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How to Persevere

Tim believes resilience and dedication are critical for success. As he concludes his MasterClass, he reveals what drives him and how you can keep focused on your inspiration and goals.

Topics include: Connect With One Person • Don't Get Distracted • Stay Focused on Your Craft • Keep Your Love for Music Alive


Tim believes resilience and dedication are critical for success. As he concludes his MasterClass, he reveals what drives him and how you can keep focused on your inspiration and goals.

Topics include: Connect With One Person • Don't Get Distracted • Stay Focused on Your Craft • Keep Your Love for Music Alive


Teaches Producing and Beatmaking

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How do you get heard? How do you get known? Ambition, persistence, hard work, dedication, never giving up, that's how you get known. Always sticking to it. If it's good, it'll manifest itself. If it's not, hey, you gave it your all. I can't tell everybody this, say, I'm going to be a music producer, you're going to be a music producer. That's not going to happen. It's all about your perseverance, your strive to be better than what you are yesterday, always trying to be a better you, always trying to better yourself, always trying to figure out what you're doing wrong, taking criticism, you know, what you don't-- like, there's going to be hard days when, you know, you want to give up. I still had those days, you know? But you can't give up because it's what you love. [MUSIC PLAYING] My first success was, I think, "If Your Girl Only Knew," Aaliyah. And I just wanted my music to be heard. I don't know what it took to get there. I was a young kid that was, like, I just wanted my music to be heard. And I was so blessed that Aaliyah loved my sound, loved me and Missy, what we was doing. And when they called and told us, I remember Berry, her manager, her record label, said, congratulations. You got your first number one. I'm like, what? You know? You smiling, but it's still-- I don't know nothing about the business. I don't know it was-- wow, people liked my music. Yes. That's all I wanted. You know, saying have some money to help my mom or help my dad, you know? But this lease, but that wasn't the drive. It was the drive to make the people say, wow. You know, it really wasn't a drive. It was I wanted people to hear my music, you know? Then, as they heard it, this would kind of like made me be like, wait a minute. A girl said to me, you got the dope beats, out of nowhere, in a mall. You know? Random. OK. It's Jay-Z on it. That's Jay-Z. She looked past Jay-Z to tell me my beats were dope. So that means my music has touched her, along with Jay and whoever artist was on the music. But she identified my music, my template. Moving that one particular person was more than money or number one on the charts because I was moved doing it, and I know I wanted people to be moved. And when she was-- when she told me that, it's-- I knew there was millions of other people out there that might feel the same way. But I needed that one voice. So that was a moment that said, thank you, God, for the gift. [MUSIC PLAYING] To be honest with you, I'm a type of guy, you know, at one point, I didn't spend nothing, which I'm like that now. Like, I don't spend nothing. I just want to spend it on music stuff, music equipment, new stuff, new ideas. And, you know, you got to be careful because once the fame come, you want to try things. And it's nothing you can do because it going to hit you in a different form. I'm telling you how it hit me. You know, you get hot. You start feeling yourself. So now you neglect what got you hot, and that's mu...

Find your beat

Grammy-winning music producer Timbaland takes you behind the boards to teach you his process for creating iconic tracks with artists like Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, and Aaliyah. In his first-ever online class, learn how to collaborate with vocalists, layer new tracks, and create hooks that stick. Step into Timbaland’s studio and learn from one of the industry’s most innovative hit makers.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Fantastic! I’m a producer and beat maker and was able to learn a lot about Tim’s process. I appreciate his transparency! Wish it was longer!

WOw So grateful you guys choose Timbaland to teach. I've took a break from music business for a while because I've been working on building residual income in other businesses to then go back to it. And now with this Class It really just gave me the knowledge inspiration and Gasoline to launch my productions to a whole new level light years away. Thank you again.. the Love of music never dies.

dope..... he's giving a standard colaab, mumbles, and arranging at once in this one

TIMBALAND gave great insight into music producing and the industry itself. His style, approach, and instruction was second to none and totally inspiring.


A fellow student

I love this class, Timbo is one of my all-time favorites and watching his process was such a gift. I have learned not to over complicate the process and to find the flow. I used to feel so stuck because of not knowing how to play an instrument but this made me realize that there are other ways and tools to use to get the music that I have in me out.

Steven G.

Love your class because my dad stop me at a young to not go in to music. I was lost must my life trying to do job that didn't work for me. But when it can to music Was in the closet. I was not learning to play a Instrument all these year but I need a way to do the music that trickles in my head. You class has spoke to me. I'm clear. Thank you sir.

Chelle A.

I’d love for you all to check out my YOUTUBE !! new beat maker 🥰


Thank you Tim (if you read the comments). You've been a childhood idol of mine since "Pony". Started perusing music because of you, Gin, and Missy. I actually I met you once in the studio a few years ago. You bought my children's book "No Monster No" for your daughter. Anyway, thanks for being an influence. Appreciated man.

A fellow student

I love Tim's perspective and really enjoyed watching him create. He's confirmed a few principles I always knew (developing ideas, letting the music lead the way, etc.) and taught me about trusting instinct and following ideas down the instant they form. Excellent instruction from a true master.


I really learned a lot. This class was worth more than $90 but that is just my opinion . Tim and his team showed me a process that I used today to create my first track that had a lot of (feeling)... something I felt proud and wanted to keep on development. This was by far the best program I bought. Finally, Tim mentioned getting conformation when your doing something right and been in this class was exactly that. I am humbled by this because I know I had it in me to make create music but I was lacking the right approach. thanks a million. Thank You MasterClass!!!!!!!

Micheal D.

This class brought me back to what I love. The last class could easily have been the first to kick it off. Tim gave his soul to us about the spirit of being creative and having fun doing it.

A fellow student

Please please please do another Timbaland class. Maybe this isn’t your “format” but this was so inspiring we need another one!

Renaldo W.

Hello Class, I am a life long Musician and to hear one of my childhood influencers teach and speak to me about something that I love is a great privilege. This class has given me drive, inspiration and motivation to persevere to be great at Producing.

Jonathan M.

As a dance-pop singer/songwriter and producer -this class was everything I needed and more. God I can't wait to hop into the studio later today. <3 Thank you for this.