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Indra Nooyi

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Indra introduces herself, offers a glimpse into her journey as CEO of PepsiCo, and provides an overview of what she will cover in the class.

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Topics include: Indra introduces herself, offers a glimpse into her journey to becoming CEO of PepsiCo, and provides an overview of what she will cover in the class


[MUSIC PLAYING] - I'm Indra Nooyi. I ran PepsiCo from 2006 to 2018 as CEO, and stepped down as Chairman in 2019. And prior to that, I spent 25 years in PepsiCo, from Head of Corporate Strategy, to President and CFO, and then Chairman and CEO. My career started in India. And then came to the United States, where I went to school at the Yale School of Management. Worked at Boston Consulting Group, Motorola, Asia Brown Burberry, and then ended up with PepsiCo in 1994. I'm one of those unusual stories of an immigrant from an emerging market. A woman, a person of color, who ascended to run a Fortune 50 company. Along the way, I also got married and had two daughters. So people ask me how I did it. The answer is, I used leadership skills. I zoomed in and out to understand my business, and I developed a strategic plan. Those are the skills I want to teach you in this class. [MUSIC PLAYING] I grew up in Madras, now called Chennai, in the South of India. It's a great city, full of universities, software engineers. But Madras had one big problem-- it had no water. If the monsoons failed, we just had no water. And it was always rationed in every home. You had six buckets or five buckets of water, and each person was given a bucket for all your needs for the day. Fast forward 25 years. When you're running a business where a plant uses two and a half liters of water to make a liter of beverage, and that plant is on the outskirts of the city which is still water-starved, it starts to enter your consciousness to say, hey, wait a minute, in my right mind I cannot be using so much water. I can do something about this. That sort of first-hand perspective has driven my work. As I was growing in my career, I always had self-doubts, because I was the only person of my kind in any boardroom or around a table where powerful people sat. I sat there saying, I bet the others are thinking why I'm here. The others are thinking, do I really belong. And so I spent hours preparing for an appearance at a meeting, just to earn my seat at the table. But in doing so, I started to get positive reinforcement, accolades, and that gave me more confidence to move ahead. In this class, I'll teach you how to effect a major corporate transformation. How to think 10, 20 years forward, and then build a strategy future back. How to zoom in and zoom out of big problems. And I'll teach you that, without that capability of zooming out of issues and then zooming into think about implementation, you can't be a very successful leader. I lay out a framework for the seven characteristics of a great leader. Listen to it very, very carefully, because you'll find that you apply most of those characteristics in every problem, or every situation that you're in. They certainly all applied when I embarked on an ambitious long-term strategy at PepsiCo called Performance With Purpose, our purpose being human sustainability, which is transforming th...

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Ever wonder what it takes to be the CEO of a Fortune 50 company? Indra Nooyi didn’t set out to become the first woman of color to do so. She simply (and tenaciously) focused on big ideas. As the former CEO of PepsiCo, Indra transformed a global industry. Now she’s teaching you her transformational approach to leadership. Learn to simplify complex problems, persuade others to buy into your vision, and discover how leading with purpose can improve your life beyond the boardroom.

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Indra Nooyi

Indra Nooyi, former CEO of PepsiCo, teaches you to think big, be brave, and make purpose-driven changes at work.

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