the student actors puts a unique spin on Jules, showing that there are many “right” ways to create characters.

Samuel L. Jackson
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OK. Action. Dammit, what's in it? Let him go! Let him go! Say, bitch be cool. Say, bitch be cool! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I'll kill you dead! Start over- wait! You're not only talking to him, you're talking to her. Louder. You're a little bitty, you know. Say, bitch be cool. Say, bitch be cool! Yep. Action. Goddammit, what's in it? Let him go! Say, bitch be cool. Say, bitch be cool! I'll kill you! Say, it's OK. Promise her it's OK. Say, it's OK. It's OK. It's chill. Say, chill! Just chill out, honey. What's her name? Yolanda. Yolanda, baby. You OK? You're not going to do anything stupid, right? You're not going to do anything stupid. Let him go! OK. I'm going to let him go. But let's just be cool, OK? We're going to be cool, the three of us. We're going to be like three Fonzies. All right? What's Fonzie like, Yolanda? Yolanda, what's Fonzie like? He's cool? That's right, correcto-fucking-moondo. And that's going to be us. We're going to be cool. OK. Ringo? I'm going to count to three, you're going to let go of your gun. You're going to sit your ass down, you're going to put your palms on the desk. OK? When you do it, you're go to do it fucking cool. Ready? One, two, three. That's right. Let him go! Yolanda! I thought we were going to be fucking cool, but you yell at me and I get nervous. And when I get nervous, I get scared. And when I get fucking scared, that's when motherfuckers fucking die. Just know if you hurt him, you die. That seems like the situation. Yes it does. Line? I don't want that. No, I don't want that. You don't want that. Ringo over here definitely don't want that. So let's see what we're going to do. Here's the situation-- the situation is normally both your asses would be dead as motherfucking fried chicken. But you got me at sort of a transitional period, and I don't want to kill you. I want to help you. The thing is, I can't in this case, because it doesn't belong to me. And I have been through so much shit this morning on account of this motherfucking case to just hand it over to your asses. What the fuck is going on here? Vincent, just calm the fuck down. I got it. Just hang back. We're good. Yolanda, baby? Yolanda, tell-- we're fine. We're still cool. We're just talking. Tell her we're fine. Tell her to be cool. It's cool, honey. We're still cool. We're still cool. That's right. The hell's going on here, Jules? Just chill fuck out, Vincent. Nothing I can't handle. Just hang back, don't do anything until absolutely fucking necessary. You got it? Yolanda, baby, how we doing? How we doing, baby? I've got to pee. I want to go h...

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As a kid, Samuel L. Jackson stuttered so badly that he stopped talking for almost a year. Today he’s one of the world’s most successful actors, with roles in over 100 films, including Pulp Fiction and The Avengers. In his online acting class, the Oscar-nominated star shares how he creates memorable characters, powerful performances, and a long-lasting career. Learn to master auditions, analyze scripts, and find the truth in every role you play.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Great to learn from the best. To see the secrets and habits this great actor has.

It was reassuring. I’m taking this class to gain confidence and it gives me much confidence hearing Mr. Jackson speak to what I have learned.

Great advise and instructions on how to analyze a character within a script, find-tune your character role. Sam is very impressive, expressive, articulate and inspiring. I didn't expect that. Super class

Don't want to be an actor but admire the creative process and advice that can be applied to all ares of your life. Great masterclass


Marcus M.

This is my second time going through these lessons. I'm learning more the second time around!

A fellow student

Very great lesson. Never thought you could add humor in order to play a scene in a different light. Guess is not set in stone when you practice


That scene was totally different from the original, but felt so natural and true with a comedy aftertaste. Well done!

Blake Lawless

What's "COOL" is how over a sessions the acting improves so quickly. Dedicated to learning for every day use. Bo and Blake

Jenna L.

Good scene. Great Jules, Pumpkin & Honey bunny. Making it your own is important, even when you are taking a scene from an already iconic movie. Thank you.

Joshua J.

That was great, loved the way the actress took the scene and made it her own.

A fellow student

i was thinking of this as i watched my acting lessons here. To write a play about a man from India who can't find a job. Just as he may enter a homeless life; he gets hired as a servant by a wealthy family. Living now serving the members of his new hosts; he gets very depressed. But one day he starts to daydream about meeting a woman. And that lets his labors become less arduous. He discovers the love manual from India called the Kama Sutra and studies it sedulously. One night he meets a maid and he romances her. She tells her friends And well you can imagine. At the end he marries a famous movie star of India. I need a title. I really like the passion in this scene; can similar passion be revealed from simply being in peace?

Usman A.

Sam Jackson man! Hard scene for anyone that's not him to do. They did well!

Rosalina L.

I really liked her interpretation of the character. She truly made it her own and took risks which paid off. Great lesson!

Mia S.

"'I can make this shit my own. I can try anything I want to, and that's cool.' You made Jules this incredibly mocking femme fatale, which is awesome. You had fun doing it, you took command of the situation in a really great and interesting way, looked at them like they were two idiots who had no idea who they were fucking with, no idea what they stepped into, and you enjoyed it. You had great control - you sat back like, 'This is cool. Let me tell them what's up.' It was great to watch. You actually found stuff in there - ways to turn the phrase to make it different from what people know it to be."