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BONUS: Alice's Egg in a Spoon

Alice Waters

Lesson time 04:18 min

Now that Alice has covered her approach to home cooking, she challenges you to practice cooking over fire with the simple dish of an egg and grilled toast.

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Many years ago, maybe about 15 years ago, my friend, Angelo, who runs the Renaissance Forge in San Francisco, is a wonderful cook. But he made me this beautiful spoon to use in my fireplace. And I all of a sudden got a book from a friend about the magic of fire. And I looked in there and there was a picture of a spoon in a fireplace, some place back in New England, one of those old big fireplaces. And someone was cooking an egg on a long spoon. And I said, oh, I know what I'm gonna do with Angelo's spoon. So I experimented. I lost a lot of eggs in the process. And so I thought I would do a little magic in the fire. So you what to arrange it so there's fire on the top and fire on the bottom. And the two side logs don't matter so much. But it's really important that you see fire on the top. It probably takes about 40 minutes for the logs to burn down to the coals that are in there. Now, the most important thing is to have your toast ready. I grilled it and I wrapped it with a little garlic, little olive oil. And a salad on the side, always a salad on the side. And as soon as egg comes off the fire, you want to put it right on the toast. So the first thing is to crack the egg, carefully. And I'm going to add a little of my Marash pepper and some salt. Next thing is to put some olive oil on the spoon. And you want to really spread it around, all around, so that the egg doesn't stick. Very important. And then, carefully, put the egg on the spoon. And very carefully, lift the spoon to the fire. I'm going to just set it right on the coals there. And there's a fire on the top that's coming down and hitting the egg. But it's very, very hot underneath. And it's beginning to puff up. So you see the whites. And there it goes. When it gets brown on top, it's ready. And very quickly, get the on the sides. Little more pepper on the top. My daughter says she always knows what men I like if I make them an egg on a spoon. But she always wants that first thing when she comes home. She wants me to start a fire and cook her an egg on the spoon. But it's-- I mean, it's kind of a very eccentric little thing to do. But it's part of the magic of cooking over fire, is that you can sort of play with it.

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