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Bonus Chapter No. 3: Penn & Teller Live at Rio Las Vegas "Cell Fish"

Penn & Teller

Lesson time 7:13 min

Watch Penn & Teller’s unique take on the “card to impossible location” trick in the form of a disappearing cell phone during their live stage show.

Penn & Teller
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In their first-ever MasterClass, Teller breaks his silence as he and Penn teach their approach to creating moments of wonder and astonishment.
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- Good evening. My name is Penn Jillette and my partner, Teller. We are Penn & Teller. Please take out your cell phones and turn them on, and turn your ringers up full. We want you all loud and connected. We're going to choose one of you as a cell phone, invite you to come up on our stage and video our first trick from an angle that we'll show you how that trick is done. If you want a souvenir feeder to take home on your very own cell phone. Teller's found someone who knows how to use their cell phone. Now, what is your name, our newest friend? - Harrison. - Harrison. Hello, Harrison. My name is Penn. Nice to meet you. Can you see your cell phone right here? Got it all turned on and turned up for me there, Harrison. And is there someone in your party that knows your cell phone number there, Harrison? - Yes. - And who's that? - My girlfriend. - What's her name? - Ellie. - Ellie. Do you have special ringtone for Ellie? - Uh. - Why would you? Just your girlfriend. Ellie, give Harrison a call, would you, please? Want to memorize his ringtone. Got microphones right here. Let's memorize the ringtone that Harrison hears when Ellie or anyone else gives him a call. Very romantic, Harrison. Very romantic. Go on, memorize that right there. And no picture of you either, Ellie, just so you know. Hello, Ellie, how are you? Hello, Ellie? Did you hang up on me? You hung up on me? I didn't say anything inappropriate, I didn't ask what you are wearing. Okay. Maybe you to call twice more. Not right this second. I'll tell you when. We're going to put this in video mode. Have you pimped it out, or is it out of the box? - Hm? - Is it out of the box? I can handle it if it's out of the box. Is that right there, Harrison? Stand right there, Harrison. We'll start rolling, make a video for you right now. I think we're already rolling. [CLEARS THROAT] Good evening. My name is Penn Jillette. This is my partner, Teller. We are Penn & Teller. And the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, is pleased to present Harrison. Yeah, give it up for him. Give it up for him. There's Ellie, who hung up on me. Look at that. They're crazy for Harrison. They love their Harrison. They're wild for Harrison. Look at them. And strike a pose, Harrison strike a pose. Beautiful, Harrison. Harrison, we have video of you, we have video of the audience, you have video of us, but as of yet, no video of you on stage with a famous Las Vegas magician. Going to rectify that right now. If you don't recognize him, why would you? All we're going to do is add a little bit of junk jewelry. And you'll know right away, of course, that is Criss Angel right there. Oh, you know you got a one-up. Look at this guy. Look at this guy. You got the ripped-off anarchy symbol, you got the cross, you got the abs, you got Criss, and you got Harrison, and our wonderful Las Vegas audience . Harrison, I need a shot of you walking right to ...

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I became interested in magic as a child, then fell out of it until I turned 54. It is wonderful to have such terrific online "mentors" who have helped me learn so much in this art. Thank you so very much.

I've learned a lot. Penn and Teller were a bit self righteous though don't you think? Still. Great guys.

wonderfull ! really well put together,very usefull

I've always appreciated magic tricks and good magicians, it hadn't occurred to me how a real magician thinks about his approach to pull off a trick. Just the lesson on the French Drop was a revelation! Thank you, Penn and Teller, for a most informative, and entertaining class!



Great course, would love to see and hear more from these two as they where one of the big reasons I got this MasterClass

A fellow student

Fantastic course. Really enjoyed it. I bookmarked 4 different classes to watch, and this is the only one I finished. Thank you for sharing your passion and hard work with us. Side note: Still hoping for more B*lls**t seasons. Netflex? Amazon videos?

A fellow student


A fellow student

BEst class ever! Great personalitites, the tricks were amazing and the lessons were great, I learned A LOT! How did they do the fish phone trick, that was amazing. I loved that they taught us HOW to do stuff, and broke it down to make it easy, we even got a reading list! Cant wait to see the work book, and I really enjoyed meeting Penn ad Teller. Many thanks, this was MUY WOW.


Most enjoyable and informative. So encouraging to have Penn and Teller encourage one to make a magic show ones own - the humour, style and patter. Keep it simple and communicate - there is a lot of laughter and fun to be had.

Sandra D.

I first saw Penn and Teller in the 80s in New York and was struck by what great comedians they were—not only did they perform incredible tricks, but they were funny. I was also impressed with how much they seemed to like the audience. At intermission, our family went outside and there under the marquee stood Penn, having a cigarette and talking with various members of the audience. Teller, I think, was out there, too. So I wasn’t surprised when, in their class, they talked about having respect for the audience, never insulting anyone, and listening carefully for what worked and what didn’t. I especially liked the talk about cause and effect, how the audience needed a certain closure or the trick wouldn’t work. I liked the three guests who tried out the tricks, Johnny Thompson, the Great Card Trick Man, and the student coaching at the end. I loved Teller’s story of first learning magic from Clarabelle. Above all, I loved the emphasis on trial and error, and not being afraid to go out and try something even if you have no idea how you’re going to do it. You may fall flat on your face, but if you succeed, you succeed BIG. Sandra Dutton

A fellow student

I meant to give the entire Penn & Teller Masterclass a 5 Star rating. I particularly enjoyed the Bonus lessons where they coached, brainstormed, and demonstrated one of their signature acts. Thanks so much to them for continuing their legacy of letting us in just enough to the Art of Magic to help us appreciate it a whole lot more.

A fellow student

Fantastic insights into the performance of magic, clear instructions, and some history. Loved it!

A fellow student

I absolutely adore these guys. They are not only absolute masters of their craft, but they are also incredibly smart, sensitive, and thoughtful people - great humans! They are also natural born instructors. This class has very cool how-to technical skills but doesn't go so deep as to ruin all the high-level tricks. As a fan of their stage performances, I appreciate that. Bravo Penn & Teller and thank you Masterclass. This class alone was worth the price of admission.

Christopher P.

The class was beginner level and I knew that coming in. The bonus lessons were very valuable. I'd love to see a follow-up "intermediate level." The instructors are so articulate and intelligent. It was equally valuable to me to hear their thoughts and insights on the subject as well as their stance of ethics in magic. It was for THIS class that I subscribed to Masterclass.