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Time-Out: Own Your Team Culture

Coach K

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Coach K takes a time-out with one of his former captains, NBA champion Shane Battier, to discuss the qualities of the Duke basketball team and Team USA that contributed to their success.

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Topics include: Time-Out: Own Your Team Culture


[MUSIC PLAYING] MIKE KRZYZEWSKI: Let's take a timeout. [WHISTLE BLOWS] I've used timeouts to reflect on what's happening in a game with my team, and especially with my team captain. Throughout this class, we're going to give you another perspective on leadership from someone who has taken my lessons from the court to the business world. What an honor and a pleasure for me to introduce one of my former players. This guy was the National Player of the Year, national champion, won NBA championships, the National Defensive Player of the Year several times, a two-time captain. When you talk about leadership, he was as good a leader and as good a player as I've coached at Duke University. And so it's a real honor for me to introduce to MasterClass Shane Battier. Shane Battier carved out a solid 13-year NBA career, one that included two championships with the Heat. Over the past 11 years, the foundation Battier runs with his wife has doled out more than $2 million in scholarships. - Where is he? He's never late in coming into the game. You know why? Because he never came off the bench. He was a four-year, four-year starter. All right, welcome, buddy. - Coach. - Welcome, welcome. Have a seat, buddy. - Great to be here. - Have a seat. - Thank you. - To have Shane with us, we can talk about a variety of things, but to begin with, we've had a relationship since you were 17. - Yeah. - And still have it. You're getting to be old. SHANE BATTIER: I know. - I'm the same age. But I think it speaks to culture. SHANE BATTIER: Yeah. - Like as a player, do you even think about culture? And I know when you got into the pros, and you're an NBA champion, you're thinking about culture, and now. But what about as a player? Did you think about the culture or tradition? Maybe it's called tradition at that time. - Yeah. Well, you don't come to Duke and play for Coach K unless you care about tradition. And want to be part of something larger than yourself. Going back to when you recruited me in high school, I tell people what Coach K does better than anybody is he knows his people. And the amount of time you spend thinking about your players, your coaches, your assistants, the managers, and understanding what each person needs it's, A, it's exhausting. But it's the sacrifice that no one else is willing to make, but you did. And I found out that when I was in high school. You knew me in high school when you were recruiting. - Right, right. - And I had every school come into my locker, into my locker room and my living room and say, Shane, we promise you minutes and shots and playing time. You didn't promise that. You came into my living room, I'll never forget this, and said, Shane, I'm not going to promise you minutes or shots or playing time. But I will promise you the opportunity to earn playing time every single day in practice. And if you're good ...

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Mike “Coach K” Krzyzewski is the winningest coach in men’s college basketball history. For the first time, he’s sharing the secrets to building an environment conducive to success. Learn how to read body language, deliver difficult feedback, and identify talent. Whether on the court or in the office, you’ll be confident exercising leadership strategies that influenced players like Kobe Bryant and Shane Battier.

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