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Cultivate a Winning Team Culture

Coach K

Lesson time 09:54 min

Coach K shares how to develop team culture by building trust and setting standards—not rules. Create collective responsibility for every member of your team to work toward a common goal.

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Topics include: Develop Trust • Own Your Ego • Addressing Problems Within Your Organization


[MUSIC PLAYING] MIKE KRZYZEWSKI: An interesting question that's posed to me quite a bit is, what's better for a leader to be? - Hey, man! - How you doing? [INTERPOSING VOICES] MIKE KRZYZEWSKI: Should he or she be feared, or liked? I don't think either one. - Air ball! Air ball! Air-- MIKE KRZYZEWSKI: I think "respected" is the right word. A leader has to command respect. Hopefully you're liked a lot, but you only succeed if you're respected. [MUSIC PLAYING] The single biggest thing in order to get respect is to develop trust. Your people need to trust you-- one, that you will tell them the truth. But also, they-- over a period of time, they trust your decision making, the course of action you choose for your unit. You know, every time he leads us, he-- he leads us in the right direction. And then what happens with the unit is the confidence of the total unit starts to rise. And then if you keep that unit together for a long period of time, magical things can happen. [CROWD CHEERING] If I'm starting a relationship with a player or a coach, you know, where we're going to work together, I will tell them-- I do this in recruiting also-- I say, I will always tell you the truth. In your lifetime, whether you're playing for me or not, you call me and you ask my opinion and I'm going to tell you the truth. I think one of the things I'm most proud of in my career, pretty much I've developed trusting relationships. And not just with my players at Duke, but when I coached the USA team and with the people who work for me or with me as assistants. But I did that not by just talking, I did it also by listening. Like-- and the old expression that I've used, "two is better than one if two can work as one." Let's make sure that we're two-way guys. In other words, I'm not just the one giving-- you're giving me, and that we have that level of relationship. And it'll-- it'll be really, really good. [MUSIC PLAYING] So when I was with the US team, in our first meeting people talked about Jerry Colangelo who ran USA basketball. Did an unbelievable job. You know, we had all these guys with talents. And one thing he said that I didn't agree with-- although I agreed with everything else that he's ever said-- he said, you hear that expression "leave your egos at the door." So when I got up, I said, Kobe, LeBron, Chris, Paul, like, bring your egos in. In order for us to beat Spain with Gasol. Argentina with Ginobili and his guys, I'm going to need your egos. But let's make sure they're all under one umbrella. And then I had a USA shirt-- "it's a USA ego." If we put all our egos in that, whoa, we're going to be good. And I said, I want you to understand one thing. You're not playing for the United States. And they looked at me like I was an idiot. And I always had a picture of the gold medal up on a big screen. And I said, we will not win the go...

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Mike “Coach K” Krzyzewski is the winningest coach in men’s college basketball history. For the first time, he’s sharing the secrets to building an environment conducive to success. Learn how to read body language, deliver difficult feedback, and identify talent. Whether on the court or in the office, you’ll be confident exercising leadership strategies that influenced players like Kobe Bryant and Shane Battier.

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Coach K

12x “Coach of the Year” Mike Krzyzewski teaches how to motivate a team. Discover your innate leadership skills with drills to prepare for success.

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