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Working with others isn't always easy. In this chapter, Usher guides you through his approach to collaboration, including insights into his work with artists such as David Guetta and Alicia Keys.

Topics include: Rules of collaboration • How to choose a collaborator • How to stay connected and flexible during a collaboration • Adding a feature artist


Working with others isn't always easy. In this chapter, Usher guides you through his approach to collaboration, including insights into his work with artists such as David Guetta and Alicia Keys.

Topics include: Rules of collaboration • How to choose a collaborator • How to stay connected and flexible during a collaboration • Adding a feature artist


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Since the beginning of my career, I've been collaborating. You may have thought that wait. It's just one person because there's only one person on the stage. Even though there's a band that actually sells you music the way that you got it, there's a DJ that sells you the music the way you got it, there has always been a collaboration. There is always a collaboration. Allow yourself to be open enough to reach higher levels. Some are blessed to have all of the talents, right-- producing, writing, and be an artist, and be fashionable. But then, the idea of collaboration comes into play. Managers, record companies, executives, whatever it may, the idea of collaboration is the most important part, because it takes a village to make an incredible project, right? It takes an entire staff of people that consider different angles, different ideas, things that you may not consider, things that you will consider. And then you put it all together. And it becomes this mixture in this collaborative effort. Never be afraid of someone else's interpretation of what you're trying to say. The idea of collaboration, the fact that we are working together, creates something incredible. [MUSIC PLAYING] If there were three keys to collaboration, one would be there is no right or wrong way to collaborate. Two, you really do have to be open minded in the process of how you work. Even though you have your idea of what you represent, you have to be open if you want to collaborate with someone. The next is to think outside the box. Be willing to reach into other areas so that you can grow. There is a big world out here. Imagine if you only decided to work within a confined space. You're only going to have a certain amount of exposure. If you allow yourself to reach into other areas of the genres of music, other ways of understanding the process of making the music, you'll grow. [MUSIC PLAYING] The idea of a good collaborator is someone who is flexible, is able to reach into other areas, try different things that they might not necessarily would have, get out of their comfort zone. All of those things make a good collaborator. You make them aware of what your vision is. You see what they're working on, you kind of get an idea of where they're headed, and see if there's some synergy between where they are and where you are, and if you guys can collaborate. Paul Epworth was someone that I really was fond of, have spoken many times about working with. I reached out after hearing a song that he and John Legend had worked on that I actually cut from my album. And I solicited more music. The first step is being able to have at least some music, and attractive-- you know, make sure that there is a connection, and then we can collaborate. If he has a song or has produced a song that I could work on, than I'll try it. That get's the wheels rolling. That's...

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He told me a lot about things I wasn't sure about and I desperately wanted to know, and I'm grateful for that. Thanks Usher

Usher is a great instructor and also an amazing motivator. I really learned more about putting myself out there. He provided great tools and relevant informations about the music industry.

Very engaging and inspiring, I think to improve it classes should be longer with more specific techniques and training but for me this was more than enough to go away and work on within my current program. An excellent resource to always comeback to. Thank you Team and Usher. Dele

I'm very happy to know that Usher doesn't just put on a character; he uses influences to shape his own, which is the only thing that makes his performance as strong as it is. Thank you!


Michael B.

I'm a singer/songwriter, and I have produced some music. You can listen to some of my old music on YouTube Since then, I have learned songwriting from a real school. I like reaching out into other areas. I'm interested in collaborating with some kind of indie/pop or dance/electro music that is light and airy to make a song. Let me know if you are interested! Thank you!

Johnny A.

Looking to Collaborate with fellow film makers / actors to prouduce films & music videos! IG: IMDB: “Sustained Focus” Thick skin of artist with the vulnerability required for creative flow

Tomas U.

Hello, I am producer of Dance House Music. Here is all my work and I am always looking for good collab and make awesome Dance track. My facebook: I belive that I will find out someone. Best.. Tommy.

Tamira C.

I really enjoyed this lesson...Per the assignment, I am most definitely looking for a producer that I can collab with to create some great work


Anyone looking for a collaborator from Prague (kind of a cursed Disneyland in Europe). Hi you - so here I am: - collaboration with some great producer or songwriter would be amazing. I write a songs, write lyrics. My dream is to collaborate with artists thats openminded and have a true feelings. :) Could you be the one? Write me on

Ellak E.

I would like to collaborate with my partner; also Katy Perry, Cyndi Lauper, Celine Dion, Sinead O'Connor, Phillipa Giordano, Pink Floyd, Rodrigo & Gabriela, Enya, Loreena Mckennit, BB King, Tiesto, Avicii, Nirvana, Bill Withers, Whitney Houston, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Jodie Foster, Steven Spielberg, Leonardo Dicaprio, Sandra Bullock, Steve Martin, Ellen Degeneres, Bruno Mars, KI, Kun-Kun, Montserrat Guevara, Matin, Francisco Ibañez, Jazz bands, New age Bands, Martin Scorsese, Judy Blume, George Clooney, Katia X, Pink, Sharon Stone, Nicole Kidman, Kevin Costner, Bruce Willies, Angelina Jolie, Jada Pinkett and Will Smith, etc. EK

Yahya S.

Hi I'm YAHYA and i'm Producer, Singer and Songwriter : I'm looking for other Producers, Songwriters to collaborate with :) feel free to contact me under:

Kristine K.

I collaborated with a musician that I used to follow on the strip when I first came to LA. It was very cool to work with him.

Sandra C.

To Usher and everyone reading this, I found someone in the comments, we collaborated and created an amazing song!! We even flew down to Havana, Cuba to shoot the video. Here's the music video and song: Thank you Usher for this class and this Chapter, if not I wouldn't have met Kiki!


Hi Everyone, I am Maria! I am a Spanish Teacher and I love to make up songs to help my students remember facts, I usually like to remake popular songs and turn them educational. I speak English and Spanish fluently, I have dabbled in writing rap songs. I am just starting out in this field, I dabble in Improvisation, Stand Up, Acting and writing! Email me if you would like to get creative,