Positioning Case Study: Wellround

Sara Blakely

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Sara discusses positioning with Betsy Shilling, the founder of Wellround, a health and wellness company. Learn how to price products in relation to manufacturing costs and how to think creatively about distribution partnerships.

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Topics include: Positioning Case Study: Wellround


[MUSIC PLAYING] - I'm Betsy Schilling. I'm the founder of Wellround along with three other partners of mine. We are a small little startup based out of Seattle. - Congrats. - Thank you very much. And we actually just officially launched only a few weeks ago. - Wow. - So we're just getting. - Just getting started. OK. - Yeah. Although this project's been in the works for about 18 months now. And we're in the wellness industry. And what we're trying to do is disrupt what's already there. So for so many people, massage is something that we would love to do on a daily or weekly basis, but it's not accessible. Right. It's expensive. It takes a lot of time. You have to go to and from, schedule it into a busy work week. And so my hope with our product is to make that much more possible for more people to do it out of their own homes, their own offices, and take out as much time as they have for it on a daily basis or a weekly basis. And so what we are at Wellround is the partnering of a physical product, which are our myofascial release or self massage balls. So myofascial release is just a new emerging term that means self massage. OK. And so our therapy balls work together in conjunction with our instructional guiding app. And so the app takes you through how to utilize these balls for every tissue of your body, so for every muscle, at four different depths of pressure. So it's really customizable and individualized so that everyone can get what they need. - OK. - Yeah. So I'd love to show you the app. - Great. - And so we've tried to make this very digestible and user friendly so that it speaks to the individual consumer and what they need the most. So if you only have five minutes and your right glute is really, really tight, then you can go ahead and find where your right glute is-- right, there's your right butt cheek on the app. Who doesn't have tight hips sometimes? And you can start with the most gentle pressure, so the lightest technique. And that says you need one large ball for that. - Place large ball on your glutes of the ball. - You guys spent a lot of money and time on this. This is well done. - We sure did. - Is this the actual kit? - Yeah. The different sizes mean various things depending on what part of the body you're in, what depth of pressure you want, if you're rolling against the floor or against the wall. There's a lot of variation. - OK. - And they can be used separately, like just one little one or together, two big ones in a tote. And there's about six different configurations. - Well, I'm sure you have questions for me. I have a lot of questions for you. But I want to make sure you get a chance to ask me questions. - Yeah. Manufacturing has been new for me and my partners. We're pretty good at branding. I'm an expert in myofascial release. But we've never made a product before. And so going overseas, we felt challenged in finding the best...

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