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Starting Out: Finding Your Voice and Succeeding

Anna Wintour

Lesson time 10:59 min

Anna discusses her dos and don’ts for interviewing. She also shares practical tips for those starting out in their careers, including how to discover your creative voice and the best ways to interact with your mentors.

Anna Wintour
Teaches Creativity and Leadership
Anna Wintour gives unprecedented access to her world, teaching you how to lead with vision and creativity—and without apology.


[MUSIC PLAYING] CREW: A/B mark, soft sticks. INTERVIEWER: What do you expect of your assistants? And has that criteria changed over the years? - Well, I hope my assistants won't write books about me. [MUSIC PLAYING] Well, when you are interviewing for a job, first of all, always tell the truth. Second, don't say, I love the theater, because you happen to know that whoever is interviewing you loves the theater unless you really do, and you can give an example. Don't go on an interview unprepared. Be on time, and be yourself. Somebody showed me a video recently-- I think was on "The Cut"-- where they interviewed 10 young women who were interviewed by me, and how much care they had put into what they were going to wear for the interview process. And to be honest, I don't ever really notice what people are wearing when I'm in an interview with them. I'm much more interested in finding out what they've read, the movies they're interested in, why they want to be at Vogue or another title within the company. I'm much more interested in finding out more deeply who they are than anything that they have put on that morning. I mean, I certainly will notice it, but it's not something that I focus on. So I think when you're coming in for an interview with whoever it might be, much more important to be clear in your replies, to be honest in your replies. Don't pretend that you're somebody that you're not. I can't tell you how many people have told me they love tennis, and they've obviously never been to a tennis match in their life-- than to be concerned about surface appearances. You need to be direct. You need to be honest. And you need to be very clear about what it is you want to do with your life, as much as you can answer the questions that are asked. [MUSIC PLAYING] Developing a creative eye or developing taste-- I think that's something that you have within you from a very early age. But it is also something that you can develop through exposure to culture, to the arts, through reading, visiting museums, looking at what's going on in the world around you. I think that there are so many ways to tap into creativity. And particularly in today's world, when information is so readily available, there are many ways to grow one's eye and to expand one's creative vision. I also think it's very important not spend the time glued to your phone or glued to your computer. There is nothing as rewarding as the seeing something in person. Creative exposure, cultural exposure, I think, is so important to spend as much time on that as you possibly can. And of course, it comes with maturity, and it comes with time. When you look back at early collections, for an instance, there may be a kernel of what a designer may have become or a writer may have become. But it isn't all-- it's rare that somebody is great from the word go, unless maybe you're an athlete, when you have to be good a...

About the Instructor

A fashion and media icon, Anna Wintour has been driving our cultural conversation for more than 30 years. The Vogue Editor-in-Chief and Artistic Director of Condé Nast takes off her signature sunglasses and gives you unprecedented access to her world. See how Anna nurtures talent, makes bold decisions, and evolves a brand. Learn how to lead with impact from a visionary creative leader.


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That it's a great team that creates one individuals success! Anna humbly shares that! :)

It is fantastic to have to opportunity to hear the thoughts of Anna W. She's a leader, there's no doubt and I just corroborate that passion, discipline, sensibility, and to be loyal to your truest self is the way to follow always.

TO be impactful, intentional, confident, bold, humble, aware, and goal oriented. THANK YOU ANNA!! WIN-TOUR #annawinsthetouroflifestyles

Feel encouraged. Stay true to oneself. Great series for one to reflect. Thank you!


A fellow student

Anna is an inspiring creative leader and she confirms in her videos, what all books write about leadership. I like the word "a creative leader".

A fellow student

As an aspiring musician and not someone who's interested in entering the fashion/journalism industry I still found this extremely helpful.


Anna packed this lesson with useful ideas. Being true to oneself in Interviewing and finding one's creative vision. This will take time and experience, but she encouraged learning about the world. This goes back to her reading newspapers early in the morning to be aware of what is going on here and abroad. She was lucky to advance her ideas without someone saying "no". "Instead of asking permission, one can later beg forgiveness. At least it is an opening. Having a good boss is better than going for a job with a not so good boss. The positive relationship plus what one can offer, as well as learn, will make one smile. If you don't know, ask. With time one will not need to ask so many questions from one's mentors.

Shanie O.

I am having the same issue with the video not loading. I think this lesson is super important, so I hope it gets fixed!

Silvia L. G.

Honesty, being on time, being preapred... great values, not only at a personal level, social and at a profetional level. Very good points.

Erika Von Finck

It´s true that developing a creative eye it's something that you have within you and you can develop throughout the experience. BUT also, I think that it has to do with trusting yourself, to believe in yourself so then you can express your creative eye. In my opinion, there are no mistakes, they are just experiences. I think it best not to label any experience because this it just limits your clarity, your understanding, your vision of the whole picture, go way far beyond the mind. When you accept everything as it is, life is easier and there is less drama.

Sheryl B.

I agree with Anna's advice to be clear, get to the point, concise and decisive. I've had many experiences where the leadership did not provide the right direction or the communication was confusing. Her leadership style definitely provides the possibilities and opportunity for a collaborative environment.

Tatjana B.

I absolutely agree with having a great boss not a job advice. I was so lucky to have an amazing boss who gave me so many advises I could bear, who mentored me and pushed me so hard from the introverted super direct person to become a more softer people oriented boss myself who started to love working with and leading people.

Salma S.

I like the way She runs his business, and I want to apply what She applies to the courses I lead.

A fellow student

I found this very interesting and incredibly helpful! I'm a young career driven woman trying to discover the right path and this has helped tremendously for my interview skills and finding the right path.