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Find a Story You Love

Ron Howard

Lesson time 2:17 min

In his final lesson, Ron urges you to be open to the moments and experiences that inspire you, and to find a story that you love and tell it.

Ron Howard
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When you tune your antenna to the language of cinema, to moments, to feelings, you begin to experience the world in ways that inspire you. I even keep a notebook of odd moments that I've witnessed, that I've experienced, and I should do more of that. But if you begin to make films and think of those kinds of moments, you'll begin to see the world in a different way and a kind of an exciting way. So it sounds a little weird what I'm saying, but in reality it's kind of fun to be on the street, not working, and all of a sudden look and see somebody in a window, and they're talking to a friend, and they're talking about buying a toy, or a game, or a drink, or something like that. And you kind of say, wow, that's funny. Look at them. They're very entertaining. Look at that energy. Boy, if you shot them right through the window just from my vantage point, but maybe on a little longer lens so that you could pick up more details-- maybe about, oh, probably a 250 millimeter lens from here is what we'd need-- that would be a great shot. I hope I get to do a shot like that someday. It's fun. [MUSIC PLAYING] So that brings to an end my master class. I've found it fascinating sharing my process with you, and I've learned a few things. I hope you can say the same. But more importantly, I hope that this gives you the confidence to go out, find a story you love, and tell it. Have fun. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Direct your story

Ron Howard made his first film in 15 days with $300,000. Today, his movies have grossed over $1.8 billion. In his first-ever online directing class, the Oscar-winning director of Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind decodes his craft like never before. In lessons and on-set workshops, you’ll learn how to evaluate ideas, work with actors, block scenes, and bring your vision to the screen whether it’s a laptop or an IMAX theater.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I learned a lot about the movie making process from beginning to end and picked up a lot of helpful tidbits that I know will come in handy while I'm directing in the future.

The important improve i've got with this masterclass is the sensibilitity of Ron Roward about the process of filmmaking. The little detais and perceptions that adds energy and spirit to a film.

Get to know techniques but follow your creativity. Have good work ethics. Find the choices that work for you.

I am an actor and this was an incredible class to watch and learn from. I've had to learn how to work on camera on the fly, so it was so lovely to be able to slow things down and see how the director is thinking when setting up shots and casting for roles for that matter.


A fellow student

The lessons were very detailed and expressive, the practical demonstration of the scenes from Nixon/Frost was really helpful. Rod Howard's mode of teaching is simply excellent. Thank you.

George B.

Mr. Howard's down to earth communication style is very engaging and oddly encouraging to me. I feel like my project IS possible. I hope that's a good thing.


I put up a video on IMDB that was inspired by this course. I did the sountrack first--then laid appropriate high quality Shutterstock video and changed into a scary Halloween sort of film. By changing the frame of reference I realized that I AM the Editor! I think it works, because I'm very near the original material, having played all the instruments, doing the arrangement, having the original concept and selecting the "Takes". Thanks Ron! This video is called "Her Eyes", and can be found on IMDB and IMDB PRO if one looks for Henry J Raymond.

Avanish P.

the sessions with actors and the camera on the sets were really helpful, in understanding various aspects to be taken care while shooting, overall the all the classes were very inspiring, and motivating, and helps as guideline for us to implement in the project we are working on.

Cindy V.

The insight provided through the lessons on staging and particularly shooting for an indie film were extremely helpful. I've always appreciated Ron Howard's artistic vision. This masterclass has motivated me to tell the story that won't let me rest. After a decades long break, the industry has changed regarding technological advances, but filmmaking is still all about the story and bringing your unique vision to the screen. Thank you Mr. Howard.


I am further inspired to tell the stories I love, the stories that keep me up at night and pester me to be told!


I really appreciated the insights and creative blessing that this class added to my life...a friend & I have begun collaborating on a two man , 5 act play, and we are having a fun creative collaborative time...rough draft finished and we are thinking about where & when we will do the opening...thanks for the uplift Ron...ahhhhh Mr. Howard....StanleydelGozo

Allan H.

So dense with information and insight I think I'll have to go through it again to catch it all! thanks.

Julio J. I.

Really appreciate this class. Was very inspiring! I've become a better Director because of it. Thanks Ron!

Omri D.

This was a wonderful class, the scene direction made it so helpful and insightful. Thank you.