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Garry's teaching reflects his style of play: direct, dynamic, and ambitious. He shares what he will cover in this class, including concrete instruction for players at different levels.

Topics include: Introduction


Garry's teaching reflects his style of play: direct, dynamic, and ambitious. He shares what he will cover in this class, including concrete instruction for players at different levels.

Topics include: Introduction

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My teaching style will be quite similar to my playing style. It's dynamic, direct. You may call it aggressive. [INAUDIBLE] doesn't survive on the chessboard, and there is no place in my teaching either. This Masterclass is for anyone who likes the game of chess, wants to improve his or her own chess game. It's a Masterclass, which means we have to discuss different elements of the game of chess. We'll talk about the openings, maybe not as much as many of you expect. We'll talk about middlegame, strategies, endgames, tactics, the way to recognize chess patterns, the way to apply the knowledge that you'll be learning through this Masterclass. No matter how much knowledge you can draw from this Masterclass, there's so much more to learn, and you will have to use it as a platform for future learning. You have to appreciate that chess is an immensely rich game, and you can always keep finding new ideas that will make you happy. Nothing could make people happier than-- from my perspective, of course-- as to find new ideas and just to make yourself more engaged in this endless process of exploration. And, of course, all these lessons are based on my personal experience. Personal stories are making a very important part of this Masterclass because I want you to understand how I, Garry Kasparov, learned this thing, why I believe it's important, and how this experience could help you to look at certain positions, at certain patterns, at certain techniques from my own eyes. There are many personal details-- of course, stories about my matches and the way I prepared for them-- and I believe that creates the right mixture that will help you to navigate throughout this very complex process. While people talk all the time about one person being more talented, but another one being a hard worker, hard work is a talent, because hard work means that you keep going, you keep fighting, you know how not to quit under pressure. Even if you fail, you don't succeed, but you keep going. You keep pushing. And only the combination of natural talent, natural ability to play chess or play music, combined with a talent to work hard-- that creates winning combination. I will believe that this Masterclass was a success if I can inspire you to learn not just about the game of chess, but about other things. If you feel enriched, and encouraged, and inspired-- and I hope that with this class, I will inspire you to love the game of chess as much as I do. Well, almost as much as I do. I'm Garry Kasparov, and this is my Masterclass.

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At age 22, Garry Kasparov became the youngest world chess champion. After beating Bobby Fischer’s peak rating, he outranked his fiercest competitors for over twenty years. Now, Garry is ready to share the chess strategy that made him a six-time world champion. Through detailed lessons, including his favorite openings and advanced tactics, you will develop the instincts and philosophy to become a stronger player.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Its a wonderful class.But i am thinking how could i judge my game that how much i improved

His tactic classes are incredible. But I think there are a lot more that he could teach especially strategy.

Amazing! What else can I say? I am just happy to be able to learn with Kasparov. Who could imagine?

Very good and complete, i'm a fan of Kasparov style of comunication and learned a lot in this Masterclass


Eugene G.

Started this lesson coming from the sound production courses and already more inspired.

Chandramohan R.

Just in awe to be learning from the master. Hard work is a talent. That's something I learned today directly from the Master himself. I am helping my 9 year old son better appreciate the game which he already is very fond of.


I really look forward to this MasterClass to learn chess but also strategy, but more importantly, to help guide my children's passion for the game.

Richard M.

Learning and acquiring new skills is something I believe everyone should be trying to do, and what better game to learn than something so widespread as chess from a Master.

Natalie P.

I'm a chess novice. My sons like to play, and I'm hoping this class will give me a shot at providing some competition!

Nahid R.

Hard work! There's no exception to it. In his first lesson, he managed to assure me that I do not need to be so afraid of a new exercise.

Claude G.

People ask about his accent. Well, it's the Kasparov accent, and it's music to my ears.

Charmaine M.

I used to play chess when I was kid in detention class. My teacher used it to teach me discipline and to quiet my mind I guess thanks to ADHD. The principles of the game remain active in my life. Excited to refresh these lessons, learning from the best.

John R.

I've known chess for the better part of my 37 years. And I have watched it grow from excite (/then pogo) and yahoo chess, on to lichess, where i now play. But the complete (or seemingly), anihilation of the human brain by the muscle algorhythm which is computer aided opposition, means that anti computer chess habits, have to be brought in to our games. I still consider you the greatest chess player alive, after Bobby Fisher died, and his exile was something of a fall from grace, to your challenge with Nigel Short, who couldn't meet your game. Then Kramnic, did the dirty by learning how your played, and then underwrote it with a number of drawn Berlin wall games. But what was worst, was the way he refused to give you a rematch. Then on to Anand, and now Magnus Carlson, who i'm aware was taught by you Gary. At least he plays exciting attacking chess. I have also been a long term fan of Chessmaster, with Josh Waitzkin making valuable contributions to the game, with a complete front setup. Okay, that alone is not enough to win modern chess, but his passion, and the sheer wealth of the later editions of that game, are not to be dismissed. I have also played through your Queen's Gambit chessbase/fritz dvd, and i was impressed by your passion there. Hopefully you can bring new insights with this series. Also that thing you said about, 'a passion for learning', was something that Josh also stated. I think you will have to balance expert and softer level teaching, to cope with the range of students reading these lessons. And also it would be great if you can try to persuade another chess GM to give us a master class? Maybe that's asking to much. Sorry if i waffled, Good Luck! JR

Bradley M.

I've always felt drawn to chess, but feel like a stranger looking in. Lately I have been binge watching GM games online, live matches, a couple of documentaries. I am eager to explore the game of Chess in this Master Class. Kings to you Kasparov. Show me the way.