Case Study: My Megatrends of the 2020s

Indra Nooyi

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Indra discusses the megatrends she sees today and analyzes their impact on society. She challenges members to find the opportunities presented by these trends in their own field.

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Topics include: Indra discusses the big megatrends she sees today and analyzes their impact on society. She challenges students to find the opportunities presented by these trends in their own field.


- There are some mega trends that I am seeing today in the world. And I'm following them very, very carefully. And I'm talking about big, societal megatrends. I see five big megatrends. I see two big issues that these megatrends are going to raise for society. And I see three things that can and should happen. So, that's what I'm tracking now, the five big megatrends. The first is the growth of Asia and Africa. And if you look at the population trends, by 2030, the world will account for over 9 billion people, but these two regions are going to have over 7 billion people. So the world is going to be skewed towards Asia and Africa because of population growth. But if you look at the GDP distribution, it's not going to be reflecting where the population is. So you're going to see a lot more inequality in the world, which we should worry about. But the other thing we should worry about is that these are the countries which are going to be densely populated, which is going to lead to bigger issues-- which brings me to the second issue. You're going to see a lot more pandemics and epidemics because of dense population. And as these countries grow and they want to consume more protein, they're going to have more animals. And that's going to cause more viruses to jump from animals to human beings. So we have to make our public health system very, very robust, because we're going to have to be prepared for more pandemics. The third trend that I see is climate change. I think it's going to be huge. If countries in Asia and Africa have no water, or their trees are all cut down to build homes or provide firewood, we're going to see flashpoints, because those people are not going to be able to live. We might see more migration out of those regions. So we have to really worry about the impact of climate change on the whole world. The fourth trend is the makeup of the population itself is going to shift. You're going to see more aging population as the Boomer population retires. You're going to see the growth of women as a potent force in the economy, because you need people to work in the economy to keep the GDP growing. And the Gen Zs are going to be rising as a major force. How we manage them, how we deal with these technology natives is going to be a challenge going forward. And the last big megatrend-- which is really a very complex megatrend, but I'm going to simplify it down to a few words-- is what technology disruptions are going to do to every part of our life-- education, health care, the way we live, the way we eat, the way we sleep. Technology is going to pervade every part of our life. Everything that we know today about how we live is going to be different in five years, 10 years. Just look at the growth of remote technologies through COVID. We're going to see all kinds of new things come by. So these are the five big megatrends. What are the two big issues that these megatrends are going to raise...

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