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Coach K

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Learn how to improve the skills of the best people on your team and inspire them to become even better. With individual growth opportunities, self-critique, and humility, your team can achieve collective improvement.

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Topics include: Challenge Your Best People • Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone • Humility Drives Collective Improvement • Encourage Self-Critique • Making a Practice Plan


MIKE KRYZYEWSKI: Well, as the leader, you have immense opportunity to help not just your team improve but the individuals on your team to improve. And how is the team going to improve unless the individuals improve? Everybody has to believe in the cause but they also, they want to get better. It's up to you as a leader to make people better, to help them. There needs to be not just attention to the group goal but individual goals. Are you happy with what you're doing? Are you getting it? What do you see as opportunities for you in this current role? And you're asking them what they think. I think one of the biggest compliments you can give another person is what do you think because you open up like I'm going to listen to you, not here's what to do. If you only say, here's what to do, and not what do you think or how do you feel, it's not going to be that good. And you're not going to get individual and collective improvement. In my sport, it was really important to get the best out of my best player. And the best player is not always challenged by the other players because he's the best player. So he has to learn to challenge himself. And I have to learn about different ways of challenging him because he might be scoring easy or defending easy, but he also might be picking up some bad habits. And every once in a while, with that best player, I would say, look, that's not going to work. And he could say to himself, well, it is working against these guys. And I said, it's not going to work on Saturday when you're playing against so-and-so. Like he's going to kick your butt. Like you got to get better because if you have that performance against him, we're going to lose and you're going to look not so good. At times, have to do that with the best. And at times, you have to do it privately. And at times, you have to do it in front of everybody. Sometimes I would orchestrate it with the best player. And I said, I'm going to really get on you today. There'll be two or three times today where I'm going to come at you and you got to handle it the right way, which will help everyone else when I have to get on them. Are you ready for that? And the relationship that then is developed with you and the best is that the best level, it's at a different level than it would be if you didn't put him through these situations. Those are things that you don't do every day. Look, you're going to go in the direction of your best. You don't bring the best down. Like I coach the best people on my team the hardest, the hardest. And I have the best relationship with them because we'll accomplish more if that happens. If you're fortunate enough to have talented, driven people, one or more in your organization, you have to make sure that they don't drive themselves into the ground. You watch how they drive themselves and make sure that they keep balance. With a driven person, the leader has to be very close to that driven person and unde...

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Mike “Coach K” Krzyzewski is the winningest coach in men’s college basketball history. For the first time, he’s sharing the secrets to building an environment conducive to success. Learn how to read body language, deliver difficult feedback, and identify talent. Whether on the court or in the office, you’ll be confident exercising leadership strategies that influenced players like Kobe Bryant and Shane Battier.

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Coach K

12x “Coach of the Year” Mike Krzyzewski teaches how to motivate a team. Discover your innate leadership skills with drills to prepare for success.

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