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Studio Session: Making a Beatbox Beat


Lesson time 27:56 min

Step into the studio to see improvisation and creative feedback at work. Tim teaches you how to build a song around a beatbox, starting with the loop he created in the first lesson and adding harmony, melody, and texture.

Teaches Producing and Beatmaking
Step inside the production studio with Timbaland. In his first-ever online class, Tim teaches his process for creating infectious beats and making sonic magic.
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So, what we gonna do now-- the beat that I made early with my mouth is gonna expand on that. [MUSIC PLAYING] TIMBALAND: (SINGING) She got the . She got me now. She got me standing on my head. - Let's play the loop. [MUSIC PLAYING] - Oh, I gotta sync it. - I got you. One, two, three-- am I on? Quit. I like that. Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh. That's like a dope pad, but it needs some chords that go with it-- not long chords. Like Something that move, not this straight. Like something ill. Something different to that. A different sounds. That's cool. What I did is just add on what is there. I'm just adding, just filling in the space in. Just filling in what's already-- I did my mouth with-- digital, with my drum kits. And just trying to fill in the space and make it-- keep the essence of the beat box there, but just not over cluttering it. Just making just special. MAN: That's what I like about starting tracks with you that start with your voice. 'Cause it's a pretty cool concept 'cause you have sound-- these sounds, we could switch the chords, easily. TIMBALAND: Yeah, easily. - You know? It's not like there's sounds that are married to a specific-- There's a key in there, but they're not married a specific set of chords. And that's what's cool with taking something with Tim's voice. MAN: Yeah. And then we could take my voice out and see what is there, you know? - Yeah, just did, you know? [INTERPOSING VOICES] - Yeah, exactly, and just keep the beat box. Or we keep those melodies, and then-- TIMBALAND: And reverse it. MAN: Yeah. So this bass part is a Massive patch, and then I put it through the famous Kickstart sidechain effect. I rolled off a little bit of the bass, and I just played-- [TONES PLAYING] It's just a solid preset for Massive. Very great synthesizer. And all I did was put the sidechain on it. It kind of grew with what Tim was doing with the beatbox in the group. [TONES PLAYING] Yeah, so it's just a little bit of texture with the vocal sample. We're not necessarily committed to it, but it's just a nice little texture that inspired me right off the bat, and we added it. For this one, I used the plugin called Tantra, and I have this preset that we call the Ranch Sauce. And I also filter the low end on it. And then on the other one, it's an ethnic sample. And I put it through what I call the "40 Sauce." Basically, I'm de-sampling, and it's almost as if I'm filtering the top end of the sample. And then I'm running it through an EQ and then also Kickstart. And that's just texture. So it's not a lot. Like, this one-- sometimes, you'll run through samples and they happen to be in the key, and there isn't really a lot you could do. And they work out fine, and you want to use them as textures. So this would be one of them. [TONES PLAYING] That's the original, and then-- [TONES PLAYING] So the sidechain is pump...

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little understanding about music, i did not like how when i pause to take notes on screen "The Workbook" "Review your workbook" "Download Lesson PDF" is in front/middle of screen, plz fix

Tim's dialogue with the camera was being in the room with them. An open heart and real practical. Great see the work flow unfolding in real time. Go Team Tim!!

Very inspirational! Check my music, google “lwnhrz”

Crazy inspirational, some of that stuff I always thought about doing them though "nah, that wouldn’t work" and then, bang, he’s doing it! fanastic!



This is what I was hoping so many other masterclasses had. I want to see them do their thing behind the scenes! Excellent.


Layer some female vocals with the rip~ You know I love you You just can't do that You know I want you Don't put me through that ; ) LOVE this!!! Jamming with you in the South of France while pan frying up some sweet potatoes xo


This is awesome! I wish the lesson had highlights of every section like Deadmou5 or Armin Van Buuren's class.


MAN! I can't believe I can actually learn the music creating process from the man whom inspired me to make music in the first place. I can't wait to put everything I'm going to learn to work.

A fellow student

great creator but when he's rapping it sounds a little to auto-tuned and the vocals are too auto-tuned

Richard T.

that's the way to make music, shout "I want some chords", then someone lese does it

A fellow student

Wow, absolutely awesome. I love Tim’s energy and openness about who he is and what he does. I’m hooked on this already! Can’t wait for the next one.

Dale W.

To a tech dinosaur like myself it all seems a bit overwhelming with all the options and techn iques for putting the sound together. Here's what I got: "Hi!I'm GOD!!" was the Joke/ I made after killer Dartmouth toke/ Of some primo Ivy League smoke/Which apparently caused me to croak/ Because in mental hospital I awoke/With roomie Gabriel the main bloke/ Who did my delusions angelically stroke/ While Doctor claimed my brain broke/ The moment divine gag I spoke/Claiming I was only Big Quack/Which clinicians diagnosed as psychotic attack/Preventing me from getting sanity back/ Until I came to Teaneck-Hackensack/To pursue resident therapy Program track/And deal with my evident lack/ Of reason among psychiatric patient pack/Who never gave me any slack/--Under interrogation the story didn't crack. (Copyright @ DEWalsh 2002) Any suggestions as to how to turn these into lyrics?


The coolest thing about Tim is all the damn JOY he finds in the music and brings to the music. It's INFECTIOUS. Magnificent teacher!

Justin S.

So much love for Timbo in this lesson - he's totally jamming from the heart.