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Find a Story You Love

Ron Howard

Lesson time 02:11 min

In his final lesson, Ron urges you to be open to the moments and experiences that inspire you, and to find a story that you love and tell it.

Ron Howard
Teaches Directing
Ron Howard teaches directing, editing, and storytelling in his exclusive video lessons.


When you tune your antenna to the language of cinema, to moments, to feelings, you begin to experience the world in ways that inspire you. I even keep a notebook of odd moments that I've witnessed, that I've experienced, and I should do more of that. But if you begin to make films and think of those kinds of moments, you'll begin to see the world in a different way and a kind of an exciting way. So it sounds a little weird what I'm saying, but in reality it's kind of fun to be on the street, not working, and all of a sudden look and see somebody in a window, and they're talking to a friend, and they're talking about buying a toy, or a game, or a drink, or something like that. And you kind of say, wow, that's funny. Look at them. They're very entertaining. Look at that energy. Boy, if you shot them right through the window just from my vantage point, but maybe on a little longer lens so that you could pick up more details-- maybe about, oh, probably a 250 millimeter lens from here is what we'd need-- that would be a great shot. I hope I get to do a shot like that someday. It's fun. [MUSIC PLAYING] So that brings to an end my master class. I've found it fascinating sharing my process with you, and I've learned a few things. I hope you can say the same. But more importantly, I hope that this gives you the confidence to go out, find a story you love, and tell it. Have fun. [MUSIC PLAYING]

About the Instructor

Ron Howard made his first film in 15 days with $300,000. Today, his movies have grossed over $1.8 billion. In his first-ever online directing class, the Oscar-winning director of Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind decodes his craft like never before. In lessons and on-set workshops, you’ll learn how to evaluate ideas, work with actors, block scenes, and bring your vision to the screen whether it’s a laptop or an IMAX theater.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Value of teamwork - respect for all departments. How to communicate effectively. Keeping a deep sense of wonder.

Great class. Really enjoyed it. Love watching her on direct the Frost Nixon scone.

Excellent class! Best of all Directing and Film Making Master Classes. Thanks Ron! I Admire you and your way of teaching/sharing. Excellent!

This was a great class, specially the Frost/Nixon Staging lessons. Ron Howard really stepped up in those lessons.


Rafael J.

Loved it. In ymcase, I´m directing for animation so the many takes of the same shot isn´t so easy for us :) But still, all the information about the script, dialogues, production design, editing, and so many good ideas, will help me a lot dutring my next project and from then on. I wonder, in the trailer for the class we see Ron with some stpryboards, but I never saw that in the actual class. Did anyone see it in some chapter?


Ron is a fantastic and passionate communicator. In particular, his hands on demonstration of working with actors and staging scenes is worth its weight in gold. Probably the most useful and interesting directing class anyone can ask for.


I really liked this lesson! Ron is so personable and down to earth- on top of brilliant and passionate. As a cartoon maker, I really enjoyed the lessons of "live" directing. Maybe I don't need to know about things like lenses- but the variation of wide shots, over the shoulder, and perspective really resonate! Thank you, Ron!

Diana M.

This is my 2nd time watching Ron Howard's masterclass. Brilliant again. He is so darn likeable and brilliant at his craft -- a WORTHY master for this series. I am not a film maker but I find myself applying his processes involved in film making to the stories of my life, my projects -- what inspires me and how to tell it better, with more heart and more effective life skills for navigating the inevitable awkward spots. Ron delivers so much content it's hard to capture it all in one sitting, thus the 2nd go-round, and possible a 3rd. WORTH IT.

Kristopher S.

All I can say is this course it worth the attendance! I watched A Beautiful Mind last night after all of these years with a better sense of Ron's decisions that ended up as the movie. I think its neat to know more about directors before going into their films... that's just me.

Joe O.

Truly captivating and extremely informative. Great to have an insight into Ron's approach, especially when he was staging his scenes with the actors and witness his process, his enthusiasm and learn from his experience and knowledge. His presentation was very articulate, inspiring, creatively provoking and of course, educational. Definitely learned a lot that I can add to my "filmmaking toolbox." Thank you, Ron!

Nicholas E.

LOVED IT! However, I'd really like to see the lessons where he works with actors... this happened in Sorkin's Masterclass as well (the writer's room was taken out). Seems even more valuable than just listening to someone talk and I'm sure many would agree. Putting the lessons taught to use would be great to watch. Thanks!

Vernon C.

Thank You for the info, as an actor I am always peering behind the scene to see how things work. This was a great class by one of the best in the business...


i truly appreciated the years of cinematic knowledge that Ron Howard humbly shared. His articulation of film making process coupled with his straight forward talk of the craft and non stop energy was very helpful and inspiring.

Robert H.

Taking this class was a long time dream for me. Like I said before, I have a completed screenplay. It is based on my first novel entitled 'Subtle Possession'. I am very proud of it and will make it into a film. Ron Howard is an awesome actor and director. He gave me the confidence I needed to continue on with my dream. God willing you will see this film in the near future.