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Samuel L. Jackson

Lesson time 3:26 min

You know Samuel L. Jackson from iconic films like Pulp Fiction and Die Hard with a Vengeance. Now he’s your acting teacher. Sam shares his goals for his MasterClass, as well as his mindset toward acting: it’s an adventure.

Samuel L. Jackson
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One of the most successful actors of our generation teaches you how to elevate your acting.
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I read incessantly. When I'm reading a book, I'm one of those characters in that book. So I'm sitting there acting the same way when I read a script. We just put ourselves in those situations, and you live those situations. Because that's what we do. The truth is you're the weak. I spent a third of my life in a hospital bed with nothing else to do but read. If I don't hear a confession from one of you motherfuckers quick, fast, and in a hurry-- I didn't have nothing against them boys till they missed with my baby. You like spy movies? Never use no in a hostage situation. Zeus, as in father of Apollo. [MUSIC PLAYING] I wanted to reach this master class so people could understand what I do and why I do it. If I could get up every day and go somewhere and act, I'd be the happiest person in the world. Writers get up and write. Painters get up and paint. Why can't I get up and go act? Because somebody has got to hire you to do it. So when people start talking about why you do this kind of thing, why you do that kind of thing-- I love movies. I love movies that are dark, and I love movies that are deep. And they have their purpose. But essentially, we're entertainers. We entertain people. We're supposed to distract them from their daily lives in a way that allows them to escape whatever pressures or things they have on them, and live in this moment with us for a while, and experience it in a safe environment, and leave there and be energized by it, and talk about it, and love it. I don't look at acting as specifically a challenge, but more of an adventure to delve into, to grasp different things about a character, to find my way in a story. I don't find that difficult. That's always a joy and a great period of exploration and freedom. A movie set is one of my favorite places to be in the world. I love getting up and to my job. Hopefully there's something to be learned, gleaned, or experienced while I'm doing it. And sometimes, it's just fun. I'm Samuel L. Jackson, and this is my master class. Hey. I'm Samuel L. Jackson. Welcome to my master class, motherfuckers. You want to be a motherfucking better actor? Take my motherfucking class. When you're finished with this class, you're going to be an acting motherfucker. I'm Samuel L. Jackson, and this is my motherfucking master class.

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As a kid, Samuel L. Jackson stuttered so badly that he stopped talking for almost a year. Today he’s one of the world’s most successful actors, with roles in over 100 films, including Pulp Fiction and The Avengers. In his online acting class, the Oscar-nominated star shares how he creates memorable characters, powerful performances, and a long-lasting career. Learn to master auditions, analyze scripts, and find the truth in every role you play.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

This class was so insightful on the process of acting. One part that stood out in particular was on how an actor portrayal of the words can take the scene from boring to impactful. How your interactions with other actors can really take a scene to new heights. There was so much to take from this class and it is a must see for anybody interested in film period.

It was simply amazing! Very useful and enlightening for my life...either as an actor and as a human being. Thanks to Sam and to MasterClass!

I loved this Masterclass! To try and boil it down I loved learning the business with the artistry of acting. I have so much respect and appreciation for Samuel L. Jackson and I plan to apply the things he has taught me going forward!

It’s given me a bit more direction in what 2018 is going to be for me and I can’t wait to jump in motherfucker!


Karina I.

Love him! Also really cool he embraces books. I think that's how I started getting into acting was by reading!

Alexis B.

Inspiring introduction. I am ready to embrace some new concepts to enhance my acting skills.

A fellow student

I am from Germany and love this guy Can‘t wait for the next lesson

Roy C.

Sitting here with my earphones on bursting out laughing at the end. Getting strange looks :)

Chava G.

What a man, what a man, what a man what a mighty mighty good man! He answers my questions before I ask, Sam Jackson is the Angel OF Acting!

Julian S.

Great start. Got me hooked. Hooked like a mother******! This is gonna be fun.


Inspirational, but too brief. It's just a start anyway. I hope the whole master class won't be just a chit chat about personal perspective on acting.

Daniel H.

Captivating & inspiring intro by the one & only Samuel L. Jackson, done only the way he can. Anyone else geeked about gaining the personal insight, gems, tools, techniques & more from this Incredible Man..? Excited to be learning from him along with the rest of you on here. Alright I’m ready for this Mother F*+king MasterClass..!!

Chris C.

I ain't gonna lie, I was not expecting that ending Me to Samuel: Like your gonna make this introdcution to a MasterClass look badass Samuel: Hold my mother f*ckin beer.....

Franklin B.

Loved the way he finished the intro! Hope to learn and perhaps to get a little of his talent!