Fun Ideas to Enhance Your Sex Life

Emily Morse

Lesson time 22:01 min

Learn how to refresh your sex life by experimenting with sex positions, toys, oral sex, anal play, and kink.

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Topics include: Destigmatize Kink • Exploring Sex Toys • Oral Pleasure Tips • Beginner’s Guide to Anal Play • Experiment With Sex Positions • Parting Words


[00:00:00.30] EMILY MORSE: This class contains mature content. Viewer discretion is advised. [00:00:04.20] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:00:23.38] So kink is any sex act or idea or fantasy or behavior that is seen outside of the vanilla, you know, sex realm. People here kink, and they think, oh, it's-- they're so out there. I need to buy all these whips and chains and tools. And I'm going to be tied up from the rafters, and it's going to be painful. You know, kinky sex is for freaks. [00:00:45.08] And oh, if you're kinky, you know-- there's so much the stigma that we place around kink. But I see a kink and I hope you might see kink as just another way to explore your sexuality and see what might feel good in our pursuit of pleasure, this journey we're all on. [00:01:05.44] You know, like, there's a spectrum. Like, maybe you want to be spanked. That's seen as kinky. Maybe, you know, you want to wear handcuffs, or you want to be blindfolded. You want your partner to be into something-- like to role-playing or a little bit more like bondage and discipline and sadomasochism-- well, BSM, as we call it, which is a form of sexual play that explores consensual experimentation with power dynamics, which can include dominant and submissive role-playing. [00:01:31.19] And you can just tiptoe into kink and say, just you know, pretty much everything is kink besides missionary, I feel. And so I just want to inspire you to kind of try some of these things and just sort of open your mind to the possibility that there's just a-- there's more pleasure to be had. And it starts with you. [00:01:50.63] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:01:57.58] My experience with sex toys is that I had some shame around sharing them with a partner because I think there were several cases where guys I was dating were like, oh, well, we don't need those, or you know, kind of felt sort of intimidated by it. [00:02:17.34] Because you know, I'm like, dude, your penis doesn't vibrate. I didn't say that. But the truth is, there is this notion that toys are going to-- like, you know, that they take away or they're a sign to your partner that they can't do enough. [00:02:31.02] So for a long time, I was like, oh, I just won't-- I won't bring it in. I don't want to deal with, you know, my partner's attitude around it. And I still believed some things that you might believe, and that is there's only one way to have an orgasm, and that's either with a penis or, you know, a hand or a mouth and that anything else, like, doesn't count. [00:02:52.77] And here's the thing about sex toys, they're just an enhancement. I mean, you could even think of them like a threesome, right? Like, you and your partner and you bring in a third-- I mean, it can be just as intimate. It's for all bodies. And there's so many different kinds. [00:03:06.78] And if you think about this too, first off, where did that notion come from that we're only says to have an orgasm in one-- in a certain way? And hopefully y...

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The host of the long-running podcast Sex With Emily has made it her mission to normalize the conversation around sex and share her judgment-free approach to discovering a more pleasure-focused sex life. In her MasterClass, she helps you learn how to identify what you want, communicate your desires, and discover new sexual adventures. Pleasure is your birthright—it’s time to talk more about sex.

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In her MasterClass, Emily Morse empowers you to talk openly about sex and discover greater sexual satisfaction.

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