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Now that Bob has covered his tips and tricks, he challenges you to start writing and have fun!

Topics include: Conclusion


Now that Bob has covered his tips and tricks, he challenges you to start writing and have fun!

Topics include: Conclusion

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Well, I think I've shared all my secrets with you. It's over 40 years of writing for kids, and I think I've pretty much told you everything I know. I think you've gotten it all. And I what I tried to do for you is to break it down into little pieces, break it down into short lessons, short tricks, just short ideas, so that you would be able to get one after the other, and then put them all together. And I hope that's what I've achieved. I hope you've enjoyed this Masterclass, and I hope you've learned a lot from it. And I hope you feel that you're ready to write. I hope you remember a lot about what we said, about knowing your audience, and choosing your audience, and getting started, what we said about outlining, and mainly, what we talked about for getting ideas, finding ideas wherever we can, and the other big issue of avoiding writer's block. I hope you remember all that. And I hope that was really useful to you. And I do hope that you're encouraged, now that you've finished the course, to sit down and write, and try something, try some of the things we did. I've put exercises in your workbook. I put in all kinds of clues. I've given you 20 story ideas to try out. Try them. I hope you will sit down, write a story, write-- start a novel, see how you do. And mainly, just have fun with it. Enjoy it. Have a good time writing. [MAGICAL MUSIC]

Take the fear out of writing

Award-winning novelist R.L. Stine wrote jokes and funny stories for 20 years before he switched gears and became a horror-writing legend. Since then, the author of the Goosebumps and Fear Street series has sold more than 400 million copies. In his first-ever online writing class, Bob takes the fear out of crafting fiction. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll learn new ways to conquer writer’s block, develop plots, and build nail-biting suspense that will thrill young readers.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Thanks to Mr. Stine's class I have a complete outline for a new middle grade novel. I've never outlined an entire book prior to writing it, so this will be a fun experiment. Wonderful class!

The most important thing I learned was slow it down and let the reader feel every moment. To build the suspense and thus the fear factor.

Loved every minute of this class! As a writer, I identified completely with R.L Stine. He is charming, smart, fun, and an inspiring teacher!

I learned to improve on all factors of writing mainly, developing ideas, hooking the reader with detail, writing alternate outlines and endings, having different audiences for your books and writing itself. I loved how R.L. Stine teached the lessons and how he used perspective and experience. R.L. Stine is inspiring and he has helped me grow as a writer.


Bob Z.

What a writer! What a teacher! Bob really did tell us his secrets about writing. Including some embarrassing anecdotes. I had no idea he was so funny. And self-effacing. I felt like we were in a coffee shop on Bleecker Street and he was giving me pure gold. Right now, the moment after I push POST, I'm going to start working with a crazy title and making an outline for my next children's book. Mr. Stine, if you read this, THANK YOU! You've helped make me a better writer.

Margaret M.

Fantastic class! I enjoyed it, learned a ton, and got inspired to write. Thanks, Bob! (& if you want ten-finger typing lessons, I'm here for you!)

Joe B.

I dont know how often you read these comments but I really enjoyed this class and all the information that you provided. I particularly like your sense of humor as it's very much like my own. I cracked up with the the joke about calling your book series Channel 11. I hope i'm able to implement that kind of humor into my writing. Thanks for your time on supplying a class on here for us to take.

A fellow student

Simply outstanding. This masterclass is packed with useful and pragmatic advice to write any fiction, although it offers specific approaches if you're writing for young audiences. Bob's classes provide you with specific tools and techniques to cover all aspects of writing, from outlining a plot and creating characters and antagonists to building suspense and tension in the narration to hooking the reader and keeping him going through the grand finale. All brightened by Bob's fine sense of humor. Top.

Shayne O.

Thanks, Bob most enjoyable and informative. Yes, the short blocks were great.

Fülöp B.

Ok, this was great. Mostly I was just having fun binge watching the lessons, so I'm pretty sure that I could have done it in a more productive way. Did I get what I came here for? DEFINITELY. I wanted someone to talk about writing and their experiences with writing, share some tips and tricks and generally motivate me, and I got a lot of that. I especially liked that it was coming from such a productive writer. Do I now know more about writing than I did before? Idk, probably. But I just kind of want to dig up all of my old children's books and go through them analytically, also go and sit in the library and burn through their children's books collection, which I did not want to do before. So yeah, this was great. Thank you so much for your work, Mr. Stine. Both this class and your books, because yeah, Fear Street. <3

Dafne O.

A truly amazing teacher, humble and funny (while keeping a straight face), telling us what it seems to be many useful tricks and tips. Thank you so much, R.L. Stine, for sharing all these stories with us.

A fellow student

Thank you so much, R.L. Stine! I learned a lot from you. Now I know what it takes to write a story people can really enjoy. You're an amazing teacher!

Angela K.

Remarkable class! Thank you so much for sharing your time and your knowledge with us.

Carlene G.

Thank you so much! I've very encouraged to continue working on my writing. You made me laugh out loud a lot. When I'd laugh my kids would run in, what did he say!! They loved hearing what you had to say. Thank you.