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Herbie Hancock

Lesson time 2:42 min

Herbie offers his parting words and a bit of music as a thank-you for joining him.

Herbie Hancock
Teaches Jazz
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I hope you had a good time. I enjoyed myself. I enjoyed being with you, hope you enjoyed being with me. So you may be wondering, what is your next move, now that you've been through these classes? Put them into action, but put them into action your own way. Start right away. Practice some of the things that I talked about, explore them, and find yourself in them. If something doesn't work for you, it doesn't work for you. If it does, be my guest. I only want to see you be you, not be me. I'm already me. I can learn from you. I'd love to learn from you. Thank you.

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Herbie Hancock's jazz career started in his family's living room, listening to his favorite records and trying to play along. Now, he's one of the most celebrated musicians in the world. Join Herbie at the piano as he shares his approach to improvisation, composition, and harmony. Gain access to 10+ original piano transcriptions, including 5 exclusive solo performances.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I didn't know Herbie before this class was launched but now I am a huge fan. Outstanding class and real as can be!

Herbie is an inspiring performer! The course taught me how to master Watermelon Man and Dolphin Dance.

It’s a miracle to meet and learn from a jazz legend who determine the direction of music. I’d like to hear him play the Petrof piano with M. Vitous.

This was a great course on jazz piano and musicianship. I enjoyed the class very much. Thank you very much.


Brad E.

I am by no means a Jazz musician or highly skilled. I am very much an impro player of no style. The lessons here got me playing tunes on NYE leading into 2020 at a friends on their piano, and as we hit midnight, my friends said that my playing was the best they had heard. I just applied what the master Herbie taught me here and let myself go. Biggest thing I got is that there are no mistakes... so I just follow the tangent. Thanks legend.

A fellow student

Darrell Feltmate, Nova Scotia, Canada After almost 50 years of folk and bluegrass guitar I have decided to learn to play jazz. This class has been wonderful and I hope to understand a lot more of it after a lot of practice with chord forms and rhythms. Thank you.

Tobias M.

I finished it, started again. I know it’s only a series of videos and I am most likely never going to meet you in person, and I can’t reply in person, and therefore you can’t see the slight welling of tears in my eyes... but I am so inspired by this masterclass. Thank you. Thank you.

Yani T.

Now you can’t say I don’t know how to listen and play jazz! So just live jazz! So good, can’t wait to replay it, another watermelon please.

A fellow student

What a sweet humble man. I enjoyed watching, listening, and learning from him.

larry M.

The entire experience was inspiring including Herbie Hancock views on life. I practice meditation and can relate to his remarks. More energized to learn more from these lessons in my own playing. Thank You

Michael W.

Excellent. Hancock's leisurely style, grace, and instruction about the theoretical components of the genre of jazz was a true delight to follow along.

Avzal I.

Absolutely wonderful series which I intend to come back to over and over again for additional insights. Thank you Mr Hancock and thank you Masterclass for making this happen. And thank you to my friend Samme for gifting me with this opportunity.

Bruce R.

BTW- I wrote a piece of music called "Hopboppin'", inspired by Herbie Hancock. It is on Soundcloud under my name, Bruce Rich.

Bruce R.

Everything. I'm overwhelmed with what windows of opportunity Herbie's lessons and music have opened to me. I've never felt restricted or approached music with any significant degree of restraint, but the expansion of my vocabulary is opening my ears to newer and more colorful possibilities. Thank You. Namaste! Bruce Rich