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Mentalist or Crook?

Mentalism is a genre of magic that exists across a spectrum of morality. Learn how Penn & Teller use mentalism to perform a “mind-reading” trick for entertainment purposes only.

Topics include: Mentalist or Crook?


Mentalism is a genre of magic that exists across a spectrum of morality. Learn how Penn & Teller use mentalism to perform a “mind-reading” trick for entertainment purposes only.

Topics include: Mentalist or Crook?

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[MUSIC PLAYING] - We're going to talk about a kind of magic that we hate. We do versions of it. We do it very carefully. It's a kind of magic that can be used immorally and is mostly used immorally. It's a way to get information-- it's called mentalism-- it's a way to get information that someone else is thinking. Now, one way to use this immorally is to claim to have ESP or psychic powers. That's immoral because we have no evidence those exists. So it distorts reality for people, and that's very, very bad. But there's a worse way to use it. And that's it's used to exploit grief. Say that I've never met Teller ever, but I've gone to him because I'm full of grief. And he tells me he has to get a touch with my dead mother. Now, I know this is so distasteful, but people really do it. And he gives me a piece of paper with a circle on it and tells me there's no way he could possibly know me. He's never met me. He doesn't know me, but maybe he can get in touch with my mother if I write down her name within this circle. The circle of love. The circle of life. Any sort of jive you want to make up. He's got his back turned, and I write down my mom's name. Now, I'm going to say that my mom's name is Mary. It's not Mary, but I'm not going to exploit my dead mother even for you. So I write down "Mary." Now, he hasn't seen that piece of paper. He has no idea. Then he tells me to fold it up like this. There's no way he could know what's on that piece of paper. And then I give it to him. Now, remember, in this situation, it's not just a stupid little magic trick. He has said he's going to figure out my dead mother's name. So he takes this and he rips it up. Now watch. He knows where the circle is. He knows how it's folded. So all he's got to do is just hold back the center piece of information-- right there. That's where Mary's written. He holds that in his hand sneakily and then puts this here and proves to the world that he couldn't possibly ever get those pieces of that information because he's going to burn the pieces of paper. Now, this would be all done very, very solemn, and very-- like a religious ritual, and all burning, and then the smoke going up to my dead mother and all this jive. But the fact of the matter is he's caught the name. He's got it in his hands. Then he turns his back, does whatever concentration he wants, and sees that the name of my mom is Mary. And then he uses that information to steal money from me, to destroy the memory of my mother, and to pretend to console me. Now, if you're going to do a trick like this, you're going to do mentalism, be moral about it. And here's how you'd be moral. One, you cannot tell people that there's ESP when we have no evidence for that so far. Two, you can't exploit grief. And don't lie to yourself and say, well, I'm comforting them. I'm making them feel better. That is not a way out. It's wrong. And also, you can't use double speak. Now, this is what a lot of mentalists do....

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Had fun! Have the ability to quickly PAUSE the lessons between each lesson.

Watching Penn&Teller makes me very happy, I love them, Their ideas are very important, valuable & beautiful, new generations must learn from them~

As a performing magician,, I have come to respect Penn and Teller is great. They teach from years of doing it themselves. 5 stars.

Very good but could have used more magic content


A fellow student

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Brett G.

I cannot express how much respect I have for Penn and Teller after watching this video of theirs. They are spot on. I only wish they knew just how powerful the spiritual forces actually are that continue to lure poor folks to such so-called mediums, palm-readers and soothsayers. The only thing missing from Penn's heartfelt warning is what has been already known for centuries, in what is clearly a warning from Exodus 22:18 - "You will not suffer a witch to live". I know Penn will hate me for this, but why would God care enough to add this little warning into the 2nd book of of the Bible, unless He meant it as a warning? Like God, Penn cannot help but speak the Truth.

Alexander P.

It could be just simple mindreading trick =) Instead of mom name you can ask to write animal