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Garry Kasparov

Lesson time 53:10 min

With a time control of 30 minutes, watch Garry take on three players with ratings of 1266, 1515, and 2103.

Garry Kasparov
Teaches Chess
Garry Kasparov teaches you advanced strategy, tactics, and theory in 29 exclusive video lessons.
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Oh, sorry. That's probably bad. You could go Qh4 but Rdc8. Instead of f5? Instead of-- that was a bad move. f5, right? Rd1. You should play solid. This one is bad move. This is also bad move. Thank you. We cannot waste time. Time is precious. Time is--

Elevate your game

At age 22, Garry Kasparov became the youngest world chess champion. After beating Bobby Fischer’s peak rating, he outranked his fiercest competitors for over twenty years. Now, Garry is ready to share the chess strategy that made him a six-time world champion. Through detailed lessons, including his favorite openings and advanced tactics, you will develop the instincts and philosophy to become a stronger player.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I didn't think I could learn from such a master, but his MasterClass has taken my chess (and other decision-making) to the next level.

Great instructor and I thoroughly enjoyed the course

His classes are excellent.Anybody can understand complicated tactics because he makes them look easy and simple to achieve with practice.

Perfect course, and for sure my game is improved!!! Thanks Garry!


Sawyer W.

I already finished the course on chess, I had to go back and let this video sit playing on my computer to officially finish the course. This was a serious blunder, 0/10 for this one video and 10/10 for everything else.


I can barely see the games, can you please edit it so that there are 3 side by side boards so it is easier to see?

A fellow student

Clock on the first table wasn't working after few min. Also, not possible to follow the matches along

A fellow student

Impossible to actually watch the matches. Wasted opportunity because of the way it was filmed

A fellow student

I think if live digital board examples were on the screen like they’ve used in prior lessons the games would be easier to follow. Masterclass you could even add this in now if you have the data from the games. Just make the boards slightly color coded to match the player’s shirt, put the opacity to 80 or 85 percent so that it’s visible but you can also sort of see the footage behind it (since this wasn’t shot with this in mind). Also I recommend the boards occupy the top-right(for green), bottom-right (for red), and bottom left (for blue). Because this would correspond with where those players are when we see them from behind, and keep the top-left corner empty since that’s where Garry’s face seems to occupy the most in this video. This might solve people’s problems, and could probably still be doable.

Cheok Lon H.

for those if you pause and the "things" pop up, solution is : after you pause the video, then press ">" and "<" at you keyboard, the "things" will disappear. It is much more troublesome but the things will not longer blocking you.

Cheok Lon H.

for those if you pause and the "things" pop up, just press forward and backward at you keyboard, the "things" will disappear

John L.

Terrible editing and filming. When I pause the video adds and info pop up, I can't even look at the board. Would have loved to see these matches.

Douglas D.

I agree with others that the filming of this video was edited poorly . The game by the female I couldn't hardly see at all.

Ben G.

Does anyone know the pieces and board used in this? I would love to get a set. Very beautiful.