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Getting the Work Done: Anna’s Management Tips

Anna Wintour

Lesson time 09:07 min

Anna walks through the management techniques—including how to build and manage a team, and how to give feedback—that have helped her be an effective leader.

Anna Wintour
Teaches Creativity and Leadership
Anna Wintour gives unprecedented access to her world, teaching you how to lead with vision and creativity—and without apology.


[MUSIC - ALIBI MUSIC, "AUTUMN ROSE"] ANNA WINTOUR: Being a leader means having a strong vision. Being a leader means understanding and responding to criticism. Being a leader means making the tough decisions and taking full responsibility for them. And being a leader means hiring a great team and always giving them credit. In this chapter, I'm going to talk to you about my leadership style and the management techniques that have worked best for me over the years. You are nothing, nothing, without a good team. So I have always tried to surround myself with people that I enjoy, the people whose opinions I respect, whose minds I respect, whose taste I respect, that isn't always in line with mine, that can do things that I couldn't possibly dream of doing, that also can shock me. I have learned to love a surprise, that however much you might talk to an editor about what a shoot or a piece might be, when it comes in, it could be something completely different. And sometimes that's completely OK. It's great to have a team that stays with you. And you grow together. And you become, like, second nature to each other. I think it helps me think through the bigger picture. It gives me a different point of view. They can point out times of danger. They can say, we're not doing enough of this. Maybe this will be taken the wrong way. I think it's really, really important to have as diverse a group of people in terms of opinion, or backgrounds, age as you possibly can, because it helps inform all the judgments that you make. It helps inform the content that you put out there. And it helps make "Vogue" better. [MUSIC PLAYING - ALIBI MUSIC, "PROMISED WALKS"] It's so important to look for someone who is a self-starter, who you feel can make decisions on your behalf, that is going to be a wonderful ambassador for you and your business. I think it's also important to make sure you find someone who is discreet, who is loyal, who is positive, who is a straight talker, but also is passionate about the world that they are about to enter, not someone who might be seeing it just as a stepping stone to something else. I am always thinking, can this person have a career? If not at "Vogue," can they have a career at Conde-Nast or within the industry? Because of course, they're investing in us, but we're also investing a lot of time in them. [MUSIC - ALIBI MUSIC, "AUTUMN ROSE"] I have a pretty consistent structure for my day that I find works really well for me. I wake up early, between 4:00 and 5:30. I read both the British and the American papers online so I know what's happening. I often play tennis. I eat breakfast consisting of Starbucks. I head to the "Vogue" offices. And I usually arrive between 8:00 and 8:30. I could have meetings with my fashion editors, my features editors, or the digital team. I could be reviewing pictures that are coming from a recent shoot, or reviewing clothes to be photographed for an upcoming cover. I le...

About the Instructor

A fashion and media icon, Anna Wintour has been driving our cultural conversation for more than 30 years. The Vogue Editor-in-Chief and Artistic Director of Condé Nast takes off her signature sunglasses and gives you unprecedented access to her world. See how Anna nurtures talent, makes bold decisions, and evolves a brand. Learn how to lead with impact from a visionary creative leader.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Anna was great. I'm not in the fashion industry but enjoyed her perspective on successful attributes. Sharp point of view.

This was so informative and brilliant. Thank you so much Anna-I feel so empowered.

I feel empowered to be a great creative leader, thanks to Anna Wintour!

I admire her success, but was especially heartened by how pragmatic, and humorous she is!



I learned so much in a such a short amount of time. She is succinct and does not beat around the bush just as she says feedback should be given. I wish I'd started this a month ago.

A fellow student

Totally agree about giving feedback quickly and clearly. Nothing stalls creativity like delayed direction.


Wow! She starts very early, does her world research, and moves quickly. I like the emphasis on building a good team, but I wonder how it would be to be on the receiving end of her criticism. You will certainly hit the ground running working in this milieu. I like that she acknowledges that this is what works for her , but that others may have a very different, yet effective, management style.

Aleksandra P.

As a Soft Skills Trainer and someone who enjoys leading I truly appreciate the key messages that she brings to the lesson about empowering your team, let them take decisions, providing structured feedback together with the value that it brings, and having it as diverse as possible so you are less prone to making decisions based on biases. I would like to point out that it's one thing to accept the message that she shares and change your beliefs, and it is another thing to master those skills, it takes quite some practice and awareness. This lesson is a great start for anyone willing to improve themselves and their leadership skills.

Silvia L. G.

The leadership and management information here is gold. Teamwork, respect, vision, appreciation... I love it!

jackeline M.

Your determination show me that with luck of organization you can not succeed!! I learned a lot, stand out for what we believe is one of it. Thank you!!

sara M.

I like the idea of structuring the day including thinking to give people feedback, giving people space for their decision and let everyone follow all the process. Thanks

Erika Von Finck

Totally agree with Anna. Also, in my personal opinion, first of all, a leader assumes his own sovereignty and allows himself to be his own master, therefore a standard for humanity. Being a leader is staying true to yourself, knowing who you are and what you want. It is taking full responsibility for your own actions, without "ifs" or "buts", without hesitation. A leader takes bold and courageous moves. A leader does not compromise his being to stay in peace with the world, because the issue to commit yourself to others, and not to be faithful to your heart, you simply cannot break with your belief systems, your limitations, you are only surviving, it is like half breathing. A leader does not survive, nor does he put duty before joy, he allows himself to express all the inner passion and experience a sense of personal integrity. A leader is not a victim, he follows his heart regardless of criticism. He does not exhaust his own energy, he allows himself to go beyond all doubts, limitations and belief systems to absolutely trust himself.

Milan H.

It is a t-Rex explaining to an ant that it should live like the t-Rex in the world of ants.


New information to think about, and things I already knew but needed to be reminded of.