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Leading With Emotion

Coach K

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Learn when it’s appropriate to use emotions—and when it’s not. In this lesson, Coach K introduces the concept of “next play” and how it motivated Duke players to keep moving forward.

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Topics include: You Are Responsible for Your Attitude • Don’t Play Defense on Yourself • Use Emotions to Elevate Your Team • “The Greatest College Game Ever” • Coach K’s Final Home Game • An Evolution of Emotion


[CLASSICAL MUSIC] - A leader should be emotional. You know, emotions are going to be there because you're passionate about what you do. Over the years, I think I've done a much better job of managing my emotions. I've learned through successes and failures. Also, I'd like to say I've grown up a little bit. You mature. But I've never stopped being emotional. And for the most part, I've been able to, especially in the latter part of my career, not let the emotion get the best of me, but let emotion get the best out of me. [CLASSICAL MUSIC] Get it out. Get it out. I've found that over the years, it wasn't as important to learn a new offense, a new defense, as it was to learn about people. I studied psychology a lot. And learning about people more really helped me develop as a much better leader. In studying psychology, again, I'm not saying I'm this expert or I have my PhD, but one of the single biggest things I learned was attitude. The thing that makes all of us human beings the same is that we all have the right to our attitude. We are the only ones responsible for our attitude. And if we say someone else is, then you're wrong. You are. You are responsible. So when I have a situation that you could be really emotional, like something bad happens, a bad loss, whatever it might be, and I can go through the human emotions of, oh my god, why is this happening to me? Get angry. I throw something against the wall, whatever it is. Once I get through that, I'm not saying I do that every time, I look at four things. I look at the very first thing and say, okay, Michael, are you going to have a good attitude or a bad attitude? And I eventually say, I'm going to have a good attitude. All right, even if I'm reluctant, I'm going to have a good attitude. Second, I asked myself and I asked this about the group I'm with, do I believe in me and do I believe in them? And I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing if I didn't believe in me and I didn't believe in them. Then I say, what the heck happened? Were we prepared? And I make any changes that needed to be made or maybe better preparation. And then I prepare. That's the third element. And then the fourth element, when I'm in that situation, or I'm correcting that situation, it's execution. And so every time I'm in a bad situation, attitude, belief, prep, and execution. So when things don't go as planned, get with your team and have a discussion about these questions. What's your attitude? Are you encouraging each other? Or are you shutting each other out? Do you believe in each other? If you have any doubt, address it in the moment and find a way to move forward. How did you prepare? What could you have done differently? How will you execute now? Make a plan and go for it. With shared responsibility you will all be stronger and more equipped to meet the goals of your team. Once I got it, I've never deviated from that. And it's helped me tremendo...

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