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Hosting A Radio Show

Armin van Buuren

Lesson time 11:59 min

Don’t overlook the power of radio. Armin is passionate about his A State of Trance show, and it’s a crucial component of his global brand. Here’s how you can use radio to both grow as a musician and grow your fan base.

Armin van Buuren
Teaches Dance Music
Learn how to make dance music from the platinum-selling producer voted No. 1 DJ in the world five times by DJ Magazine.


A radio show or a podcast is a very direct way to communicate with your fans. The good thing about it is that there is no journalist or anything correcting that. It's you talking to your fans. I use my radio show as the center of everything that I do. Whether it's telling about a new track, a new album, something that I did on tour, something big coming up, an artist that I admire, a label I want to support, I use my radio show as a direct way to communicate. Also, the radio show sort of makes me go through all the new music that week. So I have to go through all my promos, which is tedious sometimes, because I get sent so much new music. But because I have a radio show, I need to go through all those new tracks, which also excites me, because it prepares me for the weekend. So sometimes I'm a little bit bored. I go through all the tracks. But there hasn't been a week since I started the radio show that I'm not inspired by a brand new song that also excites me to go back into the studio to create my own music. So in a way, I make the radio show not only for my fans but also for myself. Every week, I have about 60 new tracks that I want to play on a radio show. And every week, I get to play about 28 including the standard things of the show. Like, every week on the show, I have a tune of the week, which is my favorite track of that week. I have a future favorite, which the web votes. People can vote on my website and pick their favorite. We have a trending track, which is the most discussed track of that specific week like on social media. So I have a guy monitoring the social media activity during the show of last week. And then again, I play the track that was most talked about-- not necessarily the best, but most talked about track of the week after. Then I got this new thing called service for dreamers, which is a track that I get a story with from a listener, which is one of my favorite things of the show. Because we always invite a guest to the studio, tell a story about a specific track. And it really makes a connection with the crowds. So those are always the standard things in my radio show. And I always play a few . I don't want to play all new music in my show. Because that can be a little bit uncomfortable if you play nothing but new music. But mainly, I would say 70%, 60% to 70%, of every radio show I do is new music. Because that's what I want to use radio for to get people in touch with brand-new music, music that I think they should hear. I dare to say that if you listen to my radio show "A State Of Trance" that you hear about, well, at least 60% to 70% of the Trance tracks that matter, you know, that really can have a big impact, or are successful in the charts, or whatever-- and the underground charts, that is. So that is what my goal is, you know? I feel like I'm the guy in the middle, the connection between all the great producers that are out there and the fans. So I'm just passing on the gre...

About the Instructor

Every week, Armin van Buuren puts 41 million listeners into A State of Trance on his radio show. In his first-ever online class, the platinum-selling DJ breaks down his hits and builds a track from scratch to show you how he produces, performs, and promotes dance music. You’ll learn his technical process for using samples and plug-ins, mixing, recording vocals, and how to DJ a set. Your crowd is waiting.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

This course is so inspiring. I learned a lot about other things in life that can affect the creation of music. Armin is a very simple person, I admire him a lot. He explains everything so simple that anyone would understand. Thank you

La critica, la calidad y todo el trabajo de Armin me parece realmente excelente. No es el artista que más escucho pero me motiva y me identifico con su vision de la innovación en la música y la perseverancia que puede ser dificil mantener para todos en algun punto y llega a ser algo frustrante. Me siento agradecido y morivado mas ahora que terminé esta MASTERCLASS,. Gracias Armin.

Well I'm not a youngster anymore, made music for quite a while but this Masterclass by Armin was very interesting, he showed me ideas that will enhance my workflow. I'm very grateful for that, thank you all for making it possible! Cheers Robert

This course has been amazing, I have learnt so much, from creating, arranging and producing my own songs, to the performance side of things. Thank you so much Armin


Evgenia S.

Thanks Armin! I thought about that already and this is definitely my goal for the future! :)


I would definitely like to create my own Radio Show in the future. This is great advice for that

Adam S.

Great stuff from Armin on making a show! One of the main ways I hear new tracks for my show is via podcasts. All the main artists, Armin included, have weekly or monthly podcasts these days that are freely available. Be constantly listening to keep up and make a note in your phone or somewhere else when you hear a track you like. Go online later and review it to see if it's really solid or if you just thought it was. After that, if you still like it, grab it and mix it into your show! If you all are up for subscribing to a fellow classmate, I've been running my own show for over 4 and a half years called For the Soul, and you can follow, subscribe, and all that good stuff here! Enjoy! (iTunes and RSS feed version for non-iTunes podcast listening, such as on Castbox)


Check my tracks on my youtube channel, Sour Sounds. It would be very appreciated if you subscribe and comment. This masterclass really influence our songs.

A fellow student

Great tips in this video but I'm confused, given how Armin is encouraging making a music radio show, that the legal logistics weren't touched on at all. I was distracted throughout the entire video thinking how can anyone conceive of making a music radio/podcast when there are many discussions online debating if you can legally play 10 seconds of a song without obtaining rights. I was disappointed that Armin didn't touch on how he and others are actually able to have radio shows. How do they pay royalties? Is there a service that streamlines this? This part is likely tedious and boring but a complete show stopper.

Beccy Q.

It's so hard to want to listen to an artist or even root for them when they talk down on themselves. It's like actors who say they can't watch themselves perform on screen. Well then why am I inclined to spend my money to go see you if you don't even like you?

Ruud V.

A lesson like this really shows the deeper learnings Armin has had after years of just doing what you think is right. And that might be how he has hit the right nerves through trial and error for years. Which is not easy to copy, but a rich source to learn from. And that is what this masterclass is about, I guess.

Keegan D.

I have been thinking about starting my own weekly online podcast/radio show once I build my brand as a DJ/Producer so this lesson really helped!

Chuck S.

Is there a registration for doing a radio show in The Netherlands? Is there a legal requirement which must be satisfied? Since I live in The Netherlands, I need to know before starting. Thank you! Dankuwel !

Håkan E.

A show is a great way to reach out. Mine is Trance Revival which I made over 100 shows live with audio and video. I upload them to mixcloud. :)