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Time-Out: The Ultimate Motion Offense

Coach K

Lesson time 12:23 min

In this lesson, Coach K and Shane Battier discuss the process of making the critical decisions that led their team to the national championship.

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Topics include: Time-Out: The Ultimate Motion Offense


MIKE KRZYZEWSKI (VOICEOVER): We've talked about making reads and how a leader must adapt to the needs of the team at any given moment. ANNOUNCER: Incredible play by Battier. MIKE KRZYZEWSKI (VOICEOVER): In this conversation with Shane, I want to understand what it feels like to be on the receiving end of my leadership. What happens next is the ultimate motion offense. Adversity-- that national-championship year, to me, the biggest point of adversity was your senior game, you know, which is-- - My last game in Cameron. - --the last game in Cameron. And we're number one in the country, and we're playing Maryland, right? SHANE BATTIER: Maryland. MIKE KRZYZEWSKI: And Carlos Boozer breaks his foot. ANNOUNCER: Now Boozer hurt himself. He's limping a little bit. He's going to have to come out of there. MIKE KRZYZEWSKI: We lose. The world seems to have ended. ANNOUNCER: Clayton will dribble out the final seconds. Maryland has done it. They've come to Durham and won. MIKE KRZYZEWSKI: I'm crushed after the game. I know you guys are. I do my thing where I can't act like that. I've got to figure out. So I call an early morning meeting-- - Yep. MIKE KRZYZEWSKI: --and I'll have you guys come in. I said, this is what happened. And at that point I think it was-- it's important for the leader to say, we're going to be all right. I did more than that. I said, we're going to make some changes. We're going to be all right. And if we do what we're supposed to, we're going to win the national championship. Do you remember that? - Yeah, but you're misremembering the most important part of the story. You kicked us out of practice. - Oh, yeah, I did do that. SHANE BATTIER: You kicked us out of practice. So you called an early-morning practice. MIKE KRZYZEWSKI: Right. - And we're obviously devastated for Carlos. We think his season is done with a broken foot. And so we have to start practice, and we're out of it. You can tell our minds are thinking about who knows what. And you literally kick us out of the gym, and you say, come back when you're ready to practice. Come back when you're ready to be Duke. This isn't Duke. And so senior captains and I take the entire team back into the locker room, and there were words said to the team. And what the senior captains were trying to impress is we had literally three games left, possibly, for our season. - Right. - We had the finale against Carolina, ACC tournament, and then the NCAA tournament. And we were saying, guys, without Carlos, we could lose all three games, and our career is done. You have youth. You have next year. We don't. And I remember crying. I mean crying in the locker room. Here we are. I'm national player of the year. I'm crying saying, guys, we might lose our next three games. Let's go back out there and give a better effort. So we compose ourselves. We go back to th...

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