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Dennis' Game

Garry Kasparov

Lesson time 09:08 min

“No, I didn’t see that line.” Garry points out a line that Dennis missed and shows how he created the illusion of an attack without any real threat.

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So I'm going to give you a chance to show what you're up to. So it's not my typical opening. So you played f4, huh? Aggressive. It's almost the only way I know how to play the position, yeah. What do you do after Nf6? How will you develop the pieces there? d6. a6-- I played a6, but natural move was Nf6. Normally I would Nf6. I mean, Nf3-- I would answer. Of course, there's the and then-- OK, I just played this line, and I think it's quite odd. You're right. You developed the pieces. You did very nicely in the opening. b5. You can start with Bd3, but e5 is good also. So it's the same idea. I'm concerned about b4, yeah. No, no, bishop-- this is good. That's good. The more normal move was Nd7. They try to play c5, but I thought, OK, I play a positional game. It's a lousy position for Black, but I thought maybe I can play it over, and we'll see what happens again. It's great fun for me, yes. Yes, yes, yes, 0-0. And I played Ne7. Be3. Played Nd7. You could have started with Bf2, by the way. So you start bringing the bishop there maybe. That's one of the ideas. You play Ne4 here, yes? Yes. And I play Nd5, and maybe pawn sacrifice now. Still it's an option. You can fight it out. I don't know. It's just something to think about. Yeah, but you played Qd2. I immediately take this bishop, because it's there, and then I played Nb6. And White is better, but I was more comfortable. Because I took off this bishop, and there are no more threats of your bishop of appearing here and just attacking the square. So now I can at least make a castle, and I can--. That makes sense. --at least stay in the game. So you played-- So Bf2, two moves earlier would have been-- Yeah, exactly, yeah. Nb6, and you played the-- Qe2. The queen, which is a very odd move, because this is this. If you want to go on f2, you go on f2. So this is a what? What does this-- Qe2 doesn't match. Getting stuck with with c3 or Qf2. Qe2, so I castled. And then you played c3. Yeah, that goes there. It was the right move, because now my threat was Nd5, g3 and Nb4, just to win the second bishop. The problem was I couldn't play Nd5 here because Bxb5+. That's the trick. So Bxb5+, axb5, Qxb5+. Right. You get the loose bishop on b7 there. Exactly, yeah, a loose bishop on-- so that's why I had to castle. And then after c3, I wasn't sure what plan to choose. So I thought I could just wait. That's what I figured. And I think I'd find an interesting plan. So you played Nfd2. Rfd8. Ah, Qf2 now. I should have just gone there to begin with. Look here is this again. Did you see that your bishop was hanging? Yes, this did not get played here. Did you see that? I saw it a move too late. Oh this was in-- But then you have Nc5? Oh. This is because you attacked my bishop. No, I didn't see...

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Fantastic course but the explanations of the last three parts (games) were too quick.

It has helped me understand moves and geometry that I hadn't considered. Very well-produced and very useful.

Love hearing Garry's love and enthusiasm for the game in addition to his wisdom and experience.

It helped pull together several ideas about the game.


Elizabeth S.

Kasparov analyzed at different speeds for the different opponents, which I can understand, but I think a lot of us were struggling to keep up. The PDF was useless; it could have at least given us the lists of moves!

Robert W.

Hard to believe Jason is 900 rating points above Dennis. This is the easiest of the analyses to follow by far.

Lorraine K.

It's ALL waaaaaaaaaay too fast for me...but I'm hanging in there...I will continue to watch the videos repeatedly in sequence ... improvement must follow!

Larry R.

I think that the analysis of the three games was very instructive. Earlier in this course, someone commented that there was no coverage of the middle game. The comment was also made that Gary did not share his thought process about his moves. In my mind, these games have covered both of those concerns.

Mark Z.

Enjoyed the analysis . Would have liked a little more . To me that is the point of those three games. I liked the idea of three different levels...always enjoy mr kasparov’s Humor and approach


Lesson #18 Simul has Dennis listed at 1266 rating and Molly at 1515. Lesson #20 review has Molly listed at 1266 and Lesson #21 review has Dennis listed at 1515 ?

Eric S.

It's difficult to like the Modern/Pirc from any side but the White side, regardless of what White plays. I think it's instructive that when Gary took White's Queen's Bishop, it was at that point that White had nothing to do, but to wait for the inevitable Black Queen-side breakthrough. If White can do nothing meaningful, while Black has several options, then White is probably losing. Giving up the Bishop Pair for not much is also questionable. Still, the other two players made much more serious errors.

Dennis B.

... I never knew I was THAT good. I also don't quite remember myself being so old. oh well...


I noticed after I clicked the download and the file opened up. However, the PDF icon states it as Chapter 21: Dennis' Game. It's ok as I was able to follow the game and then send the moves to software for Analysis. The only reason why I was interested more so in this game than the other 2 is because I used to play Chess with Dennis in California :)