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On Stage: The Show


Lesson time 10:12 min

Performance is about more than just making great music. For deadmau5, your live show's got to give audiences an experience they'll never forget.

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I still get nervous a little bit getting up on stage. But after the first minute, that's just "psshh." Then I'm in the zone. It's just the first minute is me thinking about literally seven to 10 different systems, all at the same time, trying to anticipate the first point of failure in a show and whether it's going to be mission critical or not. Because shit does go down all the time. And sometimes you'd never know from a spectator point of view. But from my end, I'm like having a panic attack up there because something just kind of went out. But I can fix it on the fly with a fader pull down kind of thing and then save myself from that. But usually, after the first minute, once you have a system going, and everything is going, and it's still going, and it's gone for about 60 seconds, then you're in the clear and you start to have fun. So if you're out playing your first show, or you're playing at a club, or you're just being a DJ, you're going to get, for the rest of your life, that first minute of panic. And then after that, it's no problem. I'm half asleep during a show. I'm not going to lie. I'm not feeding off the crowd's energy. I could give a fuck less if you were there or you weren't. I'm just up there kind of operating my thing in my world. Even though the mouse head is beaming right at you, my head's actually tilted more this way. And we designed it that way so it looks like I'm looking straight ahead. But I'm not. I'm just-- I'm looking down, looking at my feet, looking at the controllers, looking at the touchscreen monitor, and that kind of thing while you've got this like mouse thing like piercing right into your gaze. So that's an interesting thing. But that's just me being brutally honest. I like to not know nobody is there for a minute. The only time I know the crowds there really is at the end. I do make a point to kind of come out and scope things out during "Ghosts N Stuff" I guess. Because there's a good section of that track that I kind of flip it over to autopilot just so I can walk out and wave my hands around and say hi to everyone and kind of thing. And that's the only real audience engagement I get. And then it's back to work, right? And finish the thing off. And then once the last track is kind of on its last little fade out, and I'm pretty sure I can walk away from that and let that kind of do its own thing, then I'll go out and do it again. You know, do my thank you kind of thing, and wave hi, and then walk off. But as far as the performance goes, the way I do things-- and this is not the way other people do things. It's not the way people should do things. This is just the way I do things is that I can't read an audience, and then play to them, and then do some if you're happy and you know it, clap your hands. Come on, guys. You know, like I just-- that's not my thing. One of the...

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

It gave me a few different perspectives on aspects of production

This class was over my head. I watched the class out of interest.

Great class; this is what brought me to masterclass. I appreciate the raw and spontaneous structure. I was truly inspired and got me on my feet.

I like Deadmou5 style of talking about the things. It is not some philosophical thing "frome above", but very natural, honest and cool. The background and insider stories are great. I had the expectation, that the technical and pruduction side would be more in detail - but all summed up it was great attending this Masterclass. Hope that there eventually will be another Masterclass with Joel.



I remember being at Ultra where he played Old McDonald. He was covering for Avicii (since Avicii was sick) and he trolled Martin Garrix's Animal since everyone literally played it.

David G.

Having played bass guitar for years, I would practice intensely each day. Rehearsing the set list was a major component of my regimen. When I felt I was leaving the pocket on stage, I could either close my eyes and look up, or glance down at the fret board and instantly be transported to my practice session. Simple trick, but it worked.


Joel proves that introverts with possibly a touch of Asperbeger's Syndrome or maybe even some High Functioning Autism can be successful world-renowned performance artists. During interviews, he keeps his gaze down. During live performances, he covers his face with a helmet, doesn't want or feel the need to engage with the audience and dips as soon as the set is over. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! Whatever you do, just be yourself...whatever that means!

Rich S.

Best advice - "I don't want to die, and I kinda want to be healthy." <-- Joel's comment about touring and partying.

Kenneth S.

I like that he's just grounded about the business of the show, and doesn't look for special treatment or attention.... he is and get's the job done... but also, the end... is priceless!

Ryan C.

Could I buy a Deadmau5 head ? LOL Marshmallow has a helmet an the inside the helmet is dope, he can see the people on the outside but he's actually focused on his music!

Christopher S.

"I heard from a guy that is a great solution... yeah" says Deadmau5's conscience!

Erik N.

Tough life on the road ...


New Scrodello! Thanks for listening

Carrie Must be creative in a situation like this! Always remained aware of his audience. Great save!