Judy Blume

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The honest, everyday struggles of Judy Blume’s characters resonate with millions of readers. Now, she’s your instructor. Judy invites you to discover your own process by hearing what worked for her.

Judy Blume
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In 24 lessons, Judy Blume will show you how to develop vibrant characters and hook your readers.
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"Dear Judy, I think the main point of kids books is to show that things that happen to you also happen to other kids. It makes kids feel that they are normal. I thought I was weird for doing and thinking some things, but your books make me feel OK." That's from Brian, age 13. To me, this is a class about being free. It's not as scary as you think, but you have to be willing to take that chance. It's risky. And I hope that during the course of this class, you will learn what I learned which is nobody could teach me to write. I can't teach you to write. But what I hope I can do in this master class, is share with you what I've learned about writing over 50 years. The best advice I can give you if you're starting out, or even if you're caught in the middle, is don't give up. And don't listen to anyone who tells you you can't write because the person who's saying that has no idea what's inside you. I'm Judy Blume, and this is my MasterClass.

Write timeless stories

Judy Blume broke the rules. Her refreshingly honest children’s books were banned by hundreds of libraries and loved by generations of readers, who bought 85 million copies of classics like Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret and Superfudge. In her first online writing class, the award-winning author teaches you how to invent vivid characters, write realistic dialogue, and turn your experiences into stories people will treasure.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Judy was insightful, inspiring and entertaining. The primary lesson I learned was to keep pushing forward in my writing and to always be brave enough to speak my truth.

I feel more Confident as a writer now! I am more Okay with putting myself out there for the world to read and hear! :D Thanks a Lot Judy Blume! :D

Judy Blume is a brilliant writer and I am beyond thrilled to be taking this class!

I feel like a close apprentice of Judy's after this course and have come to admire and love her. It's so inspirational to learn from someone that has ties to my hometown and is in a position I would want to be in towards the end of my life. I'm so glad she did this course.


Brit L.

Hi Judy. I'm a middle school teacher and have been trying to write books since I have been in middle school. In high school, I was told that I couldn't write by a group of college students online. Since then, I have been afraid and doubtful. I'm excited to hear what you have to share, and I hope I can overcome my self-doubt.

Ian C.

Hi Judy, I'm so eager to listen to your experiences. I've written three books in print so far - one is non-fiction and two are for people 8 to 108 and can be consumed with a cuppa! My specialty is decision-making and I write to help others make better decisions for better lives Whilst I have another short one finished and ready to print, and quite a few more concepts to go, my current exciting passion is a novel that I've started and am absolutely loving it. The passion is out of the box now and can't get shoved back in …

Francine B.

What an enchanting woman and writer!!! Loved this Master Class!!!...So grateful to you Judy Blume. I still remember the DAY my Aunt Annie, my dearset Aunt and Godmother, told me to read Judy Blume books. She has her Masters Degree in education, and has worked with children for her entire career, so I assumed she would make me a brilliant recommendation regarding whom to read, and SHE DID!!!

Natasha R.

Judy Blume, your words of encouragement mean everything. I'm excited to learn more, to grow as a writer and to not be fearful of critics or even myself whenever I'm in doubt. I'm definitely looking forward to your class!

Suzanne S.

I love this Judy Blume class! I felt like she was talking to me. I learned how to write with out fear of critics or the outcome.

Lenore B.

I like the idea of being free, because I am often afraid to say out loud what I actually think in my head, but I do have enough guts to let a character say them.

Andrea C.

I loved "Are you there God, It's me Margaret" and so many others. I love Judy Blume more having heard her say "no one knows what's inside you!"

A fellow student

I'm really hopeful that learning from Judy Blume is going to help me find my creative writing centre again which I seem to have lost

A fellow student

I am excited to begin my first master class and who better than my childhood idol to be teaching it. She is inspiring.

A fellow student

I agree, Angela. It means so much to have a beloved author tell me - even through a computer screen - that I should keep writing!