Creating Buy-In and Courting The Skeptics

Indra Nooyi

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In this lesson, Indra discusses how she sold “Performance With Purpose” to her team and her skeptics, and kept the company on track through the global launch.

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Topics include: In this chapter, Indra discusses how she sold Performance with Purpose to her team and her skeptics, all the way through to a global launch


[MUSIC PLAYING] INDRA NOOYI: Getting buy-in into a large organization is a complex, complex process. You just have to have the patience to do it right. Otherwise, you know, it's oh, this is a slogan developed in headquarters, who cares about it. So this was the next step for performance with purpose. Using my influence to create buy-in across the entire organization. The word influence is a big word, because it's a word that says you can actually get people to do things they never thought they could do. Influence has two parts. The first part is the leader who inspires with the message, with their history, with their track record. It also involves followers who are willing to listen, who know that following this leader is going to take them to a new place. You cannot influence somebody positively unless you have some sort of a track record, that you've done it before and people have actually got to a better place by following you. People can exert positive influence. The strength of their past, sometimes from the strength of their power, or the strength of reputation. When you're all in a group of friends, practice who can influence whom to change a point of view. It can be through intelligent debating of an issue. It could be because people look at you and say, you're so damn smart, you've always been right before, so I want to listen to your point of view, whatever it is. In a group exercise, take a very unpopular topic and just say, look, each of us make a point of view and let's see who can influence the others to change your point of view to come along. Don't try to do this when you don't have much time, because sometimes people just say, hey, there's not much time, let's just pick a point of view and go on. Don't do that. Really practice influencing others. And in a corporation, you have to do that all the time. Leaders have to influence others to follow them all the time. When we talked about one of the leadership traits, we talked about simplifying the complex. Human sustainability, environmental sustainability, talent sustainability were there for a reason. Because I wanted that word sustainability in there. I could have called it product, planet and people. But that would have sounded like a marketing slogan. So to me, the word sustainability was important. But human sustainability is a mouthful. So it was very important that we translate it down to simple language. We want to nourish consumers with the whole range of products without telling them what they can eat and drink. I come into a country or one of my leaders goes into a country and talks about PWP, immediately, people have a language that they can talk to other people about. So we gave them a presentation they could use with other people. We asked them to go out and talk about it. Just think about the minimum number of statements you can put out there. Because when you have too many, people don't know what to carry around. So think ha...

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Ever wonder what it takes to be the CEO of a Fortune 50 company? Indra Nooyi didn’t set out to become the first woman of color to do so. She simply (and tenaciously) focused on big ideas. As the former CEO of PepsiCo, Indra transformed a global industry. Now she’s teaching you her transformational approach to leadership. Learn to simplify complex problems, persuade others to buy into your vision, and discover how leading with purpose can improve your life beyond the boardroom.

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