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Mental Toughness


Lesson time 11:51 min

The road to yes is paved with a thousand no's. Learn how to navigate the pitfalls that line the path to success, and build the inner drive to lead you on your own journey.

Teaches The Art of Performance
In his first ever online class, Usher teaches you his personal techniques to captivate audiences across 16 video lessons.


I'm a 24/7 worker. I'm always moving, I'm always thinking, I'm always working. I'm always building. I'm always conceptualizing. I'm always thinking. That's who I am. I try not to fight it. I try to find things that I feel will help me manage that process. If I had a thought in my mind, if I saw something that was motivational to me, I used it. And I put it out there, I moved forward, I believed in myself, I entered the talent show. You know? I sang to a stranger, you know. I introduced myself as an artist. I began to tell myself, one day I'm going to be somebody. One day I'm going to make it. One day I'm going to have that opportunity and I'm going to be ready for it because I've done everything that I have to do in order to be ready for it. I've dedicated my time, my life, and my energy in being the best that I possibly can, being ready for that moment, being ready for that one shot that came. And hey man if you do that, if you tell yourself these things, I guarantee you you'll be moving in a positive direction. I can't promise it will happen overnight, but I can promise you that it will happen. [USHER SINGING] Any artist who tells you they haven't failed, they're lying. You are greeted with many, many no's before you get a yes. Everybody starts from a perspective of having to prove something. You are as good as your last performance, right? So you've had what you perceive to be success. And then you fail, someone was better than you. OK, maybe their voice was better. Maybe the audience favored them because they did what they needed to do. But the most important part in the perception of failure if you did not have a successful performance the last time, is to forgive yourself. You cannot pay for a mistake every time you sing. You have to forgive yourself and move past it. Hey, that happened then, here's another opportunity. That doesn't mean you give up. That means you have to go back at it, go look at what you did, and find the flaws. And then you work on them. I've more failures than I've actually had successes, which is why I always get back up and I keep going. As I said, in my mind a lot of times I'm already in my head about it. Am I going to do this? I try to avoid all those things. I try to put that out of my mind and then project something positive every time I come back to the stage, every time I come back to the performance, every time I come back to that song. I can tell you from my perspective that everything that I've experienced is a result of what I felt, my connection. And what I've recognized is that everything that you perceive as a flaw becomes valuable in time. Flaws are beautiful as the rewards of having the greatest moments in your life. Appreciating everything that has happened, good or bad, and making it work for you. It's easy for me to tell you that ...

About the Instructor

Usher, winner of 8 Grammy Awards, reveals the technical skills, career lessons and breakthrough advice that he has used to captivate audiences for over 25 years. For the first time ever, learn how Usher approaches performance and wins over audiences from the studio to the stage. There has never been a class like this before.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Approach performance with confidence and keep moving forward

so far im excited and ready to dive into the next few weeks

I am an shy artist who wanted to improve my performance and share my happiness, joy and love for the music with my audience. Usher's Masterclass helped me to come out of my shell and enjoy my show which people noticed and showed me at my last show! I still fighting depression but I could manage to come out of my comfort zone and it felt really really good! Thank you so much!

Love hearing his take on this beast of a business....where WE are the main obstacle....


Meg N.

ALL roads to yes are paved with a thousand no's, ALL types of work need to be able to handle criticism and haters-gonna-hate...I'm trying to get into writing, and taking Usher's MasterClass because there are units like this that apply to ANY type of performing, even in different areas, different media. It started with his comment on the difference between adopting (copying, which gets you into trouble) and adapting (selectively, with your own input included). The stress on doing the work and constantly working to improve is also inspiring - I am so glad I took this class, I really want to adapt Usher's points into what I feel I need to do!

Chava G.

I really, really like TM, and appreciate all of the energy put into really loving self, life and others enough to bring the message within out publicly. Usher Raymond is a wise, brave, talented, beautiful soul who knows a lot beyond the surface. Who'd of thunk it? - Selah


When I tell people, I no longer get stage fright no matter how LARGE the AUDIENCE (10Billion eyes!), they don't believe me, or want to argue. So again (NTS), I need to get my podcast made so I can share how I got from being the most SHY person in the world to be (IMO) the most fearless stage SUPERSTAR living or dead! LOL

David J.

Here's an example of a mic going out in the middle of a performance.. True story

John M.

Whoa..... "I lose count of how many days I work without sleep. Sometimes I'll have at least three hours of sleep."

Natalie F.

Loved the "Fearless isn't arrogance, it's being willing to take on the opinion ." I feel the same. Exactly.

Caroline P.

This is something I really struggle with. I have battled depression and have been in abusive situations and I refuse to be defined by them and I will and I am using those things for my benefit. Sometimes it does get hard, though, to stay positive and it is hard to deal with haters, but hearing this really helped. You just have to focus on your end goal and nothing else exists.

Sylvie B.

Most of the time I have stage fright.😰 Singing for ten people or 1500 Before a prime minister or a house wife So I pray And I know I am just a connector between the universe and people Will try TM Never took the time, really. Thanks. I enjoy this course. I like the facts there are also professional entertainers here... I am here to renew myself, and also it's great to listen to other entertainers.

matthew Z.

Love this - "Everything that you perceive as a flaw becomes valuable in time."


Mental toughness is very important because the more you perform the better you get and the more "haters" appear. Meditation reminds you it's all an illusion anyway and it doesn't matter, what matters is your expression.