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Armin van Buuren

Lesson time 06:27 min

Welcome to Armin’s studio. Get ready to learn more about producing, DJing, and growing your career from one of dance music’s all-time legends.

Armin van Buuren
Teaches Dance Music
Learn how to make dance music from the platinum-selling producer voted No. 1 DJ in the world five times by DJ Magazine.


I didn't have a lot of money, especially in the beginning. I mean, my parents were willing to help me a little bit but not that much. I mean, they weren't able to just-- especially in the beginning of my career, you didn't have the possibility of doing everything in one DAW. You needed a big mixer like this, and then and a lot of outboard gear, and synthesizers, and samplers. And you needed to-- you know, to connect everything via MIDI. And so, it was an expensive hobby back then. Only later, it was possible to do everything on one computer. That was only since 2002, 2003 that that was possible. Computers just weren't fast enough. So that was a-- that was really difficult in the beginning. Money was definitely an issue. But the good side of that is is that because I didn't have that much money, I had to put everything that I had upside down. I had to put-- you know, the JX-3P only had a polyphony of four voices, I guess. So as soon as I touched more than four keys on the keyboard, there was always one note that wasn't playing. So how am I going to solve this? Well, that meant I had to sample one of the notes. So if I wanted to hear five voices at the same time, I needed to sample the other one. So that's how I became creative. It's all about creating a vibe in your studio. That's also why I think it's important to not only look at your room acoustics but also make sure you have fresh air, a nice coffee machine, some nice sandwiches. You don't-- you should not be in the studio being hungry because that doesn't inspire you. It can kill the vibe, you know. It's almost as the atmosphere on a dance floor. It's a very, very delicate balance. You need to create a nice environment where you feel comfortable, where-- you know, where there's maybe-- some people are really into candles. I'm not, but some people are. Great. Put candles in your studio. Make it your living room, a place where you're comfortable. And especially now with the DAWs and you can-- the possibility of doing everything on a laptop, it's great to just sit in your living room. Why do you need to be in a studio like this? You don't need to be here. I mean, this can be pretty intimidating. You know, once I walk in a room like this, I'm like, oh, I have to make music now, you know. It looks like a studio, and I really have to start working. No, you know, it's about you. The convenient thing about living in these times is that you don't need to spend a lot of money to make decent-sounding tracks. I like to use Logic Pro and Ableton Live for production, preparing my DJ sets. You do need to make a choice between one of the DAWs that fits your sound and that fits your style. And I would really suggest to stick to one or maybe two DAWs and really dig deep into what's possible and what's not possible. Don't ever think that if you're using a different DAW than me or anybody else, then your songs will not be as good. It's all about the chef, not about the k...

About the Instructor

Every week, Armin van Buuren puts 41 million listeners into A State of Trance on his radio show. In his first-ever online class, the platinum-selling DJ breaks down his hits and builds a track from scratch to show you how he produces, performs, and promotes dance music. You’ll learn his technical process for using samples and plug-ins, mixing, recording vocals, and how to DJ a set. Your crowd is waiting.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Masterclass went for the best of the best here. Armin is amazing!

Thank you Armin for enlightening us about the world of DJ

I have learned more by watching these videos than in 30 years of using various DAWs and PlugIns. Absolutely awesome MasterClass!!

Everything!!! Armin is a great teacher and he shares his knowledge, the best so far!!!


A fellow student

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been wanting to take Armin's class since I saw the video on Youtube. I love Armin van Buuren!!! I first saw him at Ultra Miami 17 that was my first festival ever, I didnt know much about EDM. I had just gone to my first rave (Tiesto) two months before Ultra here in Washington DC. I will never forget when everyone started getting so hype and started screaming "AVB" and I kept asking myself "what's is AVB" and He came in and just started going IN!!. I enjoyed the whole festival but it AVB was still in my mind. On the flight back I searched Armin on Apple Music and downloaded some of his songs to listen during the flight and OH MY GOD being in the air and listening to Armin was purely amazing the song that I kept playing over and over was "I Need You" and since then my fandom for Armin hasnt stopped. I even went to Tomorrowland in 2018 because I just needed to experience him there live. I've only missed Armin once when he comes here. He came around my birthday in January and as always he was amazing; thas why before the pandemic began I was at least able to see Armin. I truly enjoyed his music. It has helped me so much through the good and the bad times. Trance completely changed my life. Once again I am so eager to finally be able to take his class and I hope to make him proud one day. Stay tune :)

Tulio S.

Having watched the whole series, I can say that, content-wise, it delivers in every single promise and many more that weren't even mentioned, besides helping increase the appreciation for this man's work and character - as if it was even needed. :) I even started listening to ASOT radio after almost 10 years of listening to Armin's work (I know, shame on me). <BR> It's among the best classes I've ever watched in music in general - and I've been through some 4 years of music school, besides dozens, maybe hundreds of hours of on- and offline lessons, as well as singing in a world-class professional choir. <BR> However, subtitles are an entirely different story and may compromise some key parts for those who don't speak English well or aren't fully versed in electronic music production. If either was my case, I'd have needed much more time to research or understand some aspects of his lessons. I've written a few notes in comments, but at some point I simply gave up because there were so many outright errors. A few samples (pun intended) to keep in mind while watching: <br> sauce = saws [as in "saw waves"]; Pandy's = pan these; crush = crash; baseline = bassline; role = roll; silent = Sylenth [the synth]; AV = A/B; AV-ing = A/B-ing; Whole kick = hall kick; All kick = hall kick; expensive = expansive; massive = Massive [the synth]; contact = Kontakt [the sampler] Studio = FL Studio; despair = this pad [that one hurt]; EVC = EDC; LFO2 = LFO Tool; come = comp; cop = comp; DSing = de-essing; DS = de-ess; since = synth; trans = trance; trends = trance; transy = trancey; Adelton = Ableton; hurt = heard; cueing = EQ-ing; mixing key = mixed in key; inaudible = WAV; UR = You Are; inaudible = recurrence; and the list goes on forever. Please guys, these subtitles are a shame to MC's otherwise demonstrated excellence. <br> Other than that, this class exceeded all expectations (that were very high already).

Jonas D.

I thought this lesson was very informative. I really enjoyed the section about following your passion. In 2000 I can remember buying my Technics 1200's, my first vinyl record Darude "Sandstorm" and becoming hooked for life!!!! After working in the club scene since 2000, and ringing in NYE 2020 with the legend himself (Darude) , I bought this program the next day!!!

Paul H.

I really loved Armins Masterclass!! I found his lessons very helpful and very demonstrative!! I can't wait to put this knowledge to good use!!! I found it super helpful how he broke down his process step by step! This is all really helpful, since i'm just starting out... Thanks for a great Masterclass!!

Cyriel V.

Awesome and inspiring, I asked Armin at ADE if he wants to mentor me. He refers to this Masterclass and I have to tell you this is the best €200,- I've ever spent on something to educate myself. I've watched it already ones now and it's so good! Being you and having fun is so important to create your own music/DJ-sets. Sometimes I forgot this while it's so important. Thank you Armin :D

Micah O.

Very inspiring! I'm excited to see how Armin breaks all of this down and reveals a bit of his tricks and techniques he uses in his studio production.

A fellow student

Why i spent 200 euros on this course is because i want also know how to become a DJ. I have dreamed about this for years. I have LMMS studio and I hope this course helps me to use it more too. I was at weekend festival and i realised how Armin has fun, i also want to have fun.

Garret W.

I appreciate the advice "If you aren't having fun, dont do it. Because there are tons of aspiring Dj's." I was wondering how flooded the field is, and how likely it is to find work as a dj. Is there something in the world of audio engineering that DJ's can do 9-5 using their skills to pay the bills while continuing to make music? Or is the world of audio engineering flooded as well?

A fellow student

Dance music is a way of life. Honestly when I hear this type of music it just flows through my body! Music is everywhere and there's a song for every type of way you're feeling and I want to learn from the best so maybe I can make someone feel some type of way! You're completely right about having fun and that's the reason why I want to do this!


I like this Intro. Thanks Armin!! You are Great at Motivating. I work in FL Studio and already have ideas which I make with my voice. Like I use my Voice to make a Melody. I always keep trying, but researching is also important. You should often spend time with your family and have a break, but still keep on going. I like how you said your tracks were terrible at the beginning.