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Song Origins: “Dirt Off Your Shoulder”


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Tim recalls how he built the backing track for Jay-Z’s hit “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” and explains how to create a complex texture from simple elements.

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- You play-- play me something. I know where I'm going. - Huh? - Play me something. - How about we do something? - Oh, man. Why we go through this every freaking time? - Yeah. I mean, what? [MUSIC PLAYING] JAY-Z: Now tuned into the mothafuckin' greatest. - Jay-Z was doing "Fade to Black" with "Dirt off your Shoulders." If you saw "Fade to Black," the storyline is there. I had a bunch of beats made, and I played the beats. But when it got to "Dirt off your Shoulders"-- even the beat I played before, I knew was dope. But I felt that dirt off your shoulders was-- the first one was special. But there was just something about it. I don't know what it was, but it was a feeling. And I know when I did it, it had a certain feeling. So when I played it, that's why I reacted that way. Because the feeling was so contagious that it passed over to him, you know? So let's play it. [MUSIC - JAY-Z, "DIRT OFF YOUR SHOULDERS"] JAY-Z: Now tuned into the mothafuckin' greatest. - You hear that? It's just the sonics of the drum. See, watch this. You know why? It was the feel-- stop, stop. His ad libs at that moment was the feeling. All you feeling is the excitement. You now tuned into-- that's what this track made him do. And Jay-Z is one of the best poets that I know. I call him a poet. He's not a rapper. He's a poet. He doesn't write anything down. The beat made him feel that way. "Dirt off your Shoulders"-- don't ask me how he came up with that title. That's Jay-Z. But I know the beat made him say, "You're now tuned in"-- you know what I'm saying? All the ad libs, that was all the feeling. So let's play the beat. Play it again. Pause. All it is is two, three sounds. That's it. It was a tape strings, and I had got a tape strings sound from Japan. I forgot where I got it from-- some part of Japan. And I just-- [VOCALIZING KEYBOARD MUSIC]. Actually, I was just playing around, just hitting like-- [KEYBOARD MUSIC]-- and recorded it. And I was like, and I pushed play-- ooh, this sound good. So I had these drums that I always loved that was heavy, but I'd never had the right sound to put on top of it. And when I came up with that tape strings was so mono. It was so dirty and dull, and I just ran with that. And after that, he put his rap over it. That song don't have that many instruments in it. That song has just three instruments. It's nothing-- it's all about that tape strings. Just like Pony was about the [SOUND EFFECT], that one sound. And you know, back then-- and my drums are always heavy from the ASR. So that one sound just went perfect with that, you know? Just listen to. [MUSIC - JAY-Z, "DIRT OFF YOUR SHOULDERS"] JAY-Z: Crazy, baby. Don't forget that boy told you get that-- - Snare. Drum. Kick. Hi-hat. But you listen to the hi-hats-- dirty. That's a match, the tape strings. JAY-Z: Middle finger to the law, nigga, grippin' my balls. Said the ladies they love me. From the bleachers they ...

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Timbo made it clear how truly far off my mindset was. If you take nothing else from this, take his advice that you need only try and give it your all.

uh i learned about the music making process. cool

Main thing for me was the motivation. it took me forever to finish this because every time i watched, i would have to stop watching and jump to production. thanks so much !!!

This class came at a time when I wasn't really feeling inspired but after this class I'm on a whole other level of inspired! Thank you Timbaland for all the time and knowledge you shared continue to inspire the next generation of producers Legend!


Quentin B.

Love this breakdown so much. I hope I can produce tracks like this one day, shit is fire!! Always loved this song, it would bang in the car hard.

Simone P.

Jay looking like he's listening to something from another planet. He doesn't even know what to do! Love it!


THANX!!! This is gold material, learning n getting motivated by this genious

Richard N.

It’s sweet to see Tim speak so fluently about the composition of music and their sonics, against the background of the footage of those magic moments creating with JayZ.

Erik P.

Wow! So awesome to see the moment captured and history made. The power and impact of the simplicity of 3 instruments.


Jay-Z knew right away that was a nasty beat. We all knew it right away Mr. Tim. When it's good it's good.

A fellow student

Yes I liked it..I went out and bought a Brand New Triton Pro 88 key Workstation because of Timbaland..but of course to no avail was my sound to compare to Timbalands..Haha but inspiration is Powerful..

A fellow student

This Could have be used to cover more sound design, all this info was covered in Fade to Black.

Nicholas V.

Anyone have any links or can point me in the direction of the Jay-z documentary "Fade to Black"...Have been searching for a while now and can not find a thing!

Anand R.

This video has a hidden gem in it about sonics...btw Timbo - you gave the song the name when you were jumping around after playing the track to Jay Z, you did the 'dirt off your shoulder' gesture, i think Jay Z saw that and thought ima run with that :)