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Bonus: Naturalism

Helen Mirren

Lesson time 13:35 min

Discover which film actors had the biggest influence on Helen and why their work is so important to her.

Helen Mirren
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It's very interesting that some actors, no matter, really, where their background is-- what they come out of-- are natural Shakespearean actors. And here I would quote Marlon Brando, one speech in particular-- friends, Romans, and countrymen, lend me your ears. I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. The evil that men do, live after them. The good is often interred, buried with their bones. He does that speech with absolute pure Shakespearean-- if you like-- actor's expertise. He knows how to breathe. He knows how to carry on. And incidentally, speaking of voice, his voice is strong enough, and powerful enough, that you can believe that he's talking to 200 people. But at the same time here, he imbues it with his own natural sense of naturalism of drama. And I think it's a beautiful, beautifully executed Shakespearean speech. Done by an actor not famous for Shakespearean acting, and actually much better than most of the other British very-good-at-Shakespeare kind of actors in that film. I was blown away by it when I saw it many, many years ago. If you want to watch great Shakespearean actors, Olivier always. Olivier was famous in his day for naturalizing Shakespeare. And it wasn't acceptable when he first came to do Shakespeare, because Shakespeare was very declamatory thing at that point. And all of the work, really, in the 20th and 21st century, has been finding a way to be truthful to the poetry of Shakespeare-- utterly truthful to that-- but naturalize it. One day-- and I can't actually quite remember when it was-- I saw Anna Magnani work. And she became at that point, and still is, my great inspiration for film acting. Also, she was a theater actress, which I thought was great. I loved the fact that she was a theater actress as well. But on film, there's something so alive about her. It's the perfect combination of heightened but natural, which is what really, in a sense, the greatest acting is. Why, again, back to Al Pacino, Marlon Brando. The ones we love. The ones we really admire. It's heightened. Often they fall, because they go out on a limb. They're brave. They have the courage to put themselves out there into the world of poetry-- into the world of heightened work. But at the same time with naturalism. And it's a very heady mix. And for me that's what Anna Magnani has. There's an incredible scene in Mamma Roma, the film by Pasolini. I think one of her early films. This amazing scene, where it's this long-- talk about Scorcese-- I think it's like a three- or four-minute long shot where she's just walking towards the camera. And the camera's tracking behind her. I don't know how they did it, whether she was following someone on a bike, or something. It's very steady. They didn't have steadycam those days. So she's just walking and talking. And different characters come in a...

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Just the act of listening to her and watching her is itself a lesson. She's a gifted storyteller with a natural command of the screen, which makes it easy to get hooked on her lessons. Her voice goes down like honey; listening to her is like drinking a warm cup of Earl Grey with milk and sugar on a grey, rainy day tucked comfortably inside. It's also really easy to crush on her. The wide open attitude of hers reveals so much about process. I especially enjoyed the case studies, particularly Gosford Park - that was fascinating, to learn how the idea of sisters erupted spontaneously midway production, along with the excision of an extraneous scene and the addition of a crucial scene that Altman directed Helen to write with Eileen Atkins upon the suggestion by Mirren that it was missing from the script! I found her set stories to offer the most practical lessons. Also, whoever did her hair, make-up and wardrobe - perfection. The set too, with that rug - thank you, Taylor Hackford? The image of an intrepid Helen Mirren standing up for her characters is an inspiring one. Masterclass grade for Professor Mirren: A+

Nina R.

I loved the Masterclass, it was very interesting and informative with a very friendly approach by Helen Mirren. It’s fabulous to be able to hear Helens thoughts, direction and advice as a one to one in the comfort of my home. I’m delighted this course is available to Actors and delighted to have learned from one of the Greats in Film and TV. Thank you Dame Helen Mirren for your truth and honesty about your career and the industry we venture into.

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Helen, i'm very enchanted with your humanity and accurate vision of thinking and change fast for the actors and acting with heightened and natural attitude.

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Helen Mirren, Thank you for sharing your stories, and the inner workings of your unique genius. What a wonderful journey this has been. May you continue to find characters and scripts that inspire us all.

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Wonderful course - I love your enthusiasm, grace and sincere desire to pass on to us what you know. Thank you Helen.

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Dear Helen I want to thank you for thousands of labors, you've added a lot to me. King Regards...