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Building a Set: Edits and Mashups

A great DJ set is a product of careful preparation. Learn how Armin uses Ableton Live to shorten his songs and make fresh-sounding mashups that will excite the crowd.

Topics include: Starting Your Setlist • Editing Tracks for the Stage • Making Mashups


A great DJ set is a product of careful preparation. Learn how Armin uses Ableton Live to shorten his songs and make fresh-sounding mashups that will excite the crowd.

Topics include: Starting Your Setlist • Editing Tracks for the Stage • Making Mashups

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There's a lot to say about constructing a DJ set. I think it's a whole different craft. I could talk about this for hours. But normally the way I would construct a DJ set is I would say, OK, here's all my music. I used to DJ with vinyl. And when I was DJing with vinyl. I usually had a bag of records. And that bag could hold maybe 100, 150 tunes. And I would probably go shopping for records twice a month or three times in a month. My crate now is digital. But I still like to think of my record box as you know a stack of vinyl. So what I do, I organize my tracks in folders for months. This is the folder for this month. These are all the tracks that I think I want to play in my DJ set. This is my record box. When I prepare a Tomorrowland set for example, I make a folder, and I call it Tomorrowland. And I start with the tracks that I really, really, really want to play. Because usually when you're playing on a big stage like Tommorowland or EDC, or Ultra, you get an hour, an hour and a half. And you have to make it worth. Because there's probably a really popular DJ playing before you and probably a really popular DJ playing after you. So how are you going to impact? How are you going to have a character there? How are you going to stand out from all the other DJ's that are playing before or after you? Well, my advice would always be to always introduce a couple of your own songs, your own songs is what makes you stand out. And the cool thing is if you are your own producer and you produce your own songs then you have the freedom to play it for as many times as you want. If other DJ's play a specific song for five years, it's a bit weird. But your own songs, you can start playing forever. So let's say this is the folder that are all my tracks of the month October or the month that I'm going to play. All right, I've decided I really want to play this one and this one, maybe this one. I live for energy, so let me just grab a few tracks. I like that one. So these are are the essentials for me that I absolutely want to play in my DJ set. I throw them in this folder. So these are the essential tracks. So I'm starting to look to see if there's a possibility of creating mashups or editing tracks. Every track that I play in my DJ set gets an edit. So I would really strip down my set to the bare minimum to see if I can create interesting combinations but really, OK, what what part of this track do I want to use? I don't have the time to play the entire track. Because the entire track is maybe six minutes. And I want to play 18 or 19 tracks. So I have to edit my tracks. And making mashups, combining different tracks, using different elements from different tracks, that's also a way to set you up. Let's say I really love this track. So let's pull up Adelson. It's 1:32 BPM. So I start to listen to this song. Has a pretty long intro. It's a very long track. I want to play it. It's not a known track. So that's a bit risky. Because if I...

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Every week, Armin van Buuren puts 41 million listeners into A State of Trance on his radio show. In his first-ever online class, the platinum-selling DJ breaks down his hits and builds a track from scratch to show you how he produces, performs, and promotes dance music. You’ll learn his technical process for using samples and plug-ins, mixing, recording vocals, and how to DJ a set. Your crowd is waiting.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Armin is an intelligent and eloquent, friendly and positive guy who isn't afraid to share everything he knows. He really lets you watch how he does things. This course was about a million times better than deadmou5, who only seemed to be superficially improvising.

Thanks to Armin and Masterclass for making this possible....

Great teacher, great examples, invaluable advice.

A good all around course for producing, djing & building a career!


Cosmic B.

I find sets to be a book of chapters, each track evidently being a chapter in that book.. each set a variety of emotion encompassing what the dj wants not just the crowd to feel of course, but with elements that speak to them.. kind of like when you make a melody in a track that fulfills how you are feeling.. it's like the heart and what you are doing communicate to each other and when they are in accordance, then you know that you've hit that spot.

Bogdan I.

I like the way Armin turns to the camera and stares into your soul. Can you feel it?

A fellow student

I just want to get on here and tell you guys Armin is correct, life is short, no one can tell you how to dj. I've been a dj since 2001. In 2014 I was at burning man not as a performer but as a patron and of course I know what a build up is, and what a drop is, I know the elements of any track. To my disbelief Marcus Schultz of all dj's showed up and I think he was running an experiment. Burning Man is basically a big social experiment anyway so... I witnessed for the first time in my life a dj mixing from Build up to build up to build up... NO DROPS.. he kept building up the crowd and getting them to go wild and then.. mixed to the next build up.. I was pissed cuz he was DROP WITHHOLDING, who the fuck does that?? since its burning man and there's lots of stuff to see, I ended up leaving after probably an hour maybe 1/2 hour. I would consider his experiment a failure because I like him as a dj and producer but I couldn't take the torture so I had to go...


Working hard ahead of time allows him to be more creative on set--so smart!

Gaetan G.

I'm curious of knowing which songs are in the keys of F# that you play. If I've done my homework correctly then and would make a good mashup because there in the same key? Musical characteristics of F# MAJOR Conquering Difficulties, Sighs of Relief Triumph over evil, obstacles, hurdles. Surmounting foes and finally finding rest in victory. Brilliant clarity of thought and feeling.

Tim L.

How come Armin is using Ableton for these stuff? Because you can do mashups and edits in Logic, right? I made my first mashup a couple of months ago for instance. Still, very interesting to see how he works!

David W.

Have a listen to my mash up attempt Thank you


Hey all. I took Armin's advice about working on something else (like a mix) when you're having trouble progressing on your own tracks. Here's the result. Enjoy!

Nam H.

This is helpful. Very clear for me to edit tracks and do mashups. Thanks Armin


Hey guys check out my mix thanks to Armin and Masterclass for all the knowledge !!