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Hosting A Radio Show

Armin van Buuren

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Don’t overlook the power of radio. Armin is passionate about his A State of Trance show, and it’s a crucial component of his global brand. Here’s how you can use radio to both grow as a musician and grow your fan base.

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Topics include: What Radio Can Do for You • Armin's Programming Philosophy • The Search for New Music • Listen With an Open Mind • Use Your Audience's Ears • Basic Rules for Talk Breaks • Grab Your Listeners' Attention • Make a Human Connection


A radio show or a podcast is a very direct way to communicate with your fans. The good thing about it is that there is no journalist or anything correcting that. It's you talking to your fans. I use my radio show as the center of everything that I do. Whether it's telling about a new track, a new album, something that I did on tour, something big coming up, an artist that I admire, a label I want to support, I use my radio show as a direct way to communicate. Also, the radio show sort of makes me go through all the new music that week. So I have to go through all my promos, which is tedious sometimes, because I get sent so much new music. But because I have a radio show, I need to go through all those new tracks, which also excites me, because it prepares me for the weekend. So sometimes I'm a little bit bored. I go through all the tracks. But there hasn't been a week since I started the radio show that I'm not inspired by a brand new song that also excites me to go back into the studio to create my own music. So in a way, I make the radio show not only for my fans but also for myself. Every week, I have about 60 new tracks that I want to play on a radio show. And every week, I get to play about 28 including the standard things of the show. Like, every week on the show, I have a tune of the week, which is my favorite track of that week. I have a future favorite, which the web votes. People can vote on my website and pick their favorite. We have a trending track, which is the most discussed track of that specific week like on social media. So I have a guy monitoring the social media activity during the show of last week. And then again, I play the track that was most talked about-- not necessarily the best, but most talked about track of the week after. Then I got this new thing called service for dreamers, which is a track that I get a story with from a listener, which is one of my favorite things of the show. Because we always invite a guest to the studio, tell a story about a specific track. And it really makes a connection with the crowds. So those are always the standard things in my radio show. And I always play a few . I don't want to play all new music in my show. Because that can be a little bit uncomfortable if you play nothing but new music. But mainly, I would say 70%, 60% to 70%, of every radio show I do is new music. Because that's what I want to use radio for to get people in touch with brand-new music, music that I think they should hear. I dare to say that if you listen to my radio show "A State Of Trance" that you hear about, well, at least 60% to 70% of the Trance tracks that matter, you know, that really can have a big impact, or are successful in the charts, or whatever-- and the underground charts, that is. So that is what my goal is, you know? I feel like I'm the guy in the middle, the connection between all the great producers that are out there and the fans. So I'm just passing on the gre...

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