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Using the Decks: Basics

Armin van Buuren

Lesson time 09:35 min

Armin steps behind the CDJ decks to talk you through what gear he uses in his live sets and why.

Armin van Buuren
Teaches Dance Music
Learn how to make dance music from the platinum-selling producer voted No. 1 DJ in the world five times by DJ Magazine.

About the Instructor

Every week, Armin van Buuren puts 41 million listeners into A State of Trance on his radio show. In his first-ever online class, the platinum-selling DJ breaks down his hits and builds a track from scratch to show you how he produces, performs, and promotes dance music. You’ll learn his technical process for using samples and plug-ins, mixing, recording vocals, and how to DJ a set. Your crowd is waiting.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I am not even finished and I never might be with this class. Tons and tons of hands on advice, very practical and useful, and yet inspiring ...

grreat class. takes you through the the thoughts and chances or producing music

Very helpful guidance all along. Sharing positivity,, talent, and skills!. Meaningfull, satisfying, and fun ! Passion is the answer.

This is just one of those moments you realize how grateful you are!



At the moment, even renting a Big DJ Set like that is costly for me, so I just have a small controller to practice on which has nearly the same setup as that. Controller: DDJ-400.

Budiu M.

Armin how do would you choose now between Pioneer cdj 2000 nxs2 and Denon sc 5000 prime? All the specs seem to be better on the sc 5000 Do you still advise to buy cdjs?

Paul Q.

Wow, I never considered being a DJ, but now it's something I wanna get into! Thanks Armin!

Keegan D.

I've been DJing for about 5 years now so I've pretty much got all the basics down and have a lot of confidence when I get behind the decks but it's really nice to see how a world class DJ works when he gets behind the CDJs!

Jerry B.

Even though I am not sure if I will ever DJ, I watched this because it helps me learn more about music and be more well rounded!

A fellow student

I know that I'm old skool but I have DJing in clubs and with vinyl and at home I'm certainly going to start investing in a pair digital Decks, apart from twin CD player which got pitch control and cue, that is the way forward, it Will certainly help me bring me up to date with , really enjoyed this video getting to understand the digital age of digital decks, it's gr8 that you look at crowd and jump the in mix if the crowd is feeling the vibe, amazing pair of decks, they must cost a bit, it certainly important to know your music well, especially going digital another excellent lesson

Håkan E.

Because of my experience I can bring 100 tunes to a venue and choose on the fly, but it is also really important knowing your music.

Halldór H.

Made it simple, I am slowly getting into dj-ing right now, because I mainly produce, and Armin really has some great tips and presents them in a simple way.

Ruben R.

This is spot on. I own 2 x XDJ-1000 MK2 because it's very similar to the CDJ-2000. I've never had an issue playing on any piece of gear as a result. I also own and play on a Traktor S8, particularly when I want to run live remixes. It's fun to use. I do have to check my quantize settings on my XDJs. I don't think I have it set to the right setting to make sure it comes in after that bar. I think mine is set to one beat. Does anyone know what quantize value Armin is using? That sounds helpful, for sure. Again, this is another excellent lesson.

Team Asota Music A.

I have no time by Pioneer play i have Native Traktor kontrol S4 into my set i play my one set same like armin make setlist what i am will play and make 10 extra track to chance over Cue into next break , bar , drop , you ever you one , by my Trakor play sometime 3 songs same time and i love , my example is not really sure maybey i play over native Zedd playit 2 and tunes great not over all is Native accept many Time stand pioneer by set this is sometime problem into my Future i will this lerning 2 ty Armin !