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Emily Morse

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Get to know sex educator and Sex With Emily podcast host Emily Morse and her mission to open the conversation around sex. She offers an overview of what you can expect to learn and invites you to think differently about sex.

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[00:00:00.30] NARRATOR: This class contains mature content. Viewer discretion is advised. [00:00:39.63] EMILY MORSE: I started this journey as a sex educator because I knew that there was more to sex than what I was actually experiencing. One day, I said to my friend, OK, what is the big deal with sex? Because this is not impressive. It doesn't feel that great. And they looked at me, and they were sort of shocked. And they're like, well, have you ever had an orgasm? [00:01:05.01] I realized I didn't know anything about sex. So you probably have this friend. It's like, oh, last night, I had the best sex of my life. The sex was amazing. And I always found myself saying, walk me through this. Are you on the top? Are you on the bottom? What is happening to make sex great? [00:01:23.16] And so I decided to start this podcast. And then I invited a bunch of people over, and I started just to interview them-- friends of mine that were open, people from all walks of life. And I thought, hold up. This-- this is it. I need this information. Everybody needs this information. I just had this hunch this is going to change people's lives. [00:01:44.68] And I just knew that this was my calling. So I earned a doctorate in human sexuality. And now, after 15 years, the "Sex with Emily" platform is reaching millions of people each day. [00:01:58.89] - Here with some advice is the host of the Sirius XM show "Sex with Emily," Emily Morse. [00:02:04.83] EMILY MORSE: My personal mission is to liberate the conversation around sex because sex is still something that's very uncomfortable to so many people. People want to know, am I normal? Am I OK? [00:02:19.00] How can I help you? [00:02:20.00] CALLER: When we have intercourse, I don't have any sensation. [00:02:23.51] CALLER: I want to use toys during sex, but I don't know how to bring it up. [00:02:27.53] CALLER: I'd like her to show me affection and tell me she loves me. [00:02:31.01] - I'm glad you can tell me that because you probably can't tell many other people. [00:02:34.85] EMILY MORSE: I love to help people because we all deserve to live powerful, pleasurable lives. We carry all these demons in our head from the past. I've helped people figure out, what is the root that's keeping you from having an orgasm or asking for you what you want or loving your body? And then we kind of go from there. [00:02:56.03] [MUSIC PLAYING] [00:03:06.48] - A lot of people are nervous to talk about sex. I-- yeah, I was nervous to talk about sex and relationships. I didn't know what to say. I felt that I was going to be judged. A lot of times, partners would say to me, does that feel good? And I would just say yes because I knew if I said no, I wouldn't know what else to suggest. [00:03:29.55] And so now that I've doing this for 15 years, it's a lot more comfortable. Sexual wellness is an important pillar of our overall health and well-being. When you're not truly fulfilling your sexual de...

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The host of the long-running podcast Sex With Emily has made it her mission to normalize the conversation around sex and share her judgment-free approach to discovering a more pleasure-focused sex life. In her MasterClass, she helps you learn how to identify what you want, communicate your desires, and discover new sexual adventures. Pleasure is your birthright—it’s time to talk more about sex.

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Emily Morse

In her MasterClass, Emily Morse empowers you to talk openly about sex and discover greater sexual satisfaction.

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