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Outlining: Surprise Endings and Cliffhangers

R.L. Stine

Lesson time 10:45 min

Surprise endings and cliffhangers are tried and true methods to get kids to read—and keep them reading. Learn the value of figuring out your ending first and how to write a compelling cliffhanger.

R.L. Stine
Teaches Writing for Young Audiences
The Goosebumps author teaches you how to generate ideas, outline a plot, and hook young readers from the first page.


Once I have the scenes in my head and I'm ready to start my outline, I try to figure out the ending. I always try to get the ending first, if I can. Sometimes you can't do it, but this is just a trick. If you have the ending, I know but the big surprise at the end, the big finish, I know what's going to happen. Then when I go back and start writing my outline, I can make sure that I keep the reader from guessing the ending. I know what the ending is, and I can keep them away from it. I can deliberately move them in a different direction, move them in this direction, then move them in that direction, and so that the ending is of huge surprise. And it's just easier to write it if I know what the ending is, then it's easier to go back from the very beginning and fool them. It's just-- it's a trick. That's all it is. [MUSIC PLAYING] Kids will not accept an unhappy ending to these kinds of horror novels. I once, just for fun, I wrote a "Fear Street" book, and I had a-- I put an unhappy ending on it. And in the very end, the good girl is taken away as a murderer. And the girl who committed the murder gets off scot-free, and she's fine. I just did it for fun. I just-- I have never done it before-- to see what happened. The kids turned on me immediately. It was a huge mistake. And I started getting letters right away-- "Dear R.L. Stine, you moron." "Dear R.L. Stine, how could you do that? You idiot." "Are you going to write a sequel to finish the story?" They could not accept an unhappy ending. And I would go to schools-- I visit schools-- and every time, someone would raise their hand and say, are you going to finish that book? Why did you write that? Why did you do that? Everywhere I went, it haunted me. And I actually had to write a sequel to put a happy ending on it. The readers of "Fear Street" and "Goosebumps" like a happy ending, because they've been through all this trouble. They've been through all these monsters and horrible things, and they've been chased and they've had all these creepy, terrible adventures and they want relief from it. They want to-- and, you know, my books are-- they're like a roller coaster ride, really. And kids who like coasters, they like these books because they know, like a roller coaster, kids know what to expect when they read a "Goosebumps" book. They know they're going to get on, it's going to be a very fast ride. There's going to be a lot of turns, a lot of twists, a lot of turning around, and a lot of screaming. And then it's going to let them off OK. And I think, like a roller coaster, that's what they want in these books. What I try to do is I give it a good happy ending-- every book has to have a happy ending. And then I throw in, like, a little twist at the end, just something that's a little odd. The one that comes to mind right now is from "Say Out of the Basement", the very second "Goosebumps" book. And it's a book about these two kids ar...

Take the fear out of writing

Award-winning novelist R.L. Stine wrote jokes and funny stories for 20 years before he switched gears and became a horror-writing legend. Since then, the author of the Goosebumps and Fear Street series has sold more than 400 million copies. In his first-ever online writing class, Bob takes the fear out of crafting fiction. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll learn new ways to conquer writer’s block, develop plots, and build nail-biting suspense that will thrill young readers.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

My writing process is very different from Stine's but his tips and knowledge are so incredibly useful for all writers. I loved this class!!!

Stein is so funny and human and approachable and inspiring! I loved everything about his gracious sharing of tip, tricks, and tools that can help me become a Master Story Writer too!

This was a great class! After taking the James Patterson Master Class this is an excellent add on! Loved the class!

I really liked Stine's approach. Just have fun, is not difficult, is not an artistic work, is just an occupation that you enjoy.


Andrew P.

Love the little "twist" at the end that he comes up with. This leaves the reader knowing the story goes on and the character's lives go on; they (or at least I) would be thinking about the story and wondering what happens to them next.

Julio H.

I like that he makes the ideas and concepts clear and simple. I see the importance of a cliffhanger. It makes total sense to keep the reader anxious or in suspense.

Liz C.

I like the honesty about having a journal. Just write the book. Yes, I have a journal. His ideas are helping me to take an idea - one at a time - to write a book. Thanks for your time. It's exciting to hear your process Mr. R.L. Stein.

Pete C.

I absolutely agree that it is crucial to leave readers wanting more at the end of every chapter. I do think it's easier to do in 'scary' books. I write historical fiction, and I still try to find some way to give the reader a desire to keep going in the book, but it is one of the most difficult parts of writing. I appreciated his honesty when he said it's become harder over time because he wants it to be fresh. That's one sign of a good writer.

Shikha P.

I wish he'd mention Fear Street more often. Fear Street was what got me hooked. I like Goosebumps, but Fear Street is the best for me. I don't agree with his thing on characters. It helps me to hear what my characters want to a degree.

Amber T.

I signed up for the Master series so I could get (hard to find) instruction on pastry making and found that R.L. Stein is my favorite. It seems I have been writing chapters all my life! I have papers with chapters written on them of some future story I wanted to write that go way back. Thank you for your time and inspiration. My children and I have loved the Goosebump series through the years. I can't wait to go through the workbook.

Anna G.

I liked because it helped me become a better writer I think Rl Stine is a wonderful writer his plot twists are detinct.

Diego P.

I think R.L.Stine is so wise and yet so humble about it. I'm happy I chose this class.


It's obviously a formula that works. TV programs use this format as well. That's how they create binge watchers.

A fellow student

I am so amazed by R.L.Stine's class, his ideas, and his stories. I put 20 of his books on hold at my library. I write PBs, but we can use his ideas for pacing, page-turner, adding suspense and humor. I can't wait to take a day to read his books and get really inspired. Just from hearing his ideas, I got inspired and wrote many new ideas on my notebook ideas. He says he does not use notebook ideas, but for Picture Book writers that can be a treasure.