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Making a Beat: Getting Warmed Up


Lesson time 14:40 min

Collaboration with producers and engineers is a key part of Tim’s process. In this chapter, Tim teaches you how he shares music with his team to get them excited and into the creative groove.

Teaches Producing and Beatmaking
Step inside the production studio with Timbaland. In his first-ever online class, Tim teaches his process for creating infectious beats and making sonic magic.
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What I like to do-- when I come in a session, I like to just play what I've been working on and just get the sonics right. And then I st-- then we're going to start from scratch and just make something. See what we come up with and just have fun. Let the music guide us in this sweet, old session today. I just want to see how these sonics sound. Let's play this. Let's see how these sonics sound. [MUSIC PLAYING] How do you keep the right people around you in your community? It has to be a community of music. It's no right or wrong to communicating and sharing. It's just, do they have the same love as you? And if they don't say love you as you, why is you communicating with them, you know? And if they can-- you could sit on the phone or on a text, talk about stuff or hours, and you were like, yo, we were talking about music for like an hour, or this drum pattern, or teaching the notes. And you're like, dang, this is our life. And when you've got that type of person, the community builds. [MUSIC PLAYING] Now watch Fetti. [MUSIC PLAYING] FETTI: - See? - What's the tempo on this one? - 81. MAN: What is it? - 81. [MUSIC PLAYING] Woo. Watch the trick happen. [MUSIC PLAYING] See? [MUSIC PLAYING] We're getting warmed up. [MUSIC PLAYING] See, that sound makes me feel like I'm on the beach, you know? [MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah. [MUSIC PLAYING] - What tempo's that? 81? TIMBALAND: 81. I never was that great in school. I'm going to sit here and admit. Reading-- my thing was-- even talking to you, it's hard for me to talk about music as something that-- because I just-- I can express it more than talking about it. Like if I said, ooh, the bass line. "OK, what--" and somebody that might be smart. A quarter note? Nah. [BEAT BOXING] That's how I talk. I can't do the high-intellect, "quarter note," "minor to this, to--" no. It should move like this. [BEAT BOXING] "What?" And then it's people who know all the intelligence of music talk. But when I come in like, no, you don't hear it's off? Move it back a grid. Move it this way. "Huh? It's going to be off the grid." It's going to move a certain way, trust me. So they'll move it, but their musical theory and how they see it on the screen or on the computer don't match up to how I see it in my brain. And then when I get to show them-- "how you know how to do that?" Because I just mimic-- I need you to mimic what I just did. It might don't look right on the screen, but it's going to feel right. (WHISPERING) "Oh, I get it." So I talk with my mouth, with sounds from mouth. Like if I say I want it, [BEAT BOXING], to sound like that, they be-- "oh, OK. It's like a clap." So I can't-- I'm not a very descriptive person. I've got to do-- what you call it? What's that? Charades. So I've got to do it that way. OK, so Fetti, what is that sound that you just played over the top of there? - It'...

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Grammy-winning music producer Timbaland takes you behind the boards to teach you his process for creating iconic tracks with artists like Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, and Aaliyah. In his first-ever online class, learn how to collaborate with vocalists, layer new tracks, and create hooks that stick. Step into Timbaland’s studio and learn from one of the industry’s most innovative hit makers.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I'm 10 years old, and I learned how to better use ableton, and be a better producer. Most of my songs are done on garageband. I'm DJ Connor B on Soundcloud. Thank you for the class.

This class has really helped me clear many doubts. I understand that I need to stay true to myself to elevate my sound and position.

I've learned a lot of information on production and work ethic.

This class is outstanding. It felt more like a "meeting of the minds" discussing what we do alike, and discovering new concepts for the next level.


daniel S.

What's the distortion effect plug-in Feddy used in the first beat they show cased?

Matt H.

Lol every time he says "Fede," I keep thinking he's talking about Fetty Wap

A fellow student

I don't know how he just makes a kick ass beat within 30 seconds. He is so talented!!!!!!!

Tyler S.

Tim's sense of rhythm, groove and sound selection are really what sets him apart from everyone else. His advice in the last few minutes is particularly noteworthy. In hip hop production, sounding "different" will always be a good thing, as long as the groove and vibe is still on point. This was an inspiring clip for sure.

Laura T.

Now I want to go record the train near my house as it comes screeching around the curve near our building. Then give it a kick, bass and chiming synth lead in the top....First I have to get my DAW to install!

A fellow student

Fun lil inspo vid i did. Takin sounds straight from the source and flippin em on the fly heh. It really is true - you can find dope sounds anywhere and turn it into dope in just a few seconds lol. THEORY IN PRACTICE! (video here: )

Alex T.

Timbaland is the living embodiment of the fact that making music is supposed to be FUN. Right on m8

Julien H.

"I know it was special because it was complex and simplicity all in one" Love that

Erin H.

Timbaland is so freaking cool. What if Masterclass provided the .wav files from these sessions and provided a forum for the improvisation of students over the "beats"?

A fellow student

Is there a way I can download the episodes? I looked online it said that Timbo’s class was downloadable but I’m not seeing the option.