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I am peculiar, obviously, and that peculiarity has had its rewards. So I share things with you and you have to pick what's going to be relevant to you. I think, and I said this to somebody yesterday, that the things that seem the dumbest to you right now, the most foreign, that I'm just dead wrong, those are the things you really want to pay the most attention to and really analyze whether they-- because those are the things that are farthest from what you're doing now, and maybe the most interesting, and maybe the most beneficial. The things that seem like oh my God, that's really, that wouldn't work for me, or that's crazy. There's nothing I'm going to tell you that's crazy. That I will guarantee. I am crazy, but what I do is sane. People get too into, this is the way it's been, here's the rules of writing, here's the rules of literature, here's the rule-- who said? Really God does not come down and lay down, here are the 20 commandments of writing a story. And just because it's been done in a certain way forever does not necessarily mean it's right. And also means don't walk away from what's been done, but also you don't have to follow it blindly. Things change. We do new shit. Why am I doing this? I like the feeling of doing something that's going to help people. I just, I like giving pleasure to other people, whatever. That's not the worst thing in the world. There was a story in the San Francisco Chronicle at one point and a whale was kind of hopelessly trapped in a bunch of fishing lines and crab traps and whatever, and it was decided that the only way that they could get the whale out was a bunch of rescuers had to literally swim out there and start clipping away with little scissors all of these lines and ropes. And it took them half a day to get this whale loose and what happened is the whale did not swim out to sea, rather the whale went around, literally, from person to person, these rescuers, nudged them, and these people who rescued said that they would never forget that experience and it changed their lives. And that I think is what it's about to give to somebody else. And that's what really moves me. That kind of thing that I'm going to be out there and to some extent for some of you, it's what I'm saying will change your lives and free you from whatever's stopping you from writing your books or stopping you from writing them successfully. And that maybe you'll nudge me a little bit before you swim back out to sea and become famous.

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James Patterson, the author of 19 consecutive No. 1 New York Times bestsellers, reveals his tricks of the trade. In his first online writing class, he guides you from the start to the finish of your book.


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This was such an engaging window on what it takes to be a successful author. Thank you, James Patterson!

I have learned that this class is well worth the money spent on it. There's nothing like getting tips from the best selling author in the world. If you want what he has then do what he does. James Patterson is willing to share what he does with no bs about it. Take his advice and run with it.

Awesome points and methods. JP is fun to listen to and learn from as well. I'm very pleased with the course and I wish it never ended!

So digestable and exactly what I was looking for.



I was locked up, trying to write by the rules. James Patterson’s class was awesome and allowed me to feel the confidence to follow my inner voice. My unfinished stories wait no longer.


J.P. is Awesome!!! People pleasing at its finest, he really gave his all,rock star! I love this ending. Surely i aim to nudge before sea of fame.p

Angela C.

Dear James, Here's a fond nudge from me. Will post again when my fingers have finessed the final draft!


Thank you for being the inspiration and motivation in my life. I hope to one day have a best seller and be able to tell the world... Thanks, J.P.!


could have been a simple pod cast...he writes books I've never read... yada yada yada...

Victoria W.

I loved listening to James and love his personality! My favorite part is when he said to laugh at your self and have a good sense of humor! Made me relax as a writer, thank you for that! I really appreciated all his input, knowledge and wisdom, excellent!Cheers to you James!

Velma B.

Learning from the best of the best toward the moon and back. His mind, and his talent, it was awesome to learn how they spin into action as he creates his masterpieces. I have been blessed to be rewarded with his expertise. Thank you so much James Patterson.

Scott L.

Such a pleasure to listen to a master. Every author regardless of experience should listen to this Master Class with James Patterson.


Thanks, James for taking the time out to share your experiences and wisdom with us. I really appreciate it. I'm in the final stages of editing my book and your MasterClass has given me the confidence to see it through. Go, James!

Jeanned'Arc L.

Cheers to great teacher, James Patterson. I appreciate James Patterson's stories and lessons on writing. A big boost to building confidence. Thank you.