From Shonda Rhimes's MasterClass


Shonda wraps up her MasterClass with a few departing thoughts and suggestions for next steps.

Topics include: Shonda's Parting Advice.


Shonda wraps up her MasterClass with a few departing thoughts and suggestions for next steps.

Topics include: Shonda's Parting Advice.

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So now it's over. You've taken the whole class. You're done. You've gone through the whole thing. I'm hopeful that maybe you have a script out of it, or you're going to have a script out of it. What should you do now? Well, keep watching the class. Refer back to it every once in a while. Come back every time you have a new idea, a new script, a new question. Come back when you need to be inspired. Make sure that you keep writing. Remember what we've said-- a writer writes every day. Remember what we talked about with dialogue. Whenever you're feeling stuck, come back and check out a class every once in a while. It helps. So I'm really glad you were here. I'm really glad you came. I'm really glad you spent time with us. I sort of can't believe that I got to have this opportunity, to sit and talk to you and tell you about story, and dialogue, and character. It was really fun for me, much more fun than I even thought it would be, and I was excited to do it in the first place. Now, if you're feeling really good about everything, what you should be doing right now is turning me off, going to your computer, and sitting down to start writing immediately. I hope it works for you. I think you're going to find the stuff that you learned so useful. And frankly, I can't wait to see the television you produce, because I look forward to watching it. Have fun.

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When Shonda Rhimes pitched Grey’s Anatomy she got so nervous she had to start over. Twice. Since then, she has created and produced TV’s biggest hits. In her screenwriting class, Shonda teaches you how to create compelling characters, write a pilot, pitch your idea, and stand out in the writers’ room. You’ll also get original pilot scripts, pitch notes, and series bibles from her shows. Welcome to Shondaland.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

This is my first sit through the class. I'm so glad that I completed it. I learned above all else the importance and power of practice, consistent and disciplined writing, on-the-job training, power-sharing, and high self-esteem. Thank you, Shonda and Masterclass for this generous gift of empowerment!

Since participating in Shonda Rhimes' MasterClass, I've written one pilot, started two others and have written a short film that I will submit to the AFI Women Directors Workshop with my application (wish me luck). I learned more than I expected to. I'm so grateful to Shonda Rhimes for her generosity. With much appreciation, Thomai Hatsios, Director, Producer and now Writer (every day!)

Shonda Rhimes was so gracious and giving throughout this class. I learned from the basics of formatting to the complexities of show running and I couldn't be happier that I signed up for this class. I'm excited to implement these tools and lessons to become a better storyteller in all mediums. Thank you Masterclass!

I have learned that I must keep writing no matter what. This class has been an amazing experience and has infused renewed creative juices into my brains and veins. I thought I was in love with writing before, now I am certain this is a life long relationship with my creative being.


Kate C.

Thank you so much! This was a wonderful class--so inspiring. I write novels rather than scripts, but your information applies equally to what I'm doing. I appreciate your generosity in providing scripts for your opening episodes, and the story bible for Grey's was extremely helpful.

david M.

I have only shot one movie with Netflix and producing couple of shows back in Europe. Highly recommend this class to anyone who aspires to be a show runner, needs an improvement and refresh of fundamentals. And even though I know some parts, I still picked up lots of useful information. She is a wonderful inspiration and has natural talent for teaching. Thank you Shonda!

Janina W.

I liked your class a lot. The dissection of Grey's and Scandal were brilliant and eye-opening. I found the last five chapters and the ones about dialogue most helpful. Throughout the class, I felt like you were speaking directly to me and giving me the inside scoop. I am going to try to take as much of your advice and apply it to my writing life. You're spot on with the whole work/life balance thing. Thank you.

Liesl S.

I enjoyed the class and a lot of the information and knowledge that Shonda shared, is relevant to me. It left me inspired and energized.

David R.

Brilliant, inspiring and informative. Lots of questions answered, but the on my mind right now is what music does she listen to when she writes!

Gilda B.

I am so appreciative of all of the advice that you have given your students (especially me). I have watched "Grey's Anatomy" since the pilot episode and I watched "Scandal" until the final episode. Shonda, you are the best writer! Maybe you'll write films before you retire from writing. I wish you the best in your career. Thank you for helping me to be a better, more attentive writer.

Michael O.

I restate: I am in awe of the openness with which Shonda shared everything. It has been kind. It has been generous. An openness that has opened doors of perception for me. Thank you.

Jacob G.

Thank you so much Shonda! You're not just a great writer; you're also a great teacher. Greetings from Brazil!

Hubert G.

Thank you very much! The adaptation of my two books, Mystical Speed and the Revenge of the Yellow Yams, will now begin.

A fellow student

I really appreciate Rhonda’s authenticity! This was a great class! Thanks Rhonda :)