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Rope Tricks

Rope tricks play with images of destruction and resurrection. Penn & Teller walk you through their version of cut and restored rope tricks.

Topics include: Rope Tricks


Rope tricks play with images of destruction and resurrection. Penn & Teller walk you through their version of cut and restored rope tricks.

Topics include: Rope Tricks

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[MUSIC PLAYING] - Let's learn a little bit about rope tricks. Teller will show you the basics right here. You cut a rope, and then you put it back together. That's all a rope trick really is. Teller's cut a rope, and he's put it back together. But now it's magic. Another basic plot of magic is restoration. Something's destroyed and it comes back. You burn it, you rip it up, you tear it up, you cut it up, you destroy it, and then it's restored. And another prop that's used in magic a lot is rope. Rope is used so much. Teller's going do a little cut and restored rope for you here. - We'll take the middle of the rope, and we're going to cut that with a pair of scissors like this. That leaves us with 2 pieces. Let's tie them together. Tie them together. A knot would be better down here, don't you think? Or maybe down here. Or maybe gone altogether. OK, let's all learn this. You might want to stand up. Start with the two ends of the rope in your two hands. Put both of them in your left hand. Clip them under your thumb. Good. Grab the middle of the rope with your palm up. Take two fingers like this, and as you raise your hand, grab this piece of rope and pull it up instead of the middle, hiding this folded joint. Now use your scissors to cut the rope. Take one of the ropes that is intact and drop it on the right, one on the left, and hide that joint. Hide the joint so people think they're looking at two pieces of rope. And the rest is very simple. You just take those two ends and tie them in a double knot around each other. And that looks enough like a regular double knot. And once it's there, hold the rope so that you can see the position of that. And you can move it down, and people will laugh a little bit. Move it down a little more, and people will laugh a little more. Finally, throw the knot away and display the rope as intact. Now, if you want to get really fancy like I sometimes do-- I know this is not polite-- but you can do this. And you can do this. Tie a knot like that. Nope. Would you hold-- just take the end of the knot, please? - This one? - Just the end of the knot. Yeah, I'll see you later. - Oh. [LAUGHS] - But that's fancy. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

As a performing magician,, I have come to respect Penn and Teller is great. They teach from years of doing it themselves. 5 stars.

Great insight on many aspects of magic, deception and creativity! Enjoyed every second.

I love Penn and Teller, so watching them and learning from them was a treat .I'm also a writer and a lot of what they saw can be applied to storytelling and any art form.

Many information, great teaching style (with good cinematography) and also very entertaining to watch. (Please get Roger Deakins on next)



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Rich C.

Fun stuff. Tip: Get "magician's rope" at your local magic store or online. Tug the center strand out (discard it) and the rope becomes very pliable and easy to manipulate (while appearing, and being, completely ordinary).

andrew P.

Also get very good scissors for this trick. Scissors from a fabric store.