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Lesson time 3:00 min

Welcome to the deadmau5 studio. Meet Joel, the man behind the mau5head, and learn what he's got planned for your class in electronic music production.

Teaches Electronic Music Production
6 hours of instructions, 23 video lessons, and a downloadable course workbook.
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Good sounds are rarities, things that make your ears pop up when you hear it for the first time, something unexpected. [SOUND PULSING] [MOUSE CLICKING] Part of being original, part of having a sound, is being able to create music, or effects, or processes that can't be recreated. That's what makes you unique. This class is just a good primer for anyone wanting to get involved more actively into the production of electronic music. The way that I communicate ideas might not be super anecdotal, or-- I don't know-- funny, or helpful. Because I'll tell you right now, I'm pretty socially inept as is. And I'm just going to go through my methodology of what I think when I'm creating melodies, or how I work when I'm systematically producing music. I'm not really afraid of giving away some arcane knowledge about my creation techniques. Because this is more designed for you to develop your own, as opposed to just straight up ripping me. I would be pretty thrilled to know that at least one person took one thing away from us, which is pretty much what I hope people take away from my music, is kind of what I do it. And you have to think that if you can impact one person with your music, then it is pretty much worth it, I think, and that you are definitely doing something positive. This is deadmau5. And this is my MasterClass.

Make better music

Before he was deadmau5, all Joel Zimmerman wanted for Christmas was old toasters to take apart. Now, you can watch him take his music apart. In his first-ever online class, Joel teaches you how he approaches melodies, mixing and mastering to make unique sounds you can't find in a cookie cutter sample pack. You'll not only get his lessons, you'll learn how to create your own music without spending money on million dollar gear.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

very good class, I learnt some precious information.

Simplified and clear! Honest, real life approach! Thank you very much DEADMAU5 ; )

I am a saxophone player/composer with no real EDM experience. I don't even particularly like most of what I hear. But I loved this class, learned a lot, am inspired to use what I learned in my own areas of interest, and am extremely happy to have taken it. Joel is a great, down-to-earth teacher and is extremely good at what he does. Thanks for offering this class!

always a good way to learn from the pros. Good to see i have some knowledge before hand that isn't too far away, it has helped me recognize i'm progressing at a moderate speed and not too far behind to still have a chance to make it big!


Sophia T.

He obviously has no idea of how incredibly lovable & valuable he is as a person.. far from "socially inadequate" as he thinks of himself. (hope he reads this someday :- ) thanks for being, you're a unique & humble inspiration. Greetings from Switzerland, Sophia


I've watched the whole thing and this is such a cool class! I myself make hip hop but musically I can apreciate most genres and I've been familiar with Deadmau5 alright. Having a peak behind the curtain, especially his studio and some of the knowledge and advice he shares.. Thanks for that! That's worth alot to me! Joel seems like such a cool person. It's cool to see a guy in his craft, being himself and sharing that with us. It's also really funny to watch Timbaland and than watch Deadmau5. First it's all about feeling it and vibin to it. Than it's just not feeling it but it works and this is why so yea. I love both of them and they both inspired me greatly!

A Fellow Student

there is, you have to click the box with cc in it. You can turn them on or off

A fellow student

Hello, new in here, is there somewhere where i can get subtitles for the classes?

A fellow student

Hi there! Good to meet you and the class! I'm Dmitry from Kiev. Live in Moscow now. Write, produce music and sing. Cheers!

Elad W.

Hello everyone, what do you think?

Christopher B.

I have like no personal music-making experience. I 'm excited to learn how to make the beats and melodies of the music I love the most. Let' go!


I got started seriously writing music and I'm back here for a refresher. Should be way better a 2nd time through now I have somewhat of an idea of what I am doing!

Andrew A.

Does anyone know what processor that deadmau5 recommended, I cant find it at the moment

A fellow student

Honestly I'm taking this because I'm questioning my passion for music currently. It's been an on & off type of thing. The only time I've really been consistent with music was when I was engineering and recording my friends rap to beats I ripped off youtube. This took place about couple years ago after I got kicked out of Full Sail University. I wanted to give up honestly so many times but I always come back to it but I never find a way to really stick to it. Hopefully these courses help me find some type of conclusion.