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Jason's Game

Garry Kasparov

Lesson time 6:36 min

“What else can you do?” Garry breaks down Jason’s moves and answers questions about what his opponent could have done differently.

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So you always play d4? Yeah. OK. So you want to play King's Indian and give you a chance to show. So after, I don't know, e5, take or castle? I mean, I play both. Taking is-- So that's why I play Na6, just to make sure that we avoid-- avoid the immediate simplification. So castle, which is again, a second-rate move I think. But this one this is not. It's too early, so this is-- it's the Re1 or Be3. We keep the pressure. It's not a great line, so it's playable, but-- and I wouldn't recommend it as a first choice. But after d5, you go to the Petrosian system. But now it's the-- fairly comfortable. And you don't have to play Bg5. Bg5. So I'd have to. Yeah. Here is Bg5. Be3. And now, b6 probably, this is Nd2. And black has a choice. It's this Ng4, which I will probably play, take the bishop. Or actually, in an interesting move, Bg4. That's the idea just to. f3? Now, after f3, then I go back and then my knight has just I have an opportunity just to activate my knight, so your kingside, kingside is weakened. But both do for giving a fairly comfortable game, so that's why it's not. So for after Ng4 for instance, you'd have an exchange. You do what, a3? And this is I think this is a pawn sacrifice. We take here, we take, you win the pawn, but then just Black has start to push. You know h5. It's again, king is a little bit exposed. And I have two bishops and pawn, it's too far. So the endgame. But I don't know. I would consider. I haven't played it for a long, long time, because nobody plays it anymore, with White so. So I'll probably find when I just played Re1 after take,take, I'm not sure what to do. But this is not a good combination of moves. Here you can play f3 or you can go-- OK. That's-- We can just simply play f3. This is the-- no, Na6 and d4 are not just going together. Also, I would rather play c6 here. And then you go Bf1. That's the line. So c6, Bf1? Yeah. Yes, it's theory. Because this is, now I'm comfortable. But of course, you don't have to play Re1. This is a case where I say you better pass. Don't make a movement, because after Re1. And that's typical. So sometimes there's a possibility when if there's room for queen, then after take, Bg5, just to take. But it just doesn't work. I was a little surprised by that one. So there's another move, Nd2, here. But then black has Bh6. It's important-- I just think if I was going to play Nd2, I might as well play Nd2 here. Yeah. But I still play-- oh, I would play on Bh6 anyway, because now b4 I can take and win the pawn. You play Qc2, a5. And that's the old classical position. So black bishop is already activated, and my knight is here, so it's an excellent position for black. That's a dream. King's Indian dream. There's no. After yo...

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

My game has improved dramatically along with my enjoyment of chess study. The consumption of this quantity of information, in a short span of time, is so much more effective, for a beginner, than trying to study chess move-by-move in a text. Now, I can go back to books and clearly understand the terminology, opinions, and thought-process of the authors. Thank-you, Garry!

This is a course taught by possibly the greatest chess player ever.

My passion for chess has awaken again, I've always admired Garry & his course has given me higher admiration of him, thank you very much Garry! :D

It has just shown me new ways of thinking and looking at chess and life that I havent thought of before.


Douglas D.

Comments went by way to fast. This whole course was a problem Garry has so much knowledge he has forgotten that we lower level players don't think as fast as he does. What is elementary for him is sometime more complicated for players with levels in the Teens.

Morgan T.

I agree with other comments made below. This is incomplete kibbitzing for learning chessplayers like we all are. It needs a bit more of the whys behind the moves, rather than just an analysis of where Jason's game wasn't good. Yes, this is typical kibbitzing for those who already understand the particular game but is insufficient for those of us learning from it. Also, yes, I have a difficult time believing Jason's 2100 rating. His game was not an indicator of his level.

Jason B.

Need more explanation on why the moves were made. The video was too fast, and much of the dialogue inaudible or too quick. If one already KNEW what was going on, they may have followed just fine. For folks like me, I suspect it was very different.

Garry G.

ok, 2100??????? where do i start! I was at 16+ in HS, and that is not 2100! In HS I always lost to Boris who would always start his sentences with "In my country!" Well, In my county that doesnt fly!

Eric S.

Well, it's hard to explain. I have never seen an Expert with those mannerisms and I've been playing tournament chess many years. But I didn't just base it on that alone. An Expert does not make those kinds of errors, and would certainly know which side to operate in the King's Indian or any other opening. Perhaps you're not strong enough to notice the differences, but trust me, I am strong enough, and he's no 2100 player, no way.

Dezso R.

What a privilege is to see Kasparov Playing! By the way Eric, I think that Jason played a pretty good game, Don't forget now who he was facing. He must of felt like he's up against a strong computer.

David B.

A lot of inaudible spots.... CC shows them. An overall summary directed at the viewer might have helped - w h at opening, variation, good moves weak moves and why would help. Had a hard time following Kasparov's comments. Any advice for the viewer? What should I have gotten out of his review?

A fellow student

I'm afraid this game is above my rating.......good learning experience though.....he thinks too quickly for me

Eric S.

I do not believe Jason is really a 2100 player. The confidence was not there, and his moves made absolutely no sense in the Classical Variation against the King' s Indian. In that line, White operates on the Queenside, and Black' s chances are on the Kingside.

Mohan T.

Black attacks on Queen side in this King's Indian! Have to study where White went wrong.