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Shonda Rhimes

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Shonda wraps up her MasterClass with a few departing thoughts and suggestions for next steps.

Shonda Rhimes
Teaches Writing for Television
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So now it's over. You've taken the whole class. You're done. You've gone through the whole thing. I'm hopeful that maybe you have a script out of it, or you're going to have a script out of it. What should you do now? Well, keep watching the class. Refer back to it every once in a while. Come back every time you have a new idea, a new script, a new question. Come back when you need to be inspired. Make sure that you keep writing. Remember what we've said-- a writer writes every day. Remember what we talked about with dialogue. Whenever you're feeling stuck, come back and check out a class every once in a while. It helps. So I'm really glad you were here. I'm really glad you came. I'm really glad you spent time with us. I sort of can't believe that I got to have this opportunity, to sit and talk to you and tell you about story, and dialogue, and character. It was really fun for me, much more fun than I even thought it would be, and I was excited to do it in the first place. Now, if you're feeling really good about everything, what you should be doing right now is turning me off, going to your computer, and sitting down to start writing immediately. I hope it works for you. I think you're going to find the stuff that you learned so useful. And frankly, I can't wait to see the television you produce, because I look forward to watching it. Have fun.

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When Shonda Rhimes pitched Grey’s Anatomy she got so nervous she had to start over. Twice. Since then, she has created and produced TV’s biggest hits. In her screenwriting class, Shonda teaches you how to create compelling characters, write a pilot, pitch your idea, and stand out in the writers’ room. You’ll also get original pilot scripts, pitch notes, and series bibles from her shows. Welcome to Shondaland.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Everything I dreamed it would be and more! Thank you Shondaland!

I love the way this Lady thinks. I love the way this Lady writes. I love the way this Lady creates

Thank you for this master class. It was awesome and really helpful. An important stage to cross towards a writer's career​.

I think this was the best of the writing courses I have done.


Sam G.

This is singularly the most effective writer's workshop I've done. I've worked in TV and Film both in front and behind the camera and been to professional writer's workshops, but Shonda has given me fresh insights into the world and disciplines of a writer and show runner. It's given a new lease of life into an idea that's been dormant in my head for a few years. Thank you Shonda and thank you Masterclass for building a platform of such rich content.

Wendy J.

I learned a lot from Shonda in this MasterClass and appreciated her sincerity and her generosity. Wow! She must be awesome to work with. I love the respect she shows everyone who contributes to the production of her shows and the audiences. I think it's primarily her dedication and honesty that made her the success she is. I'm a writer and Shonda's lessons have inspired me to work more efficiently. Thank you!

Kim F.

Shonda Rhimes is a very thorough teacher and she made this Master Class very interesting. I would recommend this class to everyone who ever dreamt or had an idea of being a Writer. She is encouraging and I will forever cherish the valuable information that I learned.

Kirsten H.

I need this woman in my world - she is epic, there is no other word for her. Best MasterClass I have done.

Denise W.

This Master Class was awesome. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to write. Dee Willson Award-winning author of A Keeper's Truth, Gift Of Travel, and No Apology For Being

Jordan C.

Thank you for all the wonderful insights! I can't wait to put them all to use.

Mallika R.

Thank you Shonda! This class has been great! I am a writer - but have never written for screen - and thought I never could. But after doing this class, I am greatly inspired. I am reasonably confident I the necessary tools and I certainly want to try. Thank you!

A fellow student

This class was awesome! I really enjoyed getting to hear Shonda's wisdom and insight on television writing and production. I would highly recommend this class to anyone considering breaking into the biz.

Marcus M.

This has been a great MasterClass. For someone who is not a writer or scriptwriter, but as a musician, composer, and audio engineer, this has been great insight! Shonda is great!

Master B.

Complete "Real World Education" by an Experienced "Consummate" Professional N the Game, Thank U Shonda 100 <3 Ase