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Your instructor, James Patterson—currently the best-selling author in the world—lets you know what he has planned for your class and what you'll need to learn to start writing your own best-sellers.

James Patterson
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James teaches you how to create characters, write dialogue, and keep readers turning the page.
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Hi, I'm Stephen King. Well, actually I'm not Stephen King, but the purpose of my saying that is that's the first line in our story. And first lines are hugely important. And what I do in those four words is I'm letting you know that this is going to be irreverent, and fun, and it's going to be a little jokey at times, and I know who writers like Stephen King are. I hope that people who take this course or listen to me will pick up a lot of tricks of the trade. And I think it's a couple levels. I think one are people that want to write books or think they want to write books, and it can help them to make that decision about whether they're actually good at investing time or not. And I'll give them a lot of tips in terms of how to invest that time well. I'm very, very efficient, and I'll take a lot of the time wasting things out of the process if you'll listen. But also people who like to read books-- like to read mystery, suspense, even kids books-- I think they'll find it very, very interesting. I think it'll be very cool. I don't think they'll read books the same way again after listening to this. One I'm going to try to do what the class is go right from the beginning-- from the raw ideas for books, character, how to build a character, how to create a scene. We'll deal with how to make a chapter work. We'll deal with outlines. Outlines are huge. We might do a couple of chapters on outlines. We'll talk about marketing it at some point, which is more of a curiosity, I think, for most of you. Because you shouldn't worry too much about marketing. I think a lot of people who watch this, it's going to turn them on. It can be very stimulating. And I think along the way, I had a couple of people. I had a professor at Vanderbilt, and he did get me excited about one, just the process of writing the book and two, my own talent. And just a lot of things that he said clicked with me. And so when I left his class, I had to write a book. By the way, that book didn't get published, but it was part of the process. Because I've been there. Starting out, you just you don't know if you're any good. You don't know if you're ever going to get published. It's a very difficult-- it's a daunting thing to sit down and start a book. Because at the end of the trail can be embarrassment, or heartbreak, or all sorts of things. So we're going to get over that-- no heartbreak, no embarrassment. We're going to have the tools to do this, and I think that's very exciting. And it's exciting to me to stimulate people to go out there and write not just great mysteries but whatever kind of book you want to write.

Set out to write a best-selling book

James Patterson, the author of 19 consecutive No. 1 New York Times bestsellers, reveals his tricks of the trade. In his first online writing class, he guides you from the start to the finish of your book.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Excellent presentation and reference. I'm inspired!

From James Class I have written three books! My first book is currently being self published in the next few months and I enjoyed learning from this master class!

An Absolutely FABULOUS CLASS! So much to learn and take in. Thank You Mr. Patterson for giving us a glimpse of you creative process.

I am loving the classes. Every spoken sentence can be applied to something I have written or will write about in future.


yaala tamar P.

Hi :) same here, stopped working a few days ago and that's one of the things that popped up fast in the back of my mind.. I guess it's time we're all become writers :) Engoy the classes you guys !

Seana F.

It looks like I'm not alone in my story. I purchased this class over a year ago. I've started and stopped multiple times and really never paid close enough attention to it. I'm now furloughed from my job at a dermatology office due to COVID-19. I decided this is the perfect time to do something to increase my own happiness and pursue my dream.

A fellow student

I bought this class roughly a year ago, but life happens and I haven't had the chance to complete it. With everything going on in the world, and nowhere to really go, now is the best time and chance to readjust my priorities, and dive head first back into this class. (sad it takes a worldwide pandemic to show people what is really important to them.)


It feels good to return here again. I never completed the class but I'm back to finish it. I have been writing at least 750 words a day to form a new habit. So far, it's working. I'm gonna write my story.

Dale U.

So looking forward to this class. I am currently reading NYPD Red and have found it almost impossible to put down. I hope James can show me how to be at least one quarter as good as he is.


This is the best Masterclass I've taken. James Patterson is direct, honest and doesn't hold back. He wants other people to succeed. I am not someone who normally reads fiction. However, since January 2020, I've read 6 James Patterson novels and am currently on my seventh, "The Thomas Berryman Number". I have "Along Came a Spider" on deck. James Patterson is so inspirational, that I have been writing over 1000 words a day which I plan to increase to 1500. I am currently writing my first novel using the techniques provided by Mr. Patterson.


It was hard to watch/finish this course. Patterson is a factory writer, known for having staff writers, and most of his methods are shunned by anyone who is a decent writer. He is a blabbering fool that says things like J.K. Rowling is not that good of a writer, if you want to make money you need to be dumb, etc. I think the only reason he ever got published is because he wore people down by not taking no for an answer. He's exhausting and annoying just to watch. I couldn't imagine being in the same room as him. He bounces all over the place and is definitely not present to what is coming out of his mouth most of the time, he's just babbling what he thinks is advice. If you were in the same room as him, I guarantee you he would try to dominate you and the conversation. I would skip this course and go for some of the other writing courses they have, unless what you want in life is to be a factory writer. That is fine too, but most people are interested in being good writers, so skip this.


Actually starting over as life events got in the way the first time through back in October 2015.

Brady T.

Looking forward to continuing with these lessons and learning about the tricks of writing from an expert!


I was wondering @JamesPattersonTeam if I could possibly recieve my work back from the submition contest nearly five years ago